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Gene Simmons: Rock is ‘useless’

Gene Simmons: Rock is ‘useless’

The KISS rocker insists there changed into as soon as no appropriate rock artists since 1988, whereas forward of then there changed into as soon as the likes of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Stones and Red Floyd.

He acknowledged: “The purpose is, yeah, rock is useless because if we play the sport from 1958 until 1988, which is 30 years, you had Elvis, The Beatles, The Stones, Red Floyd, and on and on and on. And it is possible you’ll presumably also hobble to the heavy section of it, which is Metallica, Maiden, if you happen to wish to wish to position KISS in there, that’s aloof. AC/DC, on and on and on. Even U2, Prince, Bowie, Eagles. And then you procure to disco stuff, and Madonna, and that stuff, and Motown, surely. And then from 1988 until this present day, who’s the unusual Beatles?”

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And no topic the influx of boy bands this present day, Gene believes there would possibly be no one that compares to The Beatles.

Speaking to Consequence of Sound, he added: “I’ve heard a response of Foo Warring parties, indubitably one of my popular bands, but you’re kidding yourself. There’s moreover the boy bands: NSYNC, One Direction, BTS, and [sarcastically] XYZ, PTA, and only for them that they’ve bought success. Don’t kid yourself. As soon as these ladies are gonna develop moderately bit older, that’s going to go. It’s love sugar: you taste it, it offers you that itsy-bitsy energy boost, and then it’s long gone perpetually and likewise you don’t care. But don’t kid yourself, it ain’t The Beatles. They don’t write songs, they don’t play devices, it ain’t that. And all of us adore Elvis, by no formula wrote a tune in his lifestyles. There’s appropriate nothing that compares to The Beatles.”

Gene Simmons: Rock is ‘useless’