Home South Africa FOLLOW UP: One other body discovered after tragic Kowie River car crash

FOLLOW UP: One other body discovered after tragic Kowie River car crash

FOLLOW UP: One other body discovered after tragic Kowie River car crash
NOT THE END: A car became as soon as retrieved from the Kowie River remaining Tuesday and a girl’s body recovered. On the opposite hand, one other body, that of a male, became as soon as discovered on Saturday linked with the incident. and rumours abound that a third body became as soon as also discovered on Friday

One other body washed up from the Kowie River on Saturday, nonetheless is this the finish of the saga?

When Talk of the Town investigated the incident the set aside it became as soon as reported a female driver had by likelihood plunged her Nissan bakkie into the Kowie River at Wharf Avenue within the early hours of Tuesday morning, leading to her loss of life.

Early Newspaper

On the opposite hand, since Tuesday not lower than one other body from the accident has been discovered. According to the SAPS, the opposite body came to the skin on Saturday morning.

The body has been identified as Buyelekhaya Zuma, 36, became as soon as retrieved from he river on Saturday morning.

Possible third body?

On the opposite hand, a skill third body became as soon as reported to luxuriate in been retrieved from the river on Friday.

In the starting set aside, police did not present that a culpable homicide docket had been opened within the investigation and, up to now as the anecdote is anxious, there became as soon as no third body.

Talk of the Town will compare the topic further and submit a anecdote on the incident in this week’s edition.

In the period in-between, the police anecdote, issued on Saturday, states as follows:


A case of culpable homicide is being investigated following the retrieval of a body this morning [Saturday March 20] at approximately 9.30am from the Kowie River in Port Alfred.

The deceased identified by his family as  Buyelekhaya Zuma gentle 35 became as soon as the proprietor and driver of the car that became as soon as recovered within the river earlier this week.

It has been established up to now that both deceased luxuriate in been within the car heading inspire home after losing off a friend at her home interior reach. The car veered off the boulevard and plunged into the Kowie River. At this stage, no particular indication became as soon as acquired as to who drove the car, as the deceased female became as soon as not in possession of a drivers licence.

All the design by the course of the investigation, eyewitnesses accounts acknowledged that a one who became as soon as within the car managed to acquire out of the car earlier than it sank nonetheless became as soon as unable to swim to safety. Since the incident, Divers from the SAPS, NSRI and native municipality patrolled the river for any indicators of the second occupant of the car.

Enquiries: Captain Mali Govender


FOLLOW UP: One other body discovered after tragic Kowie River car crash