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Giannis Antetokounmpo wins NBA All-Considerable particular person Game MVP after shooting 16-of-16 from field

Giannis Antetokounmpo wins NBA All-Considerable particular person Game MVP after shooting 16-of-16 from field

Revealed 11: 42 p.m. ET March 7, 2021 | Updated 12: 26 a.m. ET March 8, 2021


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SportsPulse: As we head into the 2d half of the NBA season, USA TODAY Sports activities’ Payment Media breaks down three key storylines that would possibly perchance dominate the lead-up to the playoffs.


Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo couldn’t leave out in Sunday’s NBA All-Considerable particular person Game.

Literally, now not figuratively.

The Bucks celebrity made all 16 shots he attempted and had 35 facets for Group LeBron in a 170-150 victory over Group Durant.

Golden Narrate’s Steph Curry picked up upright where he left off as winner of the 3-level contest that took direct goal sooner than the All-Considerable particular person Game. He made an All-Considerable particular person story seven 3s in the first half — some from approach halfcourt — and accomplished with 28 facets.

Damian Lillard matched Curry’s eight 3s and had 32 facets, scoring the a hit basket on a 3-pointer from goal over halfcourt. Dame Time indeed.

So in a sport paunchy of stars compiling noteworthy stats, who will get the NBA All-Considerable particular person Game Kobe Bryant MVP award? Any of the three had been viable alternatives.

When in doubt, bound alongside with the participant who used to be excellent.

Antetokounmpo picked up his first All-Considerable particular person MVP in a sport in which he grew to develop to be the first participant in NBA historical previous to shoot 100% from the field on 10 or extra shots.

“Clearly, I’m extraordinarily gay at goal having the award with the name of Kobe Bryant in my condominium,” he talked about. “It’s a ways a noteworthy feeling. I wanted to steal the one final one year of direction immoral, and I had of endeavor to steal because I felt luxuriate in I wanted to have the trophy in my condominium. But this one year I wasn’t even eager a few hit it. I was goal eager about having fun, and I had the chance to play successfully.”

Antetokounmpo, a two-time customary season MVP, had nine dunks, including his first three makes, and accomplished his scoring with a 3-pointer he banked in off the backboard, his 2d 3-level monetary institution of the game.

— USA TODAY NBA (@usatodaynba) March 8, 2021

“Hello, man, I’m attempting to cease this aid home, too, but they don’t look like letting me,” Antetokounmpo talked about. “So, you guys obtained to effect the observe in and speak them to let me shoot extra 3s. No, I’m joking.”

Along with his first include in the All-Considerable particular person draft, LeBron James, who’s 4-0 as an All-Considerable particular person GM, selected Antetokounmpo. Along with his 2d include, he took Curry.

“That’s why I drafted them, man,” James talked about. “It’s guys that I clearly compete against on a nightly basis, but guys that I’m goal in fright of.”

There used to be a particular father-son moment goal sooner than the game when Antetokounmpo and his son, Liam, took turns dribbling a basketball on the sideline approach halfcourt.

“It’s a ways a noteworthy feeling having Liam come stare me play this predominant All-Considerable particular person Game (and) being ready to play goal correct,” he talked about. “It’s fantastic. But at the cease of the day I goal resolve on Liam to effect a query to somebody that is having fun, somebody that plays with joy, experience what he does. I didn’t care about the , but that is what I wanted him to effect a query to. That is what I wanted him to develop into.”

This Giannis and Liam moment ❤️ pic.twitter.com/RmYmd4WM2B

— Bleacher Account (@BleacherReport) March 8, 2021

The Bucks celebrity made five shots in the first quarter, six in the 2d and five in the third. He also had seven rebounds and three assists.

Antetokounmpo would possibly perchance possibly goal now not be in the center of one more MVP season, but he’s mute an All-Considerable particular person and headed for one in all the three All-NBA groups. He’s averaging 29.0 facets, 11.7 rebounds and 5.9 assists and is shooting 55.7% for the Bucks, who’re in third direct in the aid of Philadelphia and Brooklyn in the Eastern Convention.

Upright sooner than the season began, Antetokounmpo signed a max contract extension with the Bucks, a $228 million deal. However the previous two seasons, the Bucks have fallen short, losing to Toronto in the 2019 convention finals and Miami in the 2020 convention semifinals. 

The Bucks and Antetokounmpo invested in each varied in hopes of a hit a title, but the 26-one year-ragged celeb needs to protect away from the stress of those expectations.

“I’ve obtained to protect working tense and I’ve obtained to protect taking half in the game of basketball, and confidently extra crucial things can come,” he talked about. “My aim is to be a champion at some point. Confidently we are able to protect the noteworthy trophy.”

“If you open having joy and you produce now not fear about the of the game, all the pieces takes care of itself,” he talked about. “I imagine fear and fun can’t bound together. It’s either one or the varied. This one year I’ve chose for it to be fun.”

As Antetokounmpo’s press convention ended, he lifted the MVP trophy and talked about, “Milwaukee, right here is for you.”

Antetokounmpo, the Bucks and Milwaukee would also luxuriate in to steal one more trophy at some point in July.

Note Jeff Zillgitt on Twitter @JeffZillgitt.


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Giannis Antetokounmpo wins NBA All-Considerable particular person Game MVP after shooting 16-of-16 from field