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‘I was exactly the same age as Sarah Harding when I got my breast cancer evaluation’

‘I was exactly the same age as Sarah Harding when I got my breast cancer evaluation’
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Helen Addis, 42, works in TV and lives in Surrey along with her husband Impress and young other folk Archie, 11, April, 10, and Belle, eight. Right here she shares her contain myth…

‘I was exactly the same age as Sarah Harding when I got my breast cancer evaluation, which has given me the chills. She was valid so young. Too young. Sarah, love so many, place aside off seeing the physician when she chanced on her lump and by the time she got her evaluation it had spread.

Ladies Aloud megastar Sarah, who tragically died at the age of 39 on Sunday, amazingly donated earnings from her most up-to-date e book to breast cancer research which is an unparalleled legacy to flow away at the support of. Her chums and household must be so proud.

My contain breast cancer bound began support in April 2018, when I was busy making ready for my 40th birthday birthday celebration.

Ordering gin, inserting up decorations and discovering out a babysitter. These had been my priorities support then.

Helen is passionate about getting other women to check their breasts for abnormalities - it saved her life

Helen is passionate about getting other women folk to ascertain their breasts for abnormalities – it saved her life

Sarah detailed her breast cancer diagnosis in her memoir

Sarah Harding passed away aged 39

Till one day, while moisturising, I chanced on a lump below my valid nipple. I wasn’t too insecure as a consequence of I was somewhat young and match, with no household history of cancer. I presumed it was hormonal but booked a GP appointment. My physician referred me to a expert to rule it out. Nevertheless in the following two weeks another four lumps seemed.

It’s so a in point of fact mighty to ascertain your body on a frequent basis for any abnormalities. In exactly these two weeks another four lumps grew…which made me realise how snappy mine was travelling.

I had a mammogram, biopsy and an ultrasound, and three days later I went support to the manual to listen to the dreaded words, “That you just can just bag grade 3 breast cancer.”

Helen spent her 40th birthday recovering from surgery

Helen spent her 40th birthday getting better from surgical treatment

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I went into intellectual mummy mode, while my husband, who’d accompanied me, sobbed. I felt in actuality let down by my body, love I didn’t deserve what was happening.

So on my milestone birthday, as a replace of dancing with my chums, I was getting better from a mastectomy and facing 15 rounds of chemotherapy, 16 rounds of radiotherapy and 17 rounds of hormone therapy.

I informed my teenagers that, love they earn verrucas on their feet, I had something an identical in my boob. My eldest, Archie, informed me he knew cancer kills other folk. That was a bright dialog to bag. I could not bring myself to talk about whether I was going to die. When they asked me, rightly or wrongly, I’d recount no.


We chanced on April distraught as a consequence of, she informed us, “Dad was studying a e book about dying.” She’d considered Impress carrying a Total Files To DIY manual and got perplexed!

Cancer turned phase of our day after day language at home. Belle even took my prosthetic boob into faculty for recount and repeat, which I didn’t realise except I unpacked her catch!

After Impress got over the initial shock, he took all the things in his run and nursed me by technique of chemo. We’re a staunch team.

On my toughest days, it was elevating consciousness that kept me going. I launched a marketing campaign called Trade And Take a look at on ITV recount Lorraine. As a consequence, 48 women folk contacted me announcing it had helped them purchase cancer early. Nevertheless I’ve lost chums, too. I’m passionate about the next generation rising up body aware. My daughters already know easy systems to ascertain their boobs.

Helen and her family

Helen and her household bag plan by technique of smiling – but the myth could need been diversified

I’m so, so grateful that I chanced on mine early and could’t cease telling every person on my Instagram @thetittygritty to ascertain themselves (I’m trot I attain their head in!).

I launched www.the-c-checklist.com not too lengthy ago to assist strengthen other folk going by technique of cancer therapy. There’s beauty gift sets and products on there which had been suggested by fellow cancer patients and given the thumbs up by clinical examiners. Chemo plays havoc with pores and skin, hair and nails so it’s crucial to consume the valid products which don’t irritate the newly mute pores and skin. Plus the space is a strengthen community with pointers, systems and advice to assist other folk by technique of one of the toughest journeys. We donate a goodie beauty catch to a cancer affected person every month which is the most productive bit!

When I was informed I had the all trot I felt grateful, but I’m repeatedly taking a glimpse over my shoulder. I’m proud that even supposing my body was basically poisoned to loss of life by all the therapy, I’m level-headed right here to repeat the memoir.

That you just can put together Helen on Instagram right here.

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‘I was exactly the same age as Sarah Harding when I got my breast cancer evaluation’