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Growth on the 25m-excessive tower reservoir at Thornhill, but where is the water coming from?

Growth on the 25m-excessive tower reservoir at Thornhill, but where is the water coming from?


VIEW FROM THE TOP: Mamlambo Construction is the contractor responsible for constructing the 25m-excessive tower on top of which is in a position to be forged a 2.5Ml reservoir to gravity feed Thornhill and Nemato residents with potable water. Nonetheless, concerns over where the water will come from were raised Describe: ROB KNOWLES

The mute R33-million water tower being constructed at Thornhill has no water supply to beget it.

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Talk of the Metropolis regarded into the issue after receiving a tip-off that the tower used to be being constructed primarily based on a contract for a water supply that used to be cancelled, pre-dating the mute seawater reverse osmosis plant (SWRO) currently below construction, and even pre-dating the Amatola Water Like a flash Wins initiatives.

We approached Ndlambe Municipality and firm constructing the tower for answers.

One of the largest water reservoir towers in the Eastern Cape, the R33m tower breaks the skyline and overlooks the Thornhill, Nemato and Station Hill locations of Port Alfred. But, without water the tower might maybe maybe maybe stand as a monument to a distinct lack of planning on the section of Ndlambe Municipality.

The Eastern Cape is a water scarce province, as are most other areas of the country, and has suffered customary droughts for a complete lot of years. The 2.5Ml concrete reservoir is supposed to feed well-known potable water to the Nemato and Thornhill areas. This will stand 25m in the air and gravity-feed water pumped to it in off-height instances to these in the field. Nonetheless, the tower, when total, will stand empty till Ndlambe sources water in present to beget it.

In the intervening time construction of the tower is continuing at recede and, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and unanticipated excessive winds, the originate needs to be accomplished in July this year following the granting of allowable extensions to the contract.

“We had assist from 43 Air College as they measure wind-recede on a continuous basis. Once total, the challenge will be one of the largest concrete tower reservoirs in the Eastern Cape,” stated Donald Davies, construction manager for Mamlambo Construction, the contractor responsible for constructing the tower. Davis additionally acknowledged that the province had been of great assistance in conserving the challenge transferring at some level of the pandemic.

Davis used to be requested where the water to beget the reservoir used to be coming from.

“That might maybe maybe maybe maybe be a issue,” used to be Davis’ honest reply. “Our responsibility is to originate the reservoir. The supply of the water is for others to resolve. Our focal level is in pumping 2.5Ml of water 25m into the air to plan shut the reservoir corpulent.”

Davis stated that, in present to conclude this it would require the water treatment plant to be operational 24/7.

For over 10-years the municipality and the province beget performed with assorted schemes to supply potable water to the city, but all beget ultimately failed. From the Albany Regional Water Supply Scheme, via the Amatola Water Bulk Water Scheme and the failed RO plant begin air Nemato, to the Amatola Like a flash Wins initiatives and the latest debacle over QFS and the RO vegetation, none beget offered the great-wanted water to the field.

Even supposing begin air of his purview, Davis suggested that a pipeline from the Fish River to feed the city used to be potentially the most effective option, but that the sort of challenge would be prohibitively costly. He additionally mentioned other proposals he had discovered by researching the cyber web, including a map to scuttle a pipeline from Sandile Dam in the Amathola mountain differ, a distance of 180km.

Municipal spokesperson, Cecil Mbolekwa used to be requested where the water used to be coming from to beget the reservoir.

“There has been a complete lot of planning that came about earlier than the reservoir used to be constructed, taking a gaze at the future constructing,” Mbolekwa wrote.

“The municipality beget available sources of water delight in Sarel Howard Dam, central belt boreholes and East bank dunes. Once the RO plant is total, that will assist in offering water to this tower. The intention of the challenge is to store more water [as] at the second the existing elevated tower is too runt to feed the Thornhill field. Hence there is a want for additional storage. QFS has been paid for the work done and is at the second working on place.”

Nonetheless, it is determined that these existing water sources are no longer in a position to supply sufficient water to feed the field, and bleeding off 2.5Ml per day to plan shut the tower corpulent is no longer doubtless.

Growth on the 25m-excessive tower reservoir at Thornhill, but where is the water coming from?