Home Breaking News Gqeberha: Extra than 150 families housed on land polluted by methane gas

Gqeberha: Extra than 150 families housed on land polluted by methane gas

Gqeberha: Extra than 150 families housed on land polluted by methane gas

Extra than 160 families stay in municipal housing on a plight which the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has acknowledged is substandard for housing thanks to the presence of methane gas. Municipal officers personal refused to demonstrate to GroundUp how the gas used to be detected and what’s being done.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has frozen an RDP housing mission on land in Walmer Dwelling E in Gqeberha. Only 84 of the 163 homes that had been supposed to be built in 2006 had been carried out when the municipality stopped the mission since the land used to be no longer considered magnificent for trend owing to the presence of methane gas. But the families who had no longer been given RDP homes had been supplied pre-fab bungalows as an different, and all are composed residing on the land.

Early Newspaper
  • The Nelson Mandela Bay municipality stopped building RDP homes in Walmer in Gqeberha on legend of, it acknowledged, there used to be methane gas on the location.
  • As an different, the municipality supplied pre-fab bungalows to about 80 families, on the same plight. They are composed residing there as are the families within the RDP homes which had been carried out.
  • Municipal officers personal refused to demonstrate how the gas used to be detected, or what’s being done to manufacture the home stable.
  • Asked for comments, one decent told GroundUp’s reporter he used to be a “sluggish journalist” and ought to “Google methane gas”.

Community leaders and the of us residing within the 84 homes assume there could be nothing wrong with the land. They are saying the mission used to be stopped since the money used to be misused. But Mayco Member for Human Settlements Masixole Zinto says the mission used to be stopped purely for safety reasons.

“The mission used to be blocked on account of detection of methane gas,” he acknowledged. “Due diligence needed to be taken to mitigate the probability of of us inhaling the gas. “Currently we are in a route of of consolidating our housing program that would translate into a industry diagram incorporating tasks to be implemented from the unusual financial 12 months going forward. Walmer E kinds section of that program.”

Asked when the gas used to be detected and by whom, and what’s being done to resolve the discipline, Zinto despatched a message telling GroundUp to “Google what methane gas is and what it does to of us”. He then called to repeat the reporter he used to be “a sluggish journalist”. He refused to acknowledge to questions.

Vukile Matwa, ragged chairperson of the home committee, told GroundUp, “In 2004, 163 homes had been authorized and construction started in 2006. We had been all requested to dismantle our shacks and slit them into one room in declare to manufacture home for RDP homes. I used to be among the principle 84 beneficiaries whose homes had been carried out. But the municipality acknowledged it could perchance probably maybe maybe no longer continue with the mission since the land contains methane gas.”

“They acknowledged this region used to be an unlawful dump.”

When GroundUp contacted Anton Van Greunen, municipal mission supervisor for Human Settlements, he acknowledged: “I’m in no position to provide answers about that mission on legend of my predecessor Melekile Hani who used to be a taxi boss used to be shot and killed. I took over in 2009 and for the time being, in our department there are no longer any information or other folks that worked on that mission in declare with the intention to establish whether or no longer an environmental look used to be done or no longer.”


“My answers would fabricate your editors quiz extra questions. So it’s safer for me to claim I don’t personal any information about the mission. Even engineering consulting corporations won’t answer your questions.”

Meanwhile, 63-12 months-frail Nomdakazana Joni has misplaced hope of ever getting her RDP home.

“I don’t judge I will ever ranking my RDP home on legend of your complete ward councilors proper advance and bound without our housing complications being resolved. In 2006 I dismantled my four-room shack with the hope that I will ranking my RDP home; as an different, I purchased a bungalow. The officers told us the land contains methane gas.

“They saved us in these bungalows with a hope that they are going to search out ways to resolve this discipline.”

“In 2008 I decided to rebuild my shack with my frail cloth. I could perchance maybe no longer quit in a bungalow for too long with my disabled sister and 4 grandchildren. I’m so pissed off. I don’t even know what I’m voting for if our leaders can’t lend a hand us with our housing complications,” Joni acknowledged.

Lungile Baba, organizer of the home committee, acknowledged: “My necessary other died final month crying for our RDP home to be built. ANC leaders are no longer any longer even campaigning on this home for elections on legend of they steer obvious of this discipline created by their municipal officers.”

Gqeberha: Extra than 150 families housed on land polluted by methane gas