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How parents can learn to recognize online radicalization and prevent tragedy – in 7 minutes

How parents can learn to recognize online radicalization and prevent tragedy – in 7 minutes


Cynthia Miller-Idriss and Susan Corke
Printed 6: 00 a.m. ET Can also 8, 2021

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After their 21-year-ancient son allegedly shot and killed 23 folks in an El Paso Walmart in 2019, his household publicly described his actions as attributable to “suggestions and beliefs we make now not settle for or condone.” Such phrases are all too general from households whose formative years have committed unpleasant atrocities. Many parents imagine their maintain baby is incapable of violence, or belief that their maintain household values will be adequate to supply protection to their baby from extremist and hateful beliefs. 

Every assumptions are sadly unpleasant. 

Helping all parents and caregivers recognize formative years vulnerabilities to persuasive extremist rhetoric – in particular online – is key to preventing additional tragedies. As we initiate to enter a submit-pandemic era with more in-individual gatherings, following a year in which formative years’s display time soared, there’s no more significant time to equip them with these preventative tools. There are already troubling signs of increasing formative years violence and extremism, with over 180 mass shootings correct this year. 

The apt information is that equipping parents isn’t all that now not easy. It doesn’t win worthy to enable entrance-line adults – parents, caregivers, teachers, coaches, psychological effectively being counselors and others who work with formative years – to better recognize and answer to extremism. 

Seven minutes to make a distinction

In truth, it only takes a pair of minutes for adults to be better equipped to recognize and act on signs of radicalization among formative years they know. After we developed a information to encourage parents better understand online radicalization, we studied what over 750 parents and caregivers learned from reading it. We found that after only seven minutes of reading, participants significantly improved their knowledge and understanding of extremism and formative years radicalization in ways in which make it more possible they would act wisely. More than 80% of participants left the watch reporting feeling “definitely” or “doubtlessly” ready to talk with formative years about online extremism and to intervene with formative years they felt had been in contact with extremist suggestions.

This wants to be welcome information for overburdened parents who’re terrorized about what their formative years encountered in unprecedented amounts of time online during the COVID-19 pandemic. It doesn’t win a bunch of time to make a extraordinarily proper distinction. Parents can gain their competence – and their confidence – to intervene while they’re drinking their morning coffee. 

No longer all individuals in our watch learned the identical quantity. Girls spent longer reading the information and learned significantly more than men did, and left the watch more willing to intervene on behalf of formative years coming into contact with extremism. This speaks to the well-known role that moms, grandmothers, aunts and diverse females mentors can play in combating extremist radicalization. There’s solid precedent for moms’ engagement: organizations fade by moms have labored to wrestle gun violence, Islamist extremism and inebriated driving, among diverse complications. This evidence suggests the identical kind of engagement would perchance perhaps moreover earnings the fight against home violent extremism.

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This isn’t to affirm that parents are thoroughly clueless. Many parents sense that something is off in their baby’s behavior, but they don’t know what exactly is unpleasant or what to make about it. Quickly prior to their 21-year ancient son was charged with killing eight folks in rubdown parlors this spring, his parents kicked him out of the dwelling. Weeks prior to the El Paso shooting, the shooter’s mother called the police with concerns about her son’s firearm. A year prior to her son allegedly killed eight folks at an Fed Ex facility, an Indiana mother called police with concerns that her son would perchance perhaps moreover commit “suicide by cop.”

None of those efforts by parents had been ready to stop the violent acts their sons would in the end commit. But our analysis means that an earlier intervention would perchance perhaps moreover encourage parents recognize warning signs or behavioral adjustments sooner, and know where to receive additional encourage.

Parents are key to early prevention

Parents can’t resolve the train of rising home violent extremism on my own. This might perchance occasionally win arrangement over individual or community preparedness and resilience to handle the root causes that can lead formative years down extremist pathways. We need solutions to handle the producers of extremist propaganda, decrease the spread of conspiracy theories and disinformation, and kind out rising adult radicalization into a range of conspiracy, anti-authorities, white supremacist and male supremacist extremist movements. But in the face of what can appear adore an overwhelming train, parents are a key companion to early prevention.

For parents terrorized about their formative years’s exposure to extremist suggestions online, it turns out that answering correct two questions positively can make the general distinction. Would you talk to a baby about extremism? And can you set up the propaganda ways aged by extremists, and the solutions aged to wrestle them? 

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We now know that these are learned abilities – that parents can enhance in ways in which would perchance perhaps moreover encourage avert radicalization in their formative years. 

As extremist violence ticks up across the country, one thing is exceptionally obvious: Households of violent actors have struggled to recognize and answer to early warning signs and know where to receive the beautiful kind of encourage. Getting that encourage to them as early as that you just can imagine is a key step in combating extremist increase.

Cynthia Miller-Idriss (@milleridriss) is director of the Polarization and Extremism Research and Innovation Lab at American University and author of “Abominate in the Homeland: The Original International A long way Factual.” Susan Corke (@SusanCorke1) is director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Rules Heart and co-author of “The Democracy Playbook.”


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How parents can learn to recognize online radicalization and prevent tragedy – in 7 minutes