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Fortnite: Study An Anomaly In Stealthy Stronghold

Fortnite: Study An Anomaly In Stealthy Stronghold

Fortnite‘s fourth and penultimate Anomaly puzzle is additionally per chance or no longer it is very most life like yet, but you are going to must attain Fight Pass tier 60 sooner than it turns into available. As this Fortnite Anomaly is found in the dense jungle of Stealthy Stronghold, you are going to be at risk of acquire became spherical in there and lose your technique. Right here’s exactly where to analyze an Anomaly in Stealthy Stronghold in Fortnite Season 6.

Study an Anomaly in Stealthy Stronghold

Stealthy Stronghold is found at the north or a shrimp bit northwest quit of the blueprint. Or no longer it is surrounded by a spacious wall that it’s good to well no longer rupture by, so that you are going to both must land inside of, maintain over and into it, or detect one amongst some doorways alongside the perimeter.

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Here's the exact location.
Right here’s the explicit space.

As soon as inside of, head to the placement you gape in the screenshot beneath, known by the white blueprint marker.

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When you are there, it’s good to well per chance additionally simply serene gape the Anomaly spawn. Or no longer it is as soon as all as soon as more fashioned esteem a ghostly butterfly and as you technique, it would originate to cruise away. Now not like other Anomaly puzzles, such because the Anomaly in Idle Lake, the Anomaly on Shark Island, or the Anomaly shut to Catty Nook, this fourth Anomaly is no longer any longer indisputably so worthy a puzzle as it is a ways a droop.

The Anomaly will proceed to cruise off, so all it’s good to well per chance additionally simply desire to complete is quit nearby. It appears to be like to halt at constructive spots to carry out constructive you are maintaining up, so that you needn’t dread about shedding discover of it. This Anomaly is extraordinarily forgiving.

You can transfer across about a of the terrain and structures inside of Stealthy Stronghold for approximately 25 seconds sooner than the Anomaly eventually stops, spins stylishly, and burrows into the dirt, developing a minute wonderful mound.

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Own out your Harvesting Tool, give it correct a single whack, and the Anomaly will return, now unburied, ending your fourth Anomaly puzzle. This time, the reward is per chance the most attention-grabbing of all, as you liberate the Agent Jones Jump 42 Model, which is the one we saw him carrying in the Zero Crisis Finale at the originate of Season 6.

Cease tuned for the fifth and supreme Anomaly puzzle when we grind out to Fight Pass tier 76. For extra on Fortnite Season 6, evaluation out what’s in the Fortnite Season 6 Fight Pass, learn to craft weapons in Fortnite, and leer the blueprint changes to Fortnite Season 6.

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Fortnite: Study An Anomaly In Stealthy Stronghold