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How the King of Calypso helped change the world

How the King of Calypso helped change the world


This season of Silence is No longer an Possibility is all about fearless those that rise up for what’s moral — even when it formula breaking the rules. Host Don Lemon will half tales about Harry Belafonte, Eartha Kitt, and others who passe their reputation to focus on out against injustice. Don will moreover highlight the tales of change-makers who deserve greater recognition, worship Claudette Colvin and Bayard Rustin. So, come meet the rabble-rousers and fact-tellers who save all the things on the line when silence is now not an choice.

  • How the King of Calypso Helped Change the World

    Early Newspaper

    For practically 70 years, essential person actor and singer Harry Belafonte has passe his platform to indicate for freedom and equality in America and spherical the world. Don Lemon speaks with Belafonte about his dedication to humanitarian causes, and how Belafonte has impressed Don to focus on up about injustice. The star’s daughter, Gina Belafonte, and Turner Traditional Movies host Ben Mankiewicz repeat Don about Belafonte’s lifelong dedication to civil rights, the balance of arts and activism at some level of his profession, Present moreand the roles he’s played in social justice fights right thru the voice from the Deep South to South Africa.

  • When Catwoman Met Woman Bird

    Don’t name Eartha Kitt an “indignant Gloomy lady.” That’s how Eartha used to be portrayed when she spoke fact to energy and criticized the Vietnam War and wealth inequality in front of President Johnson and the First Woman. The heroic pass worth her profession opportunities and even brought about a CIA investigation, nevertheless she aloof came out on prime. Don Lemon speaks with CNN’s senior leisure author Lisa Respers France and Eartha’s daughter, Kitt Shapiro, about the star’s uncompromising presence – on the stage and that iPresent moren the White House.

  • The Team That Took on a Senator

    What would you chance to fight racism? In 2020, the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream save paychecks on the line to focus on up for Gloomy Lives Matter and against their proprietor, outdated Senator Kelly Loeffler. It used to be an extra special match between avid gamers and owners, and the route of U.S. politics hung in the balance. In this week’s episode, Don Lemon discusses WNBA participant activism with sports and politics author Jemele Hill, and the Atlanta Dream’s Elizabeth Williams and Renee Sir Bernard Law half how they pushed foPresent morer change. 

  • A Joyful Civil Rights Leader Pushed into the Shadows

    Bayard Rustin organized the March on Washington and immediate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on remark nonviolent stream, nevertheless this Civil Rights hero didn’t gather his accurate due at the time because he used to be delighted. For this particular Pride month episode, Don Lemon affirms Rustin’s rightful voice in historical previous and explores how Rustin persevered despite personal attacks. Don and CNN Nationwide Political Author Brandon Tensley focus on about Rustin’s lifelong stress at the intersection of Gloomy and LGBTQ rights, and why he Present moreideal joined the delighted rights stream later in lifestyles.

  • The Officer Who Did not Stand By

    When outdated Buffalo police officer Cariol Horne seen a colleague save a handcuffed Gloomy man in a chokehold, she acknowledged she knew she needed to pause one thing. Her intervention worth her job and her pension. On this present day’s podcast, Don Lemon hears from Horne and her attorney, Harvard Regulations Professor Ron Sullivan, about that fateful day in 2006 and their ensuing authorized fight that lasted till factual months ago. And what does Horne’s case mean for nationwide police reform? 

  • Fifteen-Year-Feeble Freedom Fighter

    All americans’s heard the fable of Rosa Parks, nevertheless few know of Claudette Colvin, the 15-yr-outdated lady who used to be arrested in 1955 for refusing to offer up her seat to a White passenger… nine months sooner than Parks. So why wasn’t she the face of the stream? Don Lemon explores Colvin’s lifestyles and legacy with CNN anchor Abby Phillip and pupil Beverly Man-Sheftall. And formative years activist Anya Dillard shares what activists this present day can learn from Colvin’s fight for justice.  

  • Season 2: Rabble-Rousers and Truth-Tellers

    Change doesn’t occur with out taking risks, with out fearless activists who rise up for what’s moral even when it’s black. This season, Don shares the tales of other folks that passe their reputation to shine a delicate on injustice worship Harry Belafonte and Eartha Kitt. But you’re going to moreover hear the tales of change makers who deserve greater recognition, worship a teen who took a stand on a Sir Bernard Law bus sooner than Rosa Parks and the police officer who stopped a chokehold. We’re talking about the other folks whPresent moreo know that speaking out every so often formula breaking the rules. So, come meet the rabble-rousers and fact-tellers who save all the things on the line when silence is now not an choice. 

  • Resolve Every Tell and Relate

    The so-called Gloomy Nationwide Anthem used to be peaceable in 1900, and it’s offered a soundtrack to Gloomy lifestyles ever since. For this particular Gloomy Historical previous Month episode, CNN’s Don Lemon speaks with Rep. James Clyburn, historian Prof. Imani Perry, and Howard College choir conductor Eric Poole about the music’s historical previous, cultural significance, and heroic staying energy over the previous century. And the map it’s now more relevant than ever. 

  • The Axe Recordsdata: Nikole Hannah-Jones

    When Nikole Hannah-Jones used to be a high college pupil at a predominantly white college in Waterloo, Iowa, she complained to a teacher that the college newspaper wasn’t covering tales that mattered to Gloomy students. He informed her she had two alternatives: conclude complaining or originate writing for the paper and telling her bear tales. She joined the paper, launching what became a accepted profession writing for publications worship ProPublica and The Novel York Times Magazine. Nikole is successfully identified for her reporting Present moreon segregation and racial inequities in training nevertheless lately obtained a Pulitzer Prize for The 1619 Venture, which traces the legacy of slavery at some level of American historical previous. She joined Axe Recordsdata host David Axelrod to chat about what it used to be worship rising up in working-class Iowa, how she finds motivation in being underestimated, and the inspiration and advent of The 1619 Venture.

    In the beginning launched: September, 2020

  • Gloomy to the Future

    A story number of Gloomy candidates ran for office this yr, representing now not ideal their constituencies, nevertheless moreover the fluctuate of views that exist among Gloomy People. Don talks to 2 newly elected representatives, Mondaire Jones (D-Novel York) and Cori Bush (D-Missouri), about their platforms, their ideas for Congress, and the future of Gloomy politics. 

How the King of Calypso helped change the world