Home Australia High shark numbers biting into WA’s $2.4-billion recreational fishery

High shark numbers biting into WA’s $2.4-billion recreational fishery

High shark numbers biting into WA’s $2.4-billion recreational fishery

Recreational and industrial fishing pursuits in Western Australia desire a rethink on a shark fishing ban in the deliver’s north-west, 12 years after industrial shark fisheries had been closed due to overfishing.

Key points:

  • Shark populations are booming off the north-west cruise of WA after the home used to be closed to industrial fishing 12 years previously
  • WA’s new Fisheries Minister Don Punch met with Recfishwest and WAFIC representatives this week. He has made no resolution on the belief
  • Marine conservation community Sea Shepherd says any return to industrial shark fishing in the north-west would amount to a cull

They are saying the shark inhabitants is booming and hazardous fish shares and tourism.

Early Newspaper

The fishing groups need the present industrial line, entice and trawl fishers in the Gascoyne, Pilbara and Kimberley areas to be allowed to attract conclude shark by-utilize for scientific compare and to have local fish and chip markets.

Recfishwest, which represents an estimated 750,000 amateur fishers in WA, is arguing exhausting scientific data is wished on shark populations.

It talked about anecdotal proof indicated that as many as seven in 10 fish crooked had been lost to sharks.

Chief govt of the fishing physique Andrew Rowland talked a few diminutive shark fishery would offer data, which had been patchy since northern industrial shark fisheries had been closed in 2009.

A man is holding a fish with a large bite taken out of it and smiling

A person smiles with a fish that has been eaten by a shark. (

Supplied: Recfishwest


“By intention of stock assessments and inhabitants biology, you wish to knock a couple of fish on the pinnacle to attain the stock region and the age-based mostly entirely constructing of the inhabitants,” Dr Rowland talked about.

Sharks ‘unusable for human consumption’

The WA Fishing Replace Council (WAFIC) helps the proposal nonetheless, in conserving with a mature legit shark fisher Peter Jecks, it’s no longer seemingly to manufacture a distinction or be commercially viable.

Mr Jecks pioneered the blue swimmer crab fishery at Shark Bay in 1998. He’s furthermore licensed for scalefish equivalent to snapper and dhufish.

He says he has to utilize up to 25 per cent extra fish to fulfill his scalefish quota due to shark depredation and that the sharks following his vessels are now noteworthy bigger, many times extra than 3 metres in length.

“And the sad fragment about that’s, because of the the heavy metals side, they are no longer usable for human consumption,” Mr Jecks talked about.

Four grey sharks swim in a line underwater.

Four sharks swim underwater off the WA cruise.(

Supplied: Robert Koenig-Neutral correct fortune


He furthermore believed the authorities would restrict shark fins from being sold which made the utilize unviable.

The brand new WA Fisheries Minister Don Punch will meet trade representatives next week.

He talked about he understood the impacts of shark depredation nonetheless its prevalence will be due to extra other folks fishing.

What are the selections?

Marine conservation community Sea Shepherd talked about any return to industrial shark fishing in the north-west would amount to a cull.

“The reality is, if we recommend a deadly scientific trial with taking extra sharks, then there is a likelihood that that is also pushed out nationally because we’re seeing a rising inhabitants, extra other folks in the market fishing,” talked about Sea Shepherd’s national director Jeff Hansen.

Man smiles for picture at ocean

Sea Shepherd Nationwide Director Jeff Hansen smiles. (

Supplied: Robert Koenig-Neutral correct fortune


With funds from recreational fishing boat licenses, the WA authorities is investigating applied sciences designed to repel sharks without harming them.

Fisheries scientist Gary Jackson has been trialling devices that count on electrical fields, magnetic forces and acoustic recordings of orca cries.

The observe has been conducted at moderately a host of areas and is ongoing.

It has known half a dozen shark species most recurrently taking crooked fish.

“So there is a aggregate of commercially fundamental species in there, smaller species, which of route are no longer fished commercially, and furthermore species of high conservation region; grey nurse sharks.”

Shark numbers recovering

Department of Major Industries and Regional Construction shark scientist Matias Braccini talked about it used to be biologically no longer doubtless for there to be a inhabitants explosion after lovely 12 years without shark fishing tension in the northwest.

Four sharks swim off a boat.

A community of sharks swim off a ship in Exmouth, WA. (

Supplied: Christopher MacGregor 


He talked about shark numbers had been lovely returning to what they had been sooner than industrial fishing tension.

“Or no longer it’s no longer that the diagram is out of steadiness,” Dr Braccini talked about.

High shark numbers biting into WA’s $2.4-billion recreational fishery