Home Enterprise Tech Imagine a better future for social media at TechCrunch Sessions: Justice

Imagine a better future for social media at TechCrunch Sessions: Justice

Imagine a better future for social media at TechCrunch Sessions: Justice

Toxic culture, deadly conspiracies and organized hate have exploded online in present years. We’ll talk about how powerful responsibility social networks have in the rise of these phenomena and the dependable way to accomplish healthy online communities that make society better, no longer worse at TechCrunch Sessions: Justice on March 3.

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Be part of us for a broad-ranging discussion with Rashad Robinson, Jesse Lehrich and Naj Austin that explores what wants to change to make social networks extra fair, healthy environments rather than dangerous echo chambers that amplify society’s ills.

Naj Austin is the founder and CEO of Somewhere Correct and Ethel’s Club. She has spent her career building digital and physical products that make the sector a extra intersectional and equitable space. She was named one among Inc. magazine’s 100 Female Founders transforming America, a HuffPost Culture Shifter of 2020 and Time Out Unusual York’s 2020 listing of ladies making NYC better.

Jesse Lehrich is a co-founder of Accountable Tech. He has a decade of ride in political communications and situation advocacy, including serving as the foreign policy spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, the place he was part of the team managing the response to Russia’s information warfare operation.

Rashad Robinson is the president of Color Of Change, a leading racial justice organization driven by extra than 7.2 million members who are building vitality for Black communities. Color Of Change makes expend of innovative strategies to bring about systemic change in the industries that affect Black of us’s lives: Silicon Valley, Wall Avenue, Hollywood, Washington, corporate board rooms, local prosecutor offices, state capitol constructions and metropolis halls around the country.

Below Rashad’s leadership, Color Of Change designs and implements a success strategies for racial justice, among them: forcing corporations to halt supporting Trump initiatives and white nationalists; framing rep neutrality as a civil rights situation; holding local prosecutors accountable to complete mass incarceration, police violence and financial exploitation across the justice system; forcing over 100 corporations to abandon ALEC, the secretive legal-sail policy shop; changing representations of race and racism in Hollywood; transferring Airbnb, Google and Facebook to put in force anti-racist initiatives; and forcing Bill O’Reilly off the air.

Make particular that to be a part of us for this conversation and powerful extra at TechCrunch Sessions: Justice on March 3.

Imagine a better future for social media at TechCrunch Sessions: Justice