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I ditched my PC for the new iMac — here are the pros and cons

I ditched my PC for the new iMac — here are the pros and cons


I’m constantly sorting out all varieties of laptops and desktops, nevertheless none of them were in a residing to adjust my custom Home windows gaming PC as my significant machine for work and play. Between my computer’s highly effective specs, my versatile dual-computer screen setup and my comfort stage with Home windows 10, it’s been onerous to invent the swap to the rest — till the 24-ride iMac landed on my desk.

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I’ve been the employ of Apple’s new desktop virtually exclusively ever since I obtained it in for review, and barring about a exceptions, I’m now no longer in an monumental urge to return to my PC. Between its unbelievable uncover, unbelievable webcam and the on a regular foundation advantages of macOS I’d been missing out on as an iPhone user, the most modern iMac (starting at $1,233; expercom.com and amazon.com) comes dangerously conclude to being the easiest desktop computer I need.

Here’s what it’s select to invent the swap to iMac as a longtime PC user — and why I will have the ability to’t entirely abandon Home windows appropriate but.

I’ve covered most of what makes Apple’s most modern desktop so big in my 24-ride iMac review, where I praised the all-in-one for its impossibly slim perform, aesthetic Retina uncover, big accessories and highly effective multitasking capabilities made that you just may presumably well presumably consider by the M1 chip inside of. Nonetheless now that I’ve lived with the new iMac for about a month, certain advantages (and drawbacks) are starting to stand out bigger than others. Let’s delivery with the just appropriate stuff.

The webcam, mic and audio system are excellent for working from home

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At the same time as someone whose home location of job is flooded with the most effective webcams and most effective microphones spherical, I nonetheless earn myself taking most calls the employ of the digicam and mic built honest into the new iMac. They’re appropriate that just appropriate.

Thanks to its fascinating 1080p lens and some M1-enabled software tricks, the iMac’s digicam makes me behold brighter and livelier than even my right Logitech C920 — significantly when I’m below much less-than-perfect lighting. I’ve been speaking to colleagues and taking briefings the employ of the built-in iMac microphone for weeks, and haven’t gotten a single complaint about my converse quality.

Nonetheless it’s the iMac’s six built-in audio system which have essentially stood out over the past few weeks. When I’m listening in on meetings, colleagues’ voices sound so loud and certain that they may presumably well also as effectively be in the identical room as me. The iMac’s booming audio system have transform my most smartly-preferred technique to jam out to pop-punk tracks when it’s time to salvage prepared for the day, or winding down with some Julien Baker whereas staring at the ceiling in mattress. I will have the ability to’t wait to flip my iMac into even extra of an entertainment heart when macOS Monterey arrives this fall, as I’ll be in a residing to beam songs and movies from my phone honest to the desktop thru AirPlay, all without having to touch a mouse or keyboard.

These big multimedia aspects have yielded a gigantic, unexpected profit — my work area is now extra minimalist than ever. Whereas the PC side of my desk is cluttered with an external microphone, a situation of audio system and a webcam partially obscuring my computer screen, the iMac presents me the capabilities of all three. Better but, it’s housed in an incredibly slim and lovely slab of purple metal. I nonetheless wish the iMac had bigger than four USB-C ports (I’m at the moment the employ of a Satechi USB-C hub for extra connectivity), nevertheless I earn myself now no longer needing to employ them very most frequently when the built-in stuff works so effectively.

The 24-ride uncover continues to wow me

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As someone who swears by multi-computer screen setups, I proceed to be very a lot surprised and elated by how noteworthy I recognize engaged on the iMac’s single 24-ride uncover, which presents me quite so a lot of staunch property for bouncing between necessary paperwork and Slack chats.

When I’m hammering away in Google Scientific doctors and sifting thru press releases, the iMac’s 4.5K Retina makes standard text behold heroic and inky, as if it had been splashed on the mask with a fountain pen. All the pieces is merely simpler and extra scrumptious to learn on the iMac, and my preferred Dell 24 Gaming Video display (which has a much less fascinating 1440p decision) now looks to be roughly dreary by comparison.

The iMac uncover is big for quite so a lot of other things, for certain — movies, YouTube movies and Twitch streams pop with color and part, and even the default purple wallpaper is a watch to seem at. Nonetheless it’s that added bit of richness and readability for on a regular foundation work duties that has essentially helped the iMac withhold its location as my each day home location of job computer.

Apple’s macOS jogs my memory what I’ve been missing


Despite all of its big aspects, my current thing about the new iMac isn’t queer to Apple’s most modern computer at all. While I employ a MacBook here and there for work, entirely immersing myself in a Mac for a month has reminded me appropriate how nice it is miles to have all of my Apple objects work seamlessly with one another.

Many of these aspects were spherical for years, nevertheless the employ of Messages to text my iPhone friends on desktop or starting a uncover on my phone and deciding on it up on my iMac nonetheless feels recognize magic to me. The Continuity aspects that Apple have rolled out over the years are essentially handy — each time I’m looking a web build on my iPhone, I will have the ability to click on a single icon on my Mac to blow it up on my gigantic mask, for instance.

After ending an interview now no longer too prolonged in the past, I became as soon as in a residing to beam the Issue Memo recording from my iPhone to my iMac in an quick. As someone who’s constantly the employ of Google Drive or email to share files between my iPhone and PC, I became as soon as a diminutive blown away by how effortless the course of became as soon as.

That stage of seamless interactivity between devices is something I’m appropriate now no longer getting on my Home windows desktop. While Microsoft’s Your Cell phone app permits Android customers to salvage admission to their apps and messages from the gigantic mask, all iPhone customers can bear with it is miles send links from their phone to their PC. And whereas I’ll be in a residing to be a part of FaceTime calls from Home windows starting this fall, I nonetheless received’t be in a residing to send iOS text messages from my PC, salvage admission to my iCloud notes or straight AirDrop files from my phone.

It’s virtually making me fear going reduction to Home windows — though I nonetheless have about a just appropriate causes to.

The Mac appropriate isn’t big for gaming

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While the iMac’s gigantic, aesthetic uncover and highly effective M1 processor invent it a succesful informal gaming machine, Apple’s desktop appropriate can’t change my highly effective Home windows rig thru the high-end PC titles I select to play — thru both performance and selection.

When I delivery my Steam library on my iMac, easiest 13 of the 170 titles I private are playable on Apple’s desktop. That little handful mostly consists of informal titles corresponding to the Jackbox Social gathering Pack, ports of older games recognize Well-known person Wars: Knights of the Weak Republic or much less-demanding indie experiences recognize Gone Home and Her Anecdote. If I have to play most modern blockbuster hits recognize Well-known person Wars: Squadrons or Wonder’s Avengers (or salvage admission to the quite so a lot of of games in my Xbox Sport Walk library), I’ve obtained to swap over to my PC.

The iMac does fortify a handful of gigantic-budget computer games, nevertheless it’s now no longer precisely equipped to urge them optimally. For instance, when sorting out Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Apple’s desktop, I had to flip the decision down to a grainy 1600 x 900 appropriate to salvage the game to urge at a playable 30 frames per second. If you’re hoping to issue stout advantage of the iMac’s aesthetic 4.5K mask for gigantic, cinematic video games, you’ll probably be let down.

That’s now to no longer divulge there’s zero fun out there with the iMac thru gaming. Mega-standard online shooter Fortnite played appropriate swish on Apple’s desktop, and you’ll earn now no longer have any issues running lighter experiences recognize The Sims 4 and Minecraft. Apple Arcade titles recognize NBA 2K21 and The Final Campfire behold vivid on Apple’s gigantic-mask computer, and play big with the PlayStation controller I became as soon as in a residing to effortlessly pair to my iMac. Nonetheless these titles are ostensibly mobile games blown up for a gigantic mask.

As someone with a gaming rig packing a beastly Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card, the iMac can’t reach conclude to changing my PC thru how many games I will have the ability to play — or how effectively they’ll urge.

I nonetheless select multitasking on Home windows 10


I mostly recognize the employ of macOS, nevertheless it every now and then makes me settle on to pull out my nonexistent hair each time I have to split the mask between just a few apps. On Home windows 10, juggling the myriad of Google Scientific doctors, press releases, video name home windows and Slack chats I’ve delivery at any given time is straightforward. I appropriate ride one window to either side of the mask to snap it in location, and Home windows will let me issue which app I have to beget the other half of of my uncover. A ride and a click on later, and I’m all situation.

Things aren’t moderately as straightforward on Mac. If I have to employ Ruin up View mode on my iMac, I have to soar over the fullscreen icon (or opt for a keyboard shortcut) on a given window and issue the “tile window to left/honest of mask possibility.”

The relaxation of the course of works in the same scheme to Home windows, nevertheless as soon as I’ve entered macOS’ Ruin up View, I’m caught in a rigid stout-mask ride that makes it very annoying to leap reduction into any other apps I’ve delivery. To be honest, both macOS and Home windows invent it easy to behold all the pieces I’ve delivery with a immediate three-finger swipe upward, nevertheless easiest Home windows lets me straight conclude any of these apps with a immediate click on of the “x” icon. And whereas Home windows presents me quite so a lot of flexibility for snapping several Home windows together on the identical mask, Apple’s Ruin up View easiest lets me jump between two apps instantly.

It’s a rather minor nitpick, and largely person who comes down to non-public resolution. Nonetheless I earn Home windows’ technique to multitasking to be a rare instance of Microsoft nailing Apple’s oft-touted “it appropriate works” ethos higher than Apple itself.

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As someone who makes employ of a pc essentially for on a regular foundation work duties with some gaming, song production and suppose material introduction on the side, the new 24-ride iMac has ticked off virtually every box for me after bigger than a month of heavy employ.

I recognize having a gigantic uncover, an gargantuan amount of vitality and a gigantic webcam and audio system all packed into a single machine the size of a computer screen, and the scheme the iMac works in sync with my iPhone makes it simpler to retain with my friends and jump necessary files between devices. If you’re considering making the jump from PC to iMac, these are probably the excellent advantages you’ll recognize honest out of the gate.

It’s price noting that I’ve been the employ of an upgraded version of the $1,699 configuration of the iMac, which has 512GB of storage, a whole of 4 USB-C ports and a Contact ID-enabled Magic Keyboard. The starting $1,299 configuration isn’t a sinful possibility while you’re looking to employ as diminutive as that you just may presumably well presumably consider, nevertheless considering it easiest will get you two ports and a smaller 256GB solid-sigh force, I’d recommend investing in the higher-end version while you may presumably well presumably.

  • Apple iMac 24-Meander ($1,233; expercom.com or $1,249; amazon.com): The starting iMac configuration, with 256GB of storage and two ports.
  • Apple iMac 24-Meander ($1,699; amazon.com and bhphotovideo.com): Our suggested configuration, with 512GB of storage and four ports.

That said, while you’re angry about PC gaming, the iMac isn’t for you. Even as you may presumably well presumably play bigger than 100 mild-weight Apple Arcade titles and about a gigantic hits recognize Fortnite and Tomb Raider, the iMac’s game selection and graphics capabilities can’t withhold a candle to a properly configured Home windows desktop.

There’s also the hiss of upgradability. I will have the ability to swap out my PC’s processor, storage, RAM and graphics each time I desire in describe to withhold it as a lot as this point, whereas the iMac’s formula are all sealed in — except for the possibility of external storage, what you purchase on day one is what you’ll be the employ of for just appropriate. And while you’ve grown to count on Home windows 10’s multitasking aspects, macOS may presumably well also reach with a diminutive of a studying curve.

Restful, as a PC diehard, I’ve cherished my time with the most modern iMac even despite these quirks. If you’re chilly with the above caveats and looking for a pc that can presumably well bear quite so a lot of within an lovely and slim perform, it could probably presumably well appropriate be the most effective desktop you may presumably well presumably purchase honest now.

I ditched my PC for the new iMac — here are the pros and cons