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I run 4 social media accounts for my swap. Here are the free tools I use to automate the process and create valuable train material.

I run 4 social media accounts for my swap. Here are the free tools I use to automate the process and create valuable train material.
  • Jen Glantz is an entrepreneur and founding father of the firm Bridesmaid for Rent.
  • To market her swap, Glantz manages four different social media accounts which she says would possibly per chance even be very time-ingesting.
  • Glantz uses a train material calendar and automation tools and pre-plans her posts to keep time running every narrative.

I am a serial entrepreneur, that suggests my time and money are invested in extra than one agencies and projects that I started from scratch. It furthermore implies that I invent most of the heavy lifting of these agencies on my possess. I’m no longer most absorbing in payment for scaling these projects and optimizing my online web train, nonetheless furthermore for strategizing and executing on the marketing plot.

Early on, I discovered myself spending system too noteworthy time on projects that felt extra love a corpulent-time job than honest aspects of the swap. One of those projects used to be social media. Managing four different social media accounts (one per swap or project) turned overwhelming, and it wasn’t in my funds to rent an assistant to succor me plot and publish.

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As a replacement, I had to gain modern methods to automate my social media pages so that they’d be participating, bright and tutorial for my target audience, nonetheless no longer take me extra than a few hours a month to manage.

Here are the methods I automate my social media accounts whereas furthermore growing valuable train material.

1. Create a 30-day train material calendar

One of the very most absorbing complications of doing social media is attempting to pick out what to publish daily. In the occasion you are doing this in loyal-time, it goes to take hours. In say to preserve according to posting on all four of my social media accounts, I use the closing week of every month to create a train material calendar for the next 30-days.

I create this calendar as a spreadsheet that I exhaust the week contributing to and modifying. On that calendar, I tap into my critical train material classes for every brand. I keep 5 to 10 train material classes per brand (these are total themes for what the narrative posts) so that I am able to use that as a manual to judge what to publish.


I furthermore take into narrative holidays, key occasions, or huge promotions and affords from my brands and plot for that inner the month. I veritably exhaust about two to three hours growing this plot for every brand and once it’s done, it serves as my recreation plot for the coming month.

2. Tap into automation tools

When it comes to making distinct my posts publish on social media on-time, I love to time desk the majority of my posts the utilization of automation tools.
I take the performed train material that I deliberate on my spreadsheet and I drop it into a scheduling tool (I use a free one referred to as Buffer.com) that can publish for me on the day and time that I win. This enables me to no longer grasp to manually run to every of my accounts and publish one thing new in loyal-time.

Having the majority of my posts automated and ready to run are dwelling in arrive, saves me approximately hours across my four different accounts.

3. Use free train material advent tools

I run 4 social media accounts for my business. Here are the free tools I use to automate the process and create valuable content.
Glantz uses free train material advent tools to keep money.Jen Glantz

Since I’m no longer a clothier or photographer, I at the start discovered growing social media train material to be very time ingesting. When I employed those mavens, I discovered myself spending thousands of bucks and quite a lot of time going abet and forth with revisions to invent distinct the train material used to be on brand.

To invent this process more uncomplicated and quicker, I discovered a handful of tools that are straightforward to use and succor me create my train material hasty. I use one free tool to create graphics (Canva), another tool for free stock photography (Unsplash.com) and a closing tool for photo modifying (Fotor) to invent the photo look professional.

This suite of tools permits me to create train material relatively hasty and it would no longer payment me a penny.

4. Pre-plot the train material classes

Another huge factor that drains quite a lot of time when it comes to social media is determining what to after all publish.

One system that I automate here is by pre-planning the 5 train material pillars and classes for every of my four accounts. I win the critical themes for every of my brands so that I will without complications preserve focused and grasp a distinct


when it comes to settling on the train material to publish.

I area these classes early on for every of my brands and when a new month is on the horizon and I need to pick out what to publish, I honest pull from those classes and plot it on the train material calendar.

5. Stick to a technique

I furthermore use a 70-20-10 means for settling on what roughly train material to publish and how veritably. I stick by this rule to invent distinct my train material is participating.

Which implies that 70% of my train material is free payment to my target audience (information, guidelines, in the abet of-the-scenes, the story of the firm), 20% of the train material is user generated or shared from other experts or accounts, and 10% of the train material are calls to motion or promotions.

Sticking with this approach makes it straightforward to automate the variety of frequency of train material I publish.

6. Repeat what works most absorbing

When I need to invent distinct I am discovering methods to grow my social media accounts and perform smartly with participating train material, I merely tap into my in-app analytics to pick what’s working smartly and use that to plot for the next month.

Engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares) let me look what my most in style publish formats and topics are. I then invent it straightforward on myself and honest repeat what works smartly on every narrative.

Managing extra than one social media accounts can start to after all feel overwhelming and be time ingesting. In the occasion you point out smartly, grasp systems in area and create your train material in an organized system, it goes to turn into automated and more uncomplicated than you imagine it ever will seemingly be.

I run 4 social media accounts for my swap. Here are the free tools I use to automate the process and create valuable train material.