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Gray nomads, college students, and adventurers wanted as record grain harvest looms

Gray nomads, college students, and adventurers wanted as record grain harvest looms

Former Melburnians Julie and Phil Stokes recount they wouldn’t trail assist to metropolis life after chasing harvests all the plan in which throughout the country for the past three years.

Key points:

  • Extra than 3,000 employees are urgently wished in the ag sector
  • The choice is out to grey nomads, college students and the unemployed 
  • Main staffing supplier Programmed says of us would possibly perhaps well well perhaps also simply be incomes $2,000 per week

They are encouraging others to hitch the “harvest military” to bear Australia’s serious team shortage and assist farmers receive what is tipped to be a record breaking grains harvest into the silos.

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“We gave up our Melbourne jobs in 2018, sold up and bought our campervan no longer genuinely incandescent if we would possibly perhaps well well perhaps kind it work,” Ms Stokes acknowledged.

“We haven’t regarded assist since.”

The agriculture sector is short tens of thousands of employees.

Team company Programmed acknowledged COVID-triggered lockdowns were “threatening” Australia’s multi-billion-greenback grains sector amid the “gaping hole” left by backpackers.

“We need an military of three,000 employees for the harvest season all the plan in which through 30 locations in Aloof South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland,” executive basic manager David Hele acknowledged.

Headers in a paddock at sunset.

Australia’s grain growers are dwelling to interrupt records again this harvest, but there are fears vegetation will doubtless be misplaced attributable to the labour shortage.(

ABC Aloof England North West: Jennifer Ingall


The Stokeses, who emigrated from the UK nine years ago, had been balancing work and commute unless the pandemic hit.

“Obviously agriculture is continuously classified as necessary so … even below COVID restrictions, you will continuously be allowed to trail to your job,” Ms Stokes acknowledged.

“As soon as harvest cracks on that harvest has to be performed — it does no longer await a destroy in restrictions.

Mr Stokes acknowledged he and his partner were “fashion of like the whales”.

Wheat with a silo in the background.

The upcoming harvest will also be a golden replacement for these wanting work.(

ABC News: Greg Nelson


Gray nomads, college students wanted

Relocation rebates of up to $6,000 are serene on provide to of us appealing to work in regional areas for more than six weeks.

Mr Hele acknowledged grey nomads, university college students and college-leavers would possibly perhaps well well perhaps play a key feature in filling jobs for this one year’s grain harvest.

“There would possibly perhaps be nearly 40,000 [grey nomads] out on the roads at any one time and they’re travelling around creating their very bear adventures and rural experiences, and we would take to faucet into that crew,” he acknowledged.

“We’re seeking to attraction to of us of all walks of life, the grey nomads … or of us that are stuck in the metro cities that are attempting to search out a small little bit of a way of life swap and a swap of scenery.”

Mr Hele acknowledged employees would possibly perhaps well well perhaps compose up to $2,000 per week working from 30 to 60 hours per week.

“Walk around, trip a different adventure and compose some genuinely honest cash at the identical time,” he acknowledged.

“Everybody is conscious of how hard [farmers] work and they’ve a extremely small window to kind primarily the most of genuinely their complete one year, and that window is this harvest.”

A hand caresses plump olives hanging from a tree drenched in sunshine.

The Stokes non-public fast built up abilities in plenty of aspects of the ag sector.(

ABC Rural: Eden Hynninen


Ms Stokes acknowledged it was also rewarding on a non-public stage.

“Most of us we work for are ceaselessly grateful for of us like us,” she acknowledged.

“If we are in a position to enact two or three  [harvests]  a one year … we are in a position to sit down assist then for a pair of months earlier than we originate fascinated by heading to the next harvest.”

Studying on the job

It be no longer handiest grains harvest the couple were chasing — after crushing grapes in the Yarra Valley, they’ve spent 10 weeks harvesting olives.

“I did no longer know there was so many types of olives!” Ms Stokes acknowledged.

“We discover it absolutely fascinating, as a consequence of we create no longer enticing enact these jobs and no longer reflect one thing else of it — we’re genuinely studying about the grain and the grapes and the olives.”

Mr Stokes acknowledged they had “no trip at all” of agricultural work earlier than they hit the wander. 

“Julie had been rather mighty station of enterprise administration and sales most of her life and I am a tradie, so we enticing wanted to receive outside and are living life,” he acknowledged.

“All of these jobs, they educate you on the job so that you simply genuinely favor very small trip, you enticing have to be alive to to work.

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Gray nomads, college students, and adventurers wanted as record grain harvest looms