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How you can help Texans during the historic winter storm, power outages and freezing temps

How you can help Texans during the historic winter storm, power outages and freezing temps


Of us in Austin, Texas wait in long strains braving the bitter cool exterior a meals market. Footage shared by Twitter particular person @dannygoldentune

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Historic snowstorm and document freezing temperatures in Texas left thousands and thousands with out water and power for days in Texas this week.

Ideal under 200,000 customers remained with out power Friday, in step with poweroutage.us, down from the 4 million earlier in the week. Rolling blackouts like stopped in the remark, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas talked about Friday.

But Texas Gov. Greg Abbott warned that remark residents “are no longer out of the woods,” with temperatures restful successfully below freezing statewide and disruptions in meals supply chains.

If you are taking a watch to help, listed below are some organizations that need donations: 

1.) Feeding Texas: The remark’s largest starvation-reduction group, Feeding Texas, is looking for donations to fund its network of meals banks so they can stock up on meals for those in need. Extra data about donating right here. 

2.) Bread of Life Inc. (Houston): This catastrophe reduction help fund is asking for donations with a aim to invent one-time funds to those experiencing unexpected monetary hardship ensuing from the winter storm. Beyoncé and Adidas like teamed up with the group to enact this aim, in step with ABC13. Extra data right here. 

3.) Entrance Steps (Austin): A nonprofit group that runs a safe haven in downtown Austin and provides products and companies to those transitioning from homelessness, Entrance Steps is asking for blanket donations for folk who gather no longer like a safe haven. The supreme blanket are folks who can fully quilt an grownup and are made of materials like fleece that gather no longer soak moisture. Extra data right here. 

4.) Feed the Of us Dallas: This mutual help group is accepting monetary donations, as well to Tupperware, dried rice, beans, meat, coolers and ice, in clarify to gather meals for those tormented by the historic weather conditions. They also peep volunteers who can prepare dinner and divulge meals. Extra data right here

5.) Free Lunch (Austin): As many Texans fight to search out a hot meal, Free Lunch is asking for donations so it can proceed offering homecooked meals to folk who need it most. Free Lunch is a enterprise that makes and delivers meals four days per week to the Esperanza Neighborhood, a remark-created campsite in Austin. Extra data right here. 

6.) Austin Pets Alive: This animal safe haven is asking for blankets, towels, tarps, animal crates, region heaters and dog beds to preserve up its animals heat amid the frigid temperature. Extra data right here. 

7.) Austin Mutual Wait on: To help those experiencing homelessness ranking away freezing temperatures, Austin Mutual Wait on is elevating funds to book hotel rooms for them. Extra data right here. 

8.) American Red Inappropriate: The nationwide group’s chapter that serves central and south Texas is asking for donations to gather cots, blankets, meals, water and hygiene objects to 20 warming products and companies. The American Red Inappropriate is also looking for blood donations. Extra data right here. 

9) Salvation Navy: This nationwide group is also offering safe haven and meals, and is asking for donations to fund its efforts. Extra data right here. 

Kaanita Iyer, USA TODAY; Amanda O’Donnell, Austin American-Statesman

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How you can help Texans during the historic winter storm, power outages and freezing temps