Home Enterprise Tech Ford, BMW lead Strong Energy’s $130M Sequence B round

Ford, BMW lead Strong Energy’s $130M Sequence B round

Ford, BMW lead Strong Energy’s $130M Sequence B round

A Strong Energy manufacturing engineer holds two 20 ampere hour (Ah) all stable whine battery cells for the BMW Crew and Ford Motor Firm. The 20 ampere hour (Ah) all stable whine battery cells were produced on Strong Energy’s Colorado-based entirely mostly pilot production line. Source: Strong Energy.

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Strong whine battery programs possess prolonged been realizing to be the next leap forward in battery technology, with a pair of startups vying to be the principle to commercialization. Automakers possess been one of the crucial head investors in the technology, every of them on the lookout for the threshold that can beget their electrical autos safer, sooner and with elevated differ.

Ford Motor Firm and BMW Crew possess achieve their cash on battery technology firm Strong Energy.

The Louisville, Colorado-based entirely mostly SSB developer acknowledged Monday its most unique $130 million Sequence B funding round was as soon as led by Ford and BMW, the most unique signal that the 2 OEMs look SSBs powering the model forward for transportation. Under the funding, Ford and BMW are equal equity homeowners, and firm representatives will join Strong Energy’s board.

Strong Energy bought additional funding in the round from Volta Energy Technologies, the enterprise capital firm spun out of the U.S. Division of Energy’s Argonne Nationwide Laboratory.

Strong whine batteries are so named as a end result of they lack a liquid electrolyte, as Tag Harris explained in an Extra Crunch article earlier this Twelve months. Liquid electrolyte alternatives are veritably flammable and inclined to overheating, so SSBs are realizing to be to be in total safer. The accurate cost of SSBs versus their lithium-ion counterparts is the power density. Strong Energy says its batteries can provide as necessary as a 50% to 100% amplify in energy density when in contrast to rechargeable batteries. Theoretically, electrical autos with more energy-dense batteries can hurry longer distances on a single payment.

This most unique round of funding will aid Strong Energy boost its manufacturing to fabricate battery cells with the firm’s highest ampere hour (Ah) output yet. Under separate joint model agreements with Ford and BMW, this can allege to the OEMs 100 Ah cells for trying out and vehicle integration from 2022.

Except this point, the firm has been manufacturing cells with 2 Ah and 20 Ah output. “A complete bunch” of 2 Ah battery cells were validated by Ford and BMW unhurried last Twelve months, Strong Energy acknowledged in a assertion. Meanwhile, it is miles currently producing 20 Ah stable whine batteries on a pilot basis with usual lithium-ion instruments.

As against the 20 Ah pilot-scale cells — that are soundless of 22-layers at 9×20 cm — these 100 Ah cells might possibly well possess a bigger footprint and even more layers, Strong Energy spokesman Will McKenna urged TechCrunch. (“Layers” refers again to the sequence of double-sided cathodes, McKenna explained — so the 20 Ah cell has 22 cathodes and 22 anodes, with an all-stable electrolyte separator in between every, all in a single cell.)

Unlike Strong Energy’s manufacturing, used lithium-ion batteries have to endure electrolyte filling and biking in their production processes. Strong Energy says these additional steps myth for 5% and 30% of capital expenditure in a recurring GWh-scale lithium-ion facility.

This isn’t the principle time Strong Energy has landed investments from the automakers. The firm’s $20 million Sequence A in 2018 attracted capital from BMW and Ford, as successfully as Samsung, Hyundai, Volta and others. It’s portion of a brand new wave of corporations that possess attracted the appreciate of OEMs. Other famous examples contain Volkswagen-backed QuantumScape and Trendy Motors, which has achieve its cash on SES.

Ford is additionally independently researching superior battery applied sciences and is planning to originate a $185 million R&D battery lab, the firm acknowledged last week.

Ford, BMW lead Strong Energy’s $130M Sequence B round