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Here’s why the Vancouver Park Board wants the public to report goose nests

Here’s why the Vancouver Park Board wants the public to report goose nests

In a message to these taking a stroll alongside the seawall, by the seaside or in a local park, the Vancouver Park Board says it hopes the public will report nest sightings because it targets to lower the goose inhabitants in the metropolis.

With these reports from the public, the board says it plans to plot shut nests or addle eggs, a direction of which stops embryo pattern.

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According to the Vancouver Park Board, the metropolis has bigger than 3,500 Canada geese and that inhabitants is rising due to a significant habitat and an absence of pure predators. The board furthermore says of us feeding geese has led to rapidly inhabitants enhance.

“Feeding by humans occurs continuously and contributes to the geese congregating in excessive-visitors areas and well-liked parks advance this meals offer,” said Dana McDonald, environmental stewardship co-ordinator for the park board, in a news free up.

“Supplemental feeding by humans can furthermore make contributions to geese being in a living to lay bigger than one snatch of eight eggs per season; that advance that if one snatch doesn’t hatch, they can change it. In nature, with out meals from humans, this wouldn’t happen.”

While geese will continuously congregate for feeding and moulting in grassy areas alongside shorelines, admire Stanley Park, English Bay and Trout Lake, the park board says that is no longer basically where they’ll nest. In its put, nests are more continuously found on roofs and balconies of constructions and on monumental, topped trees in the direction of the metropolis.

The park board says flora and fauna consultants counsel “no longer lower than triple the quantity of addling” needs to happen in expose to if truth be told have an brand on inhabitants dimension and enhance price. The metropolis says egg addling has been its important advance of controlling geese inhabitants since the 1990s and that the advance is supported by both the BC SPCA and Americans for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA.

The important topic staff participants have had, on the other hand, is finding nests.

According to the park board, about a of the negative impacts geese are having on local habitats encompass eating newly seeded grass, digging holes round sprinkler beds, goose droppings on sports activities fields, polluting originate air swimming pools, defecating on memorial benches and changing into aggressive in the direction of mating season. Caretakers of marriage ceremony venues and waterparks have furthermore had a anxious time keeping areas some distance flung from droppings.

Susan Lispett, who lives advance Granville Island, told the park board she’s counted as many as 175 geese, including goslings, in the direction of the summer time.

“The geese are benign most of the time, nevertheless when they have goslings they are vicious. I do know two of us who were bitten and of no longer lower than three canines that bought giardia from eating goose poop,” she said in a news free up posted by the metropolis.

To boot to addling eggs, the park board says it furthermore plans to expand enforcement and operate the ban on feeding geese in parks more explicit.

Contributors can report nest sightings on-line or by emailing geese@vancouver.ca.  

Here’s why the Vancouver Park Board wants the public to report goose nests