Home Breaking News Ice cream cake – For the die-no longer easy ice cream lovers

Ice cream cake – For the die-no longer easy ice cream lovers

Ice cream cake – For the die-no longer easy ice cream lovers

There are some of us who repeatedly bear assign for ice cream strategy rain or shine. That’s the reason we bear included this ice cream cake – for all the die-no longer easy lovers of ice cream.

This appetizing ice cream cake is rapid and straight forward to role up. Valid be obvious you are going to bear one litre of lawful quality vanilla ice cream, crunchy malt chocolate balls, chocolate, peanut brittle and chopped cherries. Every of these have to be chopped in a food processor individually and blended with a third of the ice cream.

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Then role every layer in a plastic container on top of every other, decorate with chocolate shaves and cherries and role it aid in the freezer.

If you ought to create a skinny crust for the ice cream cake, you might perchance well maybe also crumple 1 packet of digestive biscuits and combine it with 100 g melted butter and layer it first in the plastic container previous to you add the ice cream layers. If you flip the ice cream cake the unsuitable design up out of the plastic container, you are going to have to flip it again so that crust is at the backside.

Garnish with frozen berries while you happen to will bear some readily available.

Ice cream cake recipe

Ice cream cake recipe

Recipe by Irene Muller
Course: DessertCuisine: WorldSpace: Straightforward


  • 1 litre of vanilla ice cream tranquil frozen (lawful quality right ice cream)

  • 1 packet Mars Maltesers (crunchy, malty chocolate balls)

  • 100 g chocolate

  • 200 g peanut brittle

  • 1 cup chopped cherries

  • frozen berries (elective)


  • Cleave the Mars Maltesers, chocolate and peanut brittle individually in a food processor.
  • Divide the ice cream into three. Space in three a quantity of bowls to soften rather of.
  • Line a plastic bowl with dangle wrap, and let it hang over the edge rather of.
  • Combine every third of the ice cream with one among the components: Mars Maltesers, chocolate and cherries, and

    peanut brittle.
  • Space the three a quantity of layers in the plastic dish. Enhance with cherries and shavers of chocolate. Quilt and role aid in the freezer.
  • Employ away the ice cream from the freezer previous to serving; lift it out of the plastic bowl by turning it the unsuitable design up on a serving dish. Garnish with frozen berries (elective).
  • Prick into slices and aid with whipped cream.

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Ice cream cake – For the die-no longer easy ice cream lovers