Home Breaking News ‘I’m a break’: Miley Cyrus breaks down in ‘Wrecking Ball’ performance

‘I’m a break’: Miley Cyrus breaks down in ‘Wrecking Ball’ performance

‘I’m a break’: Miley Cyrus breaks down in ‘Wrecking Ball’ performance

The Dead night time Sky hitmaker — who split from ex-husband Liam Hemsworth in August 2019 after honest correct eight months of marriage — had to pause ahead of continuing the 2013 hit during the gig on Sunday afternoon 7 February ahead of the Pepsi Broad Bowl LV Halftime Display.

Miley Cyrus: ‘My heart gets broken a lot’

Miley’s exclaim cracked as she sang the line: “Don’t you ever think, I honest correct walked away, I will always want you.”

She attempted to acquire up the refrain with, “I came in…”, ahead of telling the audience why she was struggling to create the track.

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The tune was penned about the finish of a relationship and Miley admitted to the crowd at the pre-game reveal in Tampa, Florida, that she wears her “heart on [her] sleeve” and it “gets broken a lot”.

Wiping away her tears, she said: “Singing that tune, Wrecking Ball, about feeling totally broken and shattered…all americans’s suffering is various, even all americans’s threshold of pain.

“I wear a lot of glitter and I wear a lot of armour, and I also wear my heart on my sleeve, and it gets broken a lot.”

Rocking with Billy Idol and Joan Jett

In various places, the 28-year-faded megastar honoured her godmother Dolly Parton with a conceal of Jolene and was joined on stage by Billy Idol and Joan Jett during her performance for frontline healthcare staff at the Raymond James Stadium.

Billy joined Miley on a rendition of their punk rock duet Night Crawling from her recent LP Plastic Hearts and his delight in hit White Wedding.

Joan and Miley carried out their track Bad Karma from the 2020 album, whereas the dilapidated sang her songs Bad Reputation and I Hate Myself For Loving You.

Miley — who rocked a cheerleading outfit with “FTW” emblazoned across her high — wrapped her slot with a rendition of The Climb.

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‘I’m a break’: Miley Cyrus breaks down in ‘Wrecking Ball’ performance