Home Breaking News How a professional-democracy activist in Hong Kong went from legislator to inmate

How a professional-democracy activist in Hong Kong went from legislator to inmate

How a professional-democracy activist in Hong Kong went from legislator to inmate


David Axelrod, the founder and director of the College of Chicago Institute of Politics, brings you The Axe Information, a series of revealing interviews with key figures in the political world. Gallop past the soundbites and obtain to know a few of the most interesting players in politics.

  • Ep. 450 — Nathan Law

    Early Newspaper

    As an architect of Hong Kong’s professional-democracy Umbrella Motion, Nathan Law first tried to sustain his activism a secret from his mother. Nonetheless earlier than long she saw police arresting him at a sigh on live television. Since then, Law has been elected to political administrative center, served time in penal advanced and fled to London where he has been granted asylum. He joined David to talk about his upbringing and path to disenchantment with Beijing, threats to democracy in Hong Kong and the US, and leaving behind his famiIndicate extraly and the metropolis that he loves—probably forever. 

  • Ep. 449 — Surgeon General Vivek Murthy

    Surgeon General Vivek Murthy was picking up his dry cleaning in Brooklyn when he got a call from the Obama administration asking if he was interested in the job. He wavered at first, nevertheless realized it was the ideal mix of his healthcare nonprofit, advocacy and medical practice experiences. He’s now on his second stint as America’s top doctor beneath President Biden. Dr. Murthy joined David to talk about his family’s immigration story, Covid-19 and his concerns over variants and vaccination rateIndicate extras, gun violence, emotional wellness and loneliness and designing a higher put up-pandemic future.

  • Ep. 448 — Cecile Richards

    Growing up was a political affair for activist Cecile Richards. She frolicked stuffing envelopes at her family’s dining room table and got in misfortune in high college for protesting the Vietnam War. Her activism later propelled her to the dwelling of president of Planned Parenthood, which she led for extra than a decade. She joined David to talk about the ongoing combat for abortion rights as some states saunter to restrict access, what Democrats miss in talking to rural voters, her work with AmericanIndicate extra Bridge, and whether or no longer she may perhaps gawk herself one day running for governor of Unusual York.

  • Ep. 447 — Bag. Liz Cheney

    When Wyoming Bag. Liz Cheney was a microscopic woman, she and her sister would spend Saturday mornings watching cartoons in the West Wing whereas their father, aged Vice President Dick Cheney, served as Chief of Staff to President Ford. Bag. Cheney ultimately became a politician herself, rising to Dwelling GOP convention chair. She was eliminated from her leadership dwelling in May after denouncing aged President Trump’s repeated claims that the 2020 election was stolen. She joined David to talk about wheIndicate extran she realized her dwelling in Republican leadership was untenable, why she believes President Trump is dangerous to the GOP and the nation as a total, and why she detached supports Dr. Anthony Fauci.

  • Ep. 446 — High Minister Jacinda Ardern

    Unusual Zealand High Minister Jacinda Ardern has already faced a series of exceptional crises during her almost four year tenure in the nation’s easiest administrative center. The young, modern High Minister has led her nation thru a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, and most recently the Covid-19 pandemic, successfully keeping case and death numbers low. From her rural and working-class childhood to her nation’s easiest administrative center, High Minister Ardern says her focus has always been on creating a moIndicate extrare correct society. She joined David to talk about her early introduction to politics, the dissimilarity between working with the Trump and Biden administrations, her executive’s response to Covid-19, Unusual Zealand’s relationship with China, and how she measures her success.

  • Ep. 445 — Heather McTeer Toney

    Growing up in the Mississippi Delta, powerful of Heather McTeer Toney’s existence was tied to the atmosphere, from food and agriculture to the levees holding back the Mississippi River. Then again it wasn’t unless she was mayor of her hometown and working on a water field that she realized the connection between climate and social justice. Heather is now senior adviser at Moms Clean Air Pressure, a neighborhood that works to give protection to childhood from air air pollution and climate change, and climate justice liaison at the EnviroIndicate extranmental Defense Fund. She joined David to talk about her childhood steeped in the combat for civil rights, how climate and racial justice intersect, and why she believes fighting for voting rights is a vital ingredient of climate activism.

  • Ep. 444 — Justin Amash

    Growing up as the son of a Palestinian refugee and a Syrian immigrant, aged Bag. Justin Amash developed an early appreciation for the alternatives and freedoms America supplied. His views on what vitality the manager ought to have in limiting these freedoms crystalized after a Google search led him to libertarian thinkers and texts. As a Republican member of Congress following these libertarian principles, Amash each so incessantly chanced on himself at odds with party leadership and eventually with President Indicate extraTrump. He joined David to talk about the value of immigrants of all backgrounds, how he believes US Congress operates as extra of an oligarchy than a democracy, what he respects about Bag. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and why he’s unsettled by what he sees as the media’s lionization of Bag. Liz Cheney.

  • Ep. 443 — Sally Yates

    Sally Yates was born into a family of lawyers. She adopted suit, entering private practice earlier than becoming a federal prosecutor, which began a 27 year career at the Department of Justice. As Deputy Attorney General during the Obama administration and then as Acting Attorney General correct after President Trump took administrative center, she was involved in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Fair ten days into her tenure as Acting Attorney General, Yates was fired by President TruIndicate extramp after refusing to put into effect his travel ban on these from predominantly Muslim countries. She joined David to talk about the assault on reality and institutions, the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, voting rights, police reform, and her work advocating for mental health and suicide prevention.

  • Ep. 442 — Jen Psaki

    Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t envision herself returning to the White Dwelling after serving as Communications Director beneath President Obama, nevertheless when President Joe Biden asked her to join his team, she agreed. She now speaks on behalf of the Biden administration and holds near-daily press briefings, which she called correct the tip of the iceberg of her duties. Jen joined David to talk about how the constant float of information shapes her communication strategy, what the job of press seIndicate extracretary actually seems to be treasure, why comparisons between the Obama and Biden administrations miss the mark, and her expectation for a short-lived stint in her fresh role.

  • Ep. 441 — Speaker John Boehner

    As the second oldest of 12 siblings growing up in a two-bed room apartment, aged Republican Dwelling Speaker John Boehner learned early on how to wrangle a large, chaotic neighborhood of individuals. After catching the political malicious program as a member of his neighborhood dwelling-owner’s association, Speaker Boehner worked his way to the top of Dwelling leadership. He joined David to talk about his ideas on earmarks, his appreciate for Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi, his terror over the events of January 6 and his novel e-book, “OIndicate extran the Dwelling: A Washington Memoir.”

How a professional-democracy activist in Hong Kong went from legislator to inmate