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Hugh Grant says son stabbed himself in the face with pen during home-schooling session

Hugh Grant says son stabbed himself in the face with pen during home-schooling session

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‘Constantine’ Collection in the Works at HBO Max

A “Constantine” series is in early construction at HBO Max, Selection has realized from sources. The search is currently on for an actor to lead the series in the role of John Constantine, with Guy Bolton linked to put in writing. According to sources, the demonstrate would tie in to the “Justice League Darkish” series that is […]


‘Paddington 3’ Officially in the Works

“Paddington 3” — a current entry in the liked film series — is in active construction, representatives from Studiocanal informed Selection: “We can negate Studiocanal is working very hard on film 3 with the utmost craft and care — as with film 1 and 2.” Final week, in an interview on BBC Radio 2’s “The Zoe […]


Wednesday Addams Live-Motion Collection Build at Netflix With Tim Burton Directing

A Wednesday Addams live-flow series has been ordered at Netflix, Selection has realized. The project was first reported as being in construction again in October, though no network or streamer was linked at that point. Netflix has given the coming-of-age series an eight episode notify. In accordance with the persona originally created by Charles Addams, “Wednesday” is […]

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‘Autism as inspirational porn’: how Sia’s Song turn into the most reviled film since Cats

Sia doesn’t like to invent a splash. The famously reclusive Australian pop well-known person is no longer viewed in public at all, and certainly no longer without her primitive mountainous, face-shielding wig or an queer hat. Nonetheless this week, following the streaming inaugurate of her directorial debut, Song, she’s facing social media fury, a 65,000-sturdy petition to get the film’s Golden Globe nominations rescinded, and a lower Inappropriate Tomatoes accumulate than Cats. How did pop’s shyest well-known person turn into Hollywood’s most up-to-date humiliation? Five years ago, at the Venice film festival, Sia’s soundless announcement that she was planning to enlighten a film primarily based fully on her accumulate original short myth didn’t necessarily sound like a dreadful belief. In any case, her tune movies, in their deranged and instantly-recognisable brilliance, contain all the hallmarks of an auteur. She fleshed out the screenplay in collaboration with buddy and youngsters’s book author Dallas Clayton, telling the myth of the internal struggles of an autistic teen, and her disquieted older sibling, who is parachuted into a caregiving role after the death of their grandmother. Sia would write original songs for the film, soundtracking dreamlike dance sequences, to find, in summary, the neurodivergent viewpoint of the main persona. On paper, it sounded inoffensive. Nonetheless proper from the originate, the production was dodging bullets. Sia originally envisaged the sibling role being played by Shia LaBeouf – her boyfriend at the time – however after she seen an Instagram video of Kate Hudson singing, she switched the gender of the role and solid Hudson instead. (Certainly one of the few things that you just might perhaps well possibly imagine Sia being grateful for without lengthen is no longer having a man impartial these days accused of assault, emotional abuse, and sexual battery – all of which he denies – as the co-well-known person of her beleaguered film.) After using social media call-outs to find the solid, and wrapping filming in unhurried 2016, she hit a wall in post-production. In an interview with Rolling Stone in November, she printed that the editing course of took four years and sent her into a mental health spiral. “The editing fragment made me ill,” she acknowledged. “I couldn’t seem to find the proper editor – somebody who understood the magic I was trying to invent happen. Finally we did, however I purchased in fact ill and additionally in fact melancholy. My PTSD was correct out of retain an eye on, and I nearly about didn’t sprint away the home for 3 or four years.” At the time, she was additionally going through a painful divorce. The inaugurate date purchased pushed from October 2019, to unhurried 2020, to early 2021. The merely extent of the catastrophe Song would picture fully began to explain with the inaugurate of the trailer in November of last 300 and sixty five days. It drew an onslaught of criticism online, with many accusing Sia of ableism for the determination to solid neurotypical teenage dance sensation Maddie Ziegler – who has turn into Sia’s public alter ego in contemporary years, starring in her tune movies and performing by her aspect – as the autistic eponymous Song.

Hugh Grant says son stabbed himself in the face with pen during home-schooling session