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Gabrielle reveals she was asked to write a hit for Cheryl Tweedy

Gabrielle reveals she was asked to write a hit for Cheryl Tweedy

The ‘Dreams’ singer was invited to take part in songwriting sessions for certainly one of Cheryl’s solo albums along with hitmakers Fraser T. Smith – who has worked with the likes of Adele, James Morrison and Stormzy – and Man Chambers, who is Robbie Williams’ lengthy-time interval collaborator.

Then again, Gabrielle never ended up penning a track for the former Girls Aloud star, because she didn’t join with co-writers.

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Speaking completely to BANG Showbiz, she recalled: “Years ago they wanted me to scurry in and write for Cheryl. I actually went in to work with Fraser T. Smith, and I did a day with Man Chambers. That was all with the stare to writing for Cheryl. It didn’t rather work out.

“I did that and it didn’t rather happen, any individual care for Man Chambers is such a massive character I judge I ran off! The thing is you’ve obtained these amazing other folks, care for Man Chambers, and he’s accomplished stuff with Robbie, it was a case of me pondering, ‘I’m Gabrielle, I haven’t worked with him before, he’s improbable…’ together it didn’t work. You’ve obtained to have that rapport, and for these who haven’t obtained that rapport with any individual then it’s not that they’re not great at what they carry out, it’s apt that typically things apt don’t work out. It’s apt assorted songwriting kinds, and stuff care for that.”

Gabrielle, 51, works with the same staff of collaborators on all her data and she prefers writing and recording with musicians she is aware of and has a bond with.

On being extra comfortable working with the same gang, she persisted: “I judge now, in my lifetime, I have came upon other folks that I write with and have so powerful enjoyable with because you beget a rapport. If you scurry in frigid with any individual you haven’t worked with before that’s a hard thing to carry out. I realise I’m out of my comfort zone working with other folks I’ve never spoken to before in my life, never crossed paths with. I realised I can never carry out that again. After I scurry to write with other folks now, it’s other folks I’ve worked with before, I have a laugh with, we have banter, we share meals, and that’s after I’m at my handiest as adversarial to working with any individual who is a massive writer. It can be rather intimidating if they’ve offered a lot.

Regardless of this, Gabrielle – who lately made the semi-finals of ‘The Masked Singer’ as Harlequin – would care for the challenge of writing a tune for a male singer.

She said: “I care for the idea of placing myself in a man’s brain, a assorted perspective, not apt a woman’s perspective but writing from a man’s perspective. When it comes to care for I don’t even know if there is a gender perspective, care for is care for and it is aware of no boundaries.”

On being too alarmed to work with other artists early on in her career, she added: “There have been occasions over the years the place I’ve been approached. Nonetheless I’m very fearful, I take into accout a couple of occasions the place I’ve gone in the studio and gone, ‘I can’t carry out this, because what if…’

“Me, writing for myself, is hard ample. So I have been approached but I haven’t accomplished it because of my insecurities, but I wouldn’t rule it out in the lengthy jog. Nonetheless I am really happy and philosophize material writing for me legal now.”

Gabrielle’s new album ‘Carry out It Again’ – which features the covers she performed on ‘The Masked Singer’, together with Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’, ‘Falling’ by Harry Styles and Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ – is out now and tickets are currently on sale at Gabrielle.co.uk/tour/ for her ‘Upward push Again Tour 2021’ which takes place in November.

Gabrielle reveals she was asked to write a hit for Cheryl Tweedy