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If the Buccaneers could steal one player from the Chiefs, who would it be?

If the Buccaneers could steal one player from the Chiefs, who would it be?

For a 2nd, let’s take into accounts that the teams in the Substantial Bowl every to find to rep one player off the opposing squads with the arrangement to add to their teams for the sport. One player to shore up a weak point — or to make a energy even stronger. (For the sake of allowing us to stretch our brains, every quarterbacks are off limits here.)

If I became running the Buccaneers, celeb tight pause Travis Kelce would be making his design into the starting lineup. Positive, the Buccaneers could pair Tyrann Mathieu with Antoine Winfield Jr. to present them an elite, versatile pair of safeties or they could add Chris Jones to their rugged defensive position, but placing Kelce in that offense would make existence unbelievably uncomplicated for Tom Brady in his quest for his seventh ring.

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Kelce is arguably the most productive receiving tight lead to the history of the NFL, with 5 straight 1000 yard seasons. Kelce is unique off the most productive season of his profession, catching 105 passes for 1416 yards and 11 touchdowns. He is as whole as they advance when it comes to pure receiving ability. The Buccaneers noticed how damn good he is up shut when he caught all eight of his targets for 82 yards against them in their Week 12 matchup.

Need a finest pause to fight delicate spots in the zone and bear up yards after the steal? Kelce can create that with ease.

Kelce may per chance maybe additionally to find initiate with ease against man protection, particularly when linebackers are attempting to to find ahold of him.

And he can bear up yards after the steal on screens and ruin tackles esteem a running abet.

The Bucs were ready to to find true production out of In discovering Gronkowski, who caught 45 passes for 623 yards and 7 touchdowns in his return to the NFL, but he’s not the player that Kelce is suitable now. Pairing Kelce with slot receiver esteem Chris Godwin would make the heart of the topic impossible to guard for defenses.

How create you narrative for formations where Godwin is in the slot and Kelce is attached to the offensive line with Mike Evans split out huge? Carry out you walk dime to to find more defensive backs on the topic, leaving yourself to to find railroaded by the Bucs offensive line? It’s an impossible equation to strive to resolve out.

In line with Sports activities Recordsdata Alternatives, Kelce finished first by a mile in expected choices added(59.4) amongst all tight ends for the 2020 season with not decrease than 25 targets. That’s nearly 10 choices better than Raiders tight pause Darren Waller  who finished in 2nd space (49.5). For what it’s rate, Gronkowski finished 15th with 14.4 expected choices added.

If Kelce were to face off against his Chiefs teammates on this magical situation, he would seemingly shred them. As true as the Chiefs protection has been this season, they struggled a bit against tight ends for the length of the 365 days. The Chiefs finished the season ranked 18th in expected choices added against tight pause targets (19.7).

That number would be damage a bit by their struggles against Waller this season, who caught 12 passes for 136 yards and two touchdowns in two video games against the Chiefs, but Kelce is a more in-depth player than Waller is. This matchup wouldn’t be all that tough for Kelce.

Kelce and this model of Gronkowski would also create an unbeatable 12 personnel bundle, which Brady thrived out of this 365 days. With one running abet and two tight ends on the topic, Brady threw 12 touchdowns, three interceptions, and averaged 8.7 yards per strive.

Prolonged epic rapid, including Kelce to the Buccaneers would create a passing offense that in total runs itself whereas having fun with to Brady’s strengths as a passer.

As for the Chiefs? If they had the ability to pilfer a player from Tampa Bay’s roster, it’d be laborious for them to ignore a disruptive defensive lineman.

If the Buccaneers could steal one player from the Chiefs, who would it be?