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Greg Norman: ‘I don’t reflect on losing the ’96 Masters – you move on’

Greg Norman: ‘I don’t reflect on losing the ’96 Masters – you move on’

Greg Norman did not prevail at the Masters of 1996 or 2020. He was, even if, integral to the memoir of both. If nothing else, this emphasises Norman’s longevity as a key figure in his sport. First, the certain chronicle. Dustin Johnson contacted Norman to peep support with his striking, in an instant forward of a bolt of victories that concluded at Augusta National closing November. Johnson has cited spending correct 90 minutes with Norman, now 66, as classic to his second predominant win.

“I’ll abet him every time he asks,” Norman explains. “I fancy DJ, I’m partial to his. I don’t fancy seeing giant gamers with one thing that I survey as very fixable. It was giant that he reached out to me and I’m overjoyed it was so certain for him.

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“He’s a very shining golfer. He gets a very accurate in actuality feel for golf lessons, he understands golf, understands his absorb characteristics. He eliminates a form of white noise. He additionally has one of the most athletic frames, so when you combine that with his hand-peek coordination, he has done an exceptional job.”

As Johnson took shipping of a Green Jacket, Norman’s ego understandably got a enhance. “Sure, it is terribly pleasant,” he admits. “When you have been in the thick of things, in the inner circle, you have so worthy records and expertise. If you can hand a share of that on to abet any person else assign success, that’s terribly rewarding.”

Greg Norman with Nick Faldo on the 18th at Augusta in 1996, after the Australian’s final-round collapse helped the Englishman win his third Masters.
Greg Norman with Cut Faldo on the 18th at Augusta in 1996, after the Australian’s last-round give design helped the Englishman win his third Masters. Checklist: Dave Martin/AP

Norman would possibly perhaps perhaps be entitled to hunt information from for focal level to tumble on his Johnson alliance as the Masters arrives once extra. This year is the 25th anniversary of one of the most brutal capitulations in wearing historical past. File books repeat Cut Faldo won the 1996 Masters but Norman, who started day four with a six-shot lead over the Englishman, undeniably misplaced it. Minute wonder, then, that the Australian isn’t precisely substantial on the field. “I don’t reflect on it,” he says. “Time goes by, it’s the only thing you cannot discontinue. It only in actuality comes up when other folk have to chat about it. I don’t lie in bed of a night pondering lend a hand to what took situation 25 years ago.”

Norman below no circumstances did win the Masters. His attitude to that and Faldo’s triumph is so outwardly pragmatic that it is laborious to consider. “I serene love Augusta,” he says. “It’s only a sport, simply? It’s only a sport. It’s nothing else. It didn’t have an ticket on my health where I was all of sudden incapacitated for the relaxation of my existence. Things happen in sport. If you are going to let a negative consequence have an ticket on you then you aren’t a very strong person. I if truth be told have below no circumstances been that implies, I below no circumstances cried over spilt milk. You move on in existence.

“Whether it’s the members of Augusta National, the those who’re living in Augusta, anyone who went to search out that Masters or saw it on TV; I had a this form of accurate following. They despatched me a form of well needs and messages of lend a hand. That’s no diverse at the present time after I stroll by design of the streets there. There is a legacy of what you have done, folk respect how you take care of yourself. Maybe 1996 was a mountainous section of that.”

In 2021, “the Shark” limits his absorb playing to occasional social golf. Months can shuffle with out him lifting a club. “I don’t ever shuffle out there and play two, three, four instances a week at all,” he says. “I don’t leave out it. I’ve been there, done that. I’ve hit adequate golf balls and done adequate put together. You correct struggle by design of that section in your existence. It has passed me by. I’m not going to fetch pleasure from being out there searching to be any person I prone to be.”

Rory McIlroy during his final-round collapse at the 2011 Masters
Rory McIlroy in the route of his last-round give design at the 2011 Masters. Greg Norman is scared by the Northern Irishman’s inconsistent striking. Checklist: Matt Slocum/AP

Likewise, he’ll uncover PGA Tour occasions on television but below no circumstances for hours on cease. Norman has serene seen adequate to enhance a key concern about Rory McIlroy as he makes his most modern try to full a beautiful sweep of predominant titles in Georgia. The Northern Irishman won the closing of his four majors in 2014.

“With every tournament that goes by, it turns into tougher for him,” Norman says. “He has the skill to ticket it. From what I survey, I’m not a mountainous fan of his striking stroke. He’s terribly inconsistent with that; he would possibly perhaps perhaps putt well on a Thursday but a giant putter does it from Thursday to Sunday afternoon. Rory goes in waves, you correct can’t ticket that in predominant championships.”

Norman’s relationship – or lack of – with Tiger Woods has been a long-timeframe source of fascination. The perception is that Norman wanted to have extra of a function in Woods’s existence than the 15-instances predominant winner was ever prepared to motivate. They are in actuality on cordial phrases but Norman fears the recent severe automobile accident that left Woods with severe leg accidents would possibly perhaps perhaps additionally call time on a handsome profession.

“You can shuffle and focus on to the only orthopaedic surgeons in the world and they’ll all characterize you the identical thing, that intellectual that extra or much less hurt it’s at the very least a year forward of he can stroll well,” says Norman. “If what we’re listening to is correct.

Greg Norman and Ray Floyd watch Tiger Woods practise at Augusta during the 1995 Masters.
Greg Norman (centre) and Ray Floyd uncover Tiger Woods practise at Augusta in the route of the 1995 Masters. Checklist: Curtis Compton/Associated Press

“He’s a lucky man, that’s for certain. After all, it’d be a disgrace to discontinuance fancy this, in a self-inflicted capacity. You take into story the irony of all that, coming to a screeching discontinuance not thanks to anyone else. Lawful because he did it to himself, sadly.

“All you can ticket is wish the man well and hope he makes a paunchy recovery. It’s extra for himself; omit golf, golf is immaterial. I am hoping he gets lend a hand to doing what he needs to ticket in his existence and with his youngsters. That’s the indispensable thing.”

Norman spent time in scientific institution from 20 December except early January after contracting Covid-19. Social media posts by the Launch champion of 1986 and 1993 painted a stark image. Norman depicts his condition now as “100%”, but for a spell there was fear. “Once I got on to the antibody infusion my health became round within 15-18 hours,” he says. “It was wonderful.

“A couple of markers in the test they have been doing suggested the scientific doctors I was at high risk. Being a fit person, you correct assume: ‘OK, this would possibly be fancy the flu.’ It was fancy the flu on steroids, a form of things you would possibly perhaps perhaps below no circumstances await, and daily regarded as if it would lift some recent indicators. I experienced stuff I had below no circumstances experienced forward of.” After a “lonely” festive season, Norman felt at paunchy energy in unhurried January.

When Norman reflects that “the art work of playing the sport is diverse” to his generation, it is straightforward to sense disapproval. He feels governing bodies let equipment spiral out of control pre-2000. “To make and retain these lessons for Tour occasions – at 7,800 yards – is a fee that gets handed all the design down to the day after day golfer,” he explains. However what of the characters eager?

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“The gamers are very stoic at the repeat time. They all leer the identical, they are fancy robots. They act the identical. Some guys repeat barely of frustration but there isn’t worthy emotion. It’s correct the recent generation, they are being professional otherwise. We engaged with folk, wore our hearts on our sleeves and folk would possibly perhaps perhaps survey our emotions.”

On 14 April 1996, Norman regarded to be tormented by shock. Maybe it is vibrant that he has no intention of reopening aged wounds.

Greg Norman: ‘I don’t reflect on losing the ’96 Masters – you move on’