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Google US workers can return to offices in April in a limited capacity

Google US workers can return to offices in April in a limited capacity

Printed 6: 13 p.m. ET March 31, 2021


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Google said some of its U.S. staff may well return to offices voluntarily as soon as subsequent month.

The company told workers Wednesday that offices would reopen in a limited capacity based on particular criteria, including increases in COVID-19 vaccine availability and downward coronavirus traits. 

“Because the situation remains dynamic, we continue taking a phased and deliberate approach to safely bringing extra of us back to the place of work the place we can,” Google said in an statement USA TODAY.

The company didn’t specify how many staff can be allowed in its offices. All Google staff aren’t required to return to the place of work except at least September.

Google’s announcement comes as major tech companies, among the first to shut down as the pandemic surged, have now now not too lengthy ago announced plans to let staff return to their offices in lowered capacities. Microsoft allowed staff back at its Redmond, Washington, headquarters this week. Uber also reportedly allowed workers back to its San Francisco Bay Area offices this week with up to 20% capacity.

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Facebook said it plans to reopen its offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, including its Silicon Valley headquarters, at 10% capacity in May. And Amazon is expecting some of its staff to approach back to its offices as early as this summer.

“Our plan is to return to an place of work-centric tradition as our baseline,” Amazon told its workers Tuesday. “We judge it enables us to invent, collaborate, and learn together most effectively.”

Previously, Facebook said that some of its nearly 45,000 staff may well make cash working from dwelling permanently, joining the likes of tech companies, including Twitter and Square. As a results of companies adapting a distant or hybrid working construction, many tech workers moved from major tech hubs, including San Francisco and Original York, to smaller locales such as Sacramento, California, and Richmond, Virginia, according to LinkedIn data. 

Last year, Google said it would sustain staff working remotely via July 2021 as a contingency plan to accommodate staff with families.

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Google US workers can return to offices in April in a limited capacity