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Hemp growers make millions from medical black market

Hemp growers make millions from medical black market

Industrial hemp growers in Recent South Wales are flouting the regulations to assemble medical cannabis products for the black market, in step with the head of Australia’s greatest hemp seed food producer.

Key points:

  • A foremost processor of hemp seed food warns that industrial growers in Recent South Wales are supplying medical cannabis to the black market
  • The TGA ideally suited year allowed CBD products to be provided over the counter, but none hang yet been by map of the approvals job
  • Recent South Wales police says it with out a doubt works with regulators to show screen the hemp industry  but would now not verify any crammed with life investigations

Paul Benhaim is the non-government director of the world community Elixinol Wellness, which owns Hemp Meals Australia.

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He claims licensed hemp growers are producing cannabidiol or CBD products for a booming wellness market, even supposing beneath Australian regulations the hemp byproduct is a prescription-handiest medication.

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Paul Benhaim runs Australia’s greatest hemp seed food producer.(

Supplied: Paul Benhaim


Whereas CBD prescriptions doubled to about 10,000 a month this year, he believed the black market in Australia used to be about 10 events greater.

“It’s miles in fashion data within the northern Recent South Wales location that CBD is on the market at many areas,” he stated.

“Many areas are claiming it to be honest with out a prescription.”

Black market brings risks

This year, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) relaxed the rules overlaying CBD products to make them on the market over the counter, but no products hang yet been by map of the approvals job required to be made honest.

Brisbane-essentially based medical cannabis producer Craig Cochran stated folks had been taking a risk within the occasion that they provided CBD products that weren’t authorized by the TGA.

“They web now not know what’s in it, they web now not know the map it be grown, they web now not know if it be received mould, they web now not know if it be received pesticides, heavy metals — the checklist most attention-grabbing goes on,” Mr Cochran stated.

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Mr Cochran’s firm runs a method subsidising cannabis medicines for some eligible sufferers.(

ABC Landline: Halina Baczkowski


Mr Cochran stated the enchantment for some folks used to be brand because black market products had been less pricey.

His firm, Medcan Australia, has began a compassionate entry method, subsidising cannabis medicines for some eligible sufferers.

The method is being flee by customary practitioner Laurence Kemp, who heads a web medical cannabis prescription carrier known as Cann I Attend.

Dr Kemp stated medical cannabis used to be tranquil handled as an experimental drug in Australia and didn’t qualify for subsidies beneath the Pharmaceutical Advantages Plan.

Because it used to be derived from a plant, there used to be limited incentive for pharmaceutical companies to make investments within the massive value of scientific trials.

Dr Kemp stated CBD products had been rather harmless beneath medical supervision, compared with medicines containing THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid which is precisely controlled in industrial hemp to below 1 per cent.

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Dr Kemp believes CBD products may maybe perchance just moreover be helpful in treating a series of prerequisites.(

ABC Landline: Halina Baczkowski


“[CBD] has truly been shown in a series of research to be effective at treating epilepsy, critically in children,” Dr Kemp stated.

“We exercise it for alarm, it will generally motivate folks with sleep complications, and it also has some painkilling and anti inflammatory properties, so it be truly a extraordinarily priceless compound for the period of the cannabis plant.”

A push for reform

Mr Benhaim stated Elixinol Wellness mandatory to be fragment of the booming CBD market in Australia, but would make a choice to compete with illegally produced products.

He stated authorities authorities weren’t taking accountability for the black market.

A spokesperson for Recent South Wales police stated the pressure labored with regulators to show screen the hemp industry and be definite compliance, but would now not advise if there were any crammed with life investigations into unlawful CBD private and sale.

Medical marjiuana being placed into a plastic bag with a pair of tweezers

Mr Benhaim has entreated reform in Australia’s regulations of CBD products.(

ABC News: Jerry Rickard


The TGA also stated it didn’t comment on crammed with life investigations.

On the replacement hand, it fined a Western Australian man greater than $10,000 ideally suited year, after a evaluation of unlawful selling of medical cannabis products.

Mr Benhaim stated there used to be a necessity for further reform in Australia to lift rules governing CBD in step with completely different developed nations, where it used to be frequently provided in supermarkets and smartly being food stores.

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Hemp growers make millions from medical black market