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Golf, not just a sport but a means toward a better life

Golf, not just a sport but a means toward a better life
AVID GOLFERS: Bongani Nkohla and Sivuyile Makile would treasure disadvantaged adolescence to take up golf as they did in expose to better their lives

Makana Tourism’s first-ever Golf Tournament, The Makana Sunshine two-day Golf Classic, is decided to present a launching pad for varied aspirational caddies and golfers, raising funds for The Belmont Caddie Academy and the Royal Port Alfred’s equivalent. Golf enthusiasts shall be spending a weekend at Eastern Cape’s high golf destinations, The Belmont Golf Membership and Royal Port Alfred Golf Membership on February 27 and 28.

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“My wish for the adolescence who take a seat slothful at dwelling or on the streets is to receive a chance treasure I did, to learn how one can play golf and receive training from skilled golfers in recount that they can change their lives for the better,” said The Belmont Golf Membership Caddie Master, Bongani Nkohla.

Nkohla, 42, was born in Port Alfred and boasts a golf handicap of 5, achieved after several years of hard work and dedication to the sport. He began working as a caddie at the Royal Port Alfred Golf Membership. After gaining satisfactory caddie journey in Port Alfred, Nkohla moved to the Western Cape to work at even handed one of the largest five star Golf Golf equipment, Pezula Golf Membership. In 2015, he returned to the Eastern Cape to work at The Belmont Golf Membership. “It is unfortunate that most of us in Grahamstown enact not know mighty about golf,” he said. “Golf is a great sport where you can challenge yourself. It is a sport that doesn’t bring arguments, it changes lives for the better and does not cause any concern among players.”

Nkohla would treasure underprivileged adolescence to receive the same life changing opportunities that arrive with playing golf. His colleague Sivuyile Makile, 40, who’s from Makhanda (beforehand known as Grahamstown) and shares his sentiments.

“Grahamstown easiest has 10 caddies,” he said adding, “So you can easiest imagine how rare this sport is among Grahamstown residents, especially within the black community. But since I am coming from that community my wish is to glimpse adolescence use their time wisely all via the college holidays and salvage inquisitive about golf. The very best factor of caddying is that you salvage to fulfill unusual and varied of us from around the realm.” Makile has a golf handicap of 14 and started playing golf in 1998 at The Belmont Golf Membership’s old Golf Course on Cradock Road in Makhanda.

“I may perhaps opt to encourage the adolescence to take up the game of golf and beef up themselves. Golf is one sport that requires honesty because you can’t cheat or lie. It is just you and the ball,” Makile said.

The Belmont Golf Membership Captain, Warren Henry said their Golf Membership was privileged to be even handed one of the hosts for the Golf Tournament. “We are very pleased to showcase our Course to the relaxation of the Eastern Cape community,” he said. Henry added that The Belmont Caddie Academy is an initiative that was put forward in 2015 to uplift caddies on some salvage of ability stage and give them potential career potentialities.

“We would opt to have as many caddies trained as we can, so on tall days treasure The Makana Sunshine Golf Classic, they can all be implied and trained professionally,” Henry said, adding he was very pleased with Nkohla and Makile who will soon be teeing off at the Fish River Solar Golf Course to challenge their skills at an gripping Golf Tournament. He wished for more moral tales to arrive out of the Academy but consistent funding was a crucial aspect.

Makana Tourism Director, Sue Waugh is furious for but another alternative to present back to the Makana community. “Caddying is changing into a scarce ability. So having the chance to groom unusual caddies who will eventually be able to exhaust this ability for their very own self-fashion is really though-provoking”. Waugh said businesses can also join this life-changing community pressure by committing their staff to register for the Makana Sunshine tw-day Golf Classic or sponsor a gap or more on the golf course and give away promotional prizes for value-added marketing. For more information, involved businesses can merely consult with the Makana Tourism web page or email director@grahamstown.co.za.

Golf, not just a sport but a means toward a better life