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Gigantic battery fire brought under control

Gigantic battery fire brought under control

A clear blaze at Victoria’s “sizable battery” undertaking has been brought under control by firefighters after burning for added than three days, permitting investigators to begin up inspecting the pickle.

The Tesla battery bank caught fire while it used to be being web thunder up in Moorabool on Friday morning, and then unfold to a 2nd battery.

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The fire burned for the length of the weekend and true into a fourth day, but used to be declared under control honest after 3pm on Monday.

Fire crews will live on the pickle for the following 24 hours “as a precaution in case of reignition” and will uncover temperature readings each and each two hours, the Country Fire Authority talked about.

Investigations into how the fire began will soon birth up with extra than one companies eager, including Vitality Safe Victoria, WorkSafe, police and the CFA.

The 300MW battery undertaking is being produced by French renewable vitality huge Neoen and used to be registered with the vitality market operator on July 28.

Neoen Australia managing director Louis de Sambucy urged AAP its occupy “physical inspections and investigations for the time being are underway”.

CFA incident controller Ian Beswicke talked about the fire had been particularly though-provoking due to the the advanced nature of the battery pickle.

“That is the indispensable mega pack fire that’s ever took web thunder on this planet, is our understanding,” he talked about.

“They’re tough to fight since you cannot place water on the mega packs … all that does is prolong the scale of time that the fire burns for.”

Firefighters have taken advice from specialists including Tesla, the battery’s creators, and UGL, who’re installing the battery packs.

“The suggested assignment is you frigid all the pieces spherical it so the fire cannot unfold and also you let it burn out,” Mr Beswicke talked about.

The positioning is slated to alter into the greatest battery in the southern hemisphere and kinds phase of a grunt executive push to transition to renewable vitality.

Nonetheless the fire has sparked requires the chief to habits its occupy probe into what took web thunder sooner than urgent forward.

“If Labor’s renewable vitality solutions race up in flames even sooner than they’re fully operational – what hope enact Victorians have that this executive will be in a web thunder to successfully web thunder up the renewable vitality transition?” grunt opposition vitality spokesman Brad Rowswell talked about.

A Victorian executive spokeswoman talked about “beefy and total” investigation into the fire used to be underway by a number of companies.

“This can span investigations into the belief of the fire, how it began and to be particular the pickle is stable as a web thunder of job,” she urged AAP.

Neoen Australia talked about there had been no accidents to workers and confirmed the pickle had been disconnected from the grid without a impact to electricity present.

Gigantic battery fire brought under control