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In a Russian court docket, Alexei Navalny loses again but still has the last word

In a Russian court docket, Alexei Navalny loses again but still has the last word

From the glass-enclosed cage faded for defendants, he has talked about a salted cucumber recipe and mused about his lonely path — jailed for standing against the regime.

He has called the exclaim in his libel case “Obersturmbannführer” — a Nazi paramilitary rank — and described Putin as an frail man quivering in his bunker, afraid of his have of us.

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An Instagram post attributed to him Wednesday mused about spaceships and the dangers of living in confinement.

No longer anticipating justice from a judiciary with an acquittal rate of much less than half a p.c, Navalny faded his time in the dock in two fresh court docket trials to ram residence his message that Russia’s criminal justice system is a sham faded to silence Putin’s critics.

He called the cases “performances” trumped up by the authorities to instill fear in the population or to smear him, but he has seized the stage they afford for his have functions.

In separate court docket cases Saturday, he was convicted of libel and lost an appeal against jail time. A third case, appealing embezzlement allegations and up to 10 years in detention heart, is pending.

At the appeal hearing Saturday, Navalny mused on the meaning of lifestyles and the importance of spiritual belief, telling the reality and doing what was legal, no matter how hard the penalties.

He said the authorities have been utilizing the trials against him “showing me they can attain as they want, like jugglers.

“Ordinary these that gawk at this exclaim, ‘What if I race into the judicial system? Achieve I stand a chance?’ ”

The goal of vitality, he said, was to make of us like him really feel isolated, alone and scared.

Navalny said if he was no longer prepared to take dangers, he would lawful be a bunch of molecules floating thru space.

He was no longer taking part in detention heart but said “I attain no longer really feel any remorse. On the contrary, I really feel satisfaction. In a sophisticated moment, I have no longer betrayed the commandments.”

The court docket rejected his appeal against the jail term but shortened it a little to 2 years and six months to take into account the time he has spent beneath apartment arrest.

The Kremlin has rejected a judgment by the European Court docket of Human Rights calling for Navalny’s immediate release.

Navalny said the libel case, in which he’s accused of defaming a World War II veteran, is designed as a smear. On Monday, a state media presenter, Vladimir Solovyov, compared Navalny unfavorably to Hitler, who he said had fought bravely as a soldier — “unlike this codpiece Führer,” a reference to a state safety agent’s comment that the opposition leader’s underwear was poisoned in an August attack.

The libel allegation stemmed from Navalny’s tweet criticizing a neighborhood of of us — together with actors, other celebrities, sports activities figures and one war veteran, 94-year-frail Ignat Artemenko — who appeared in a RT network propaganda video urging Russians to enhance constitutional changes that may maintain Putin in vitality unless 2036. Navalny called the participants traitors and lackeys.

Shield Vera Akimova fined him 850,000 rubles, or about $11,500. His lawyers argued that his tweet was no longer libelous because the activist was voicing an idea, no longer an assertion capable of being proved factual or otherwise.

When the exclaim repeatedly struck out the questions Navalny raised in the route of the trial, he addressed her from his glass prisoner’s cage as Obersturmbannführer and likened the hearing to a Nazi interrogation, adding that she would gawk legal with a German machine gun.

In his final words earlier than the libel verdict Saturday, Navalny said Putin’s United Russia party — which faces checking out parliamentary elections in September — “has grew to change into into an tall pig which guzzles from a trough of oil and dollars.” He said the regime was utilizing the libel case to faux it cared about veterans.

Authorities have restricted Navalny’s ability to spend the hearing as a platform, with Akimova barring video of the court docket cases. Nevertheless, state media aired his rant against the exclaim at dimension, whereas also reporting that his remarks may residence off but more charges — of insulting the court docket.

“Navalny’s hysterics proceed, and in the meantime his team, guided by sponsors from the United States, Canada and Europe, are preparing a military coup in the country,” state TV presenter Yevgeny Popov said.

By Tuesday, the third day of the hearing, Navalny said the case was so ridiculous he may lawful as wisely talk about cucumbers as the law.

“Every moment of this case is clear legal nonsense,” he said, veering off to advise how he had to reveal salt repeatedly to his cell, simplest to finally acquire three kilograms all at once.

“Now I have a lot of cucumbers and three kilos of salt. Since it makes no sense to talk about any legal factors here, maybe, prosecutor and your honor, you already know some legal recipes for salted cucumbers,” he said.

By Saturday he said of us had sent him some fun recipes by post and he managed to salt his cucumbers in a plastic bag. He even made a strange variety of ice cream, melting butter in a kettle, then whipping it up with bitter cream and striking it in his fridge.

“I’m going to fail to note dinner,” Navalny said when the exclaim was tardy to read the verdict. “It doesn’t matter, I’ll eat my pickles.”

According to the impartial investigative media net site Proyekt, the libel case grew out of a vast Kremlin-directed campaign appealing state safety service agents, state media propagandists, regional governors and ambitious freelancers all working to discredit Navalny. In August, Proyekt published a WhatsApp message that it said was from the presidential administration to all regional coverage teams in June initiating an operation against Navalny — based on his tweet — in the lead-up to the Jun. 25 to July 1 vote on the constitutional changes.

“Colleagues, we must always urgently organize an information campaign (responses, quotes, rebukes) defending the WWII veteran insulted by A. Navalny. The campaign is to race *unless 1 July*,” the message said. It asked participants to initiate news articles citing other veterans, patriots “or merely any excessive-profile or wisely-identified individuals” and to submit the articles and hyperlinks to it.

At the appeal hearing Saturday, Navalny said he dreamed of a future when Russia was no longer simplest free but also happy.

“Regardless of the fact that our country is built on injustice and we constantly face it and witness its worst earn, armed injustice, millions of of us want the reality and sooner or later they will acquire it,” he said.

Navalny is finding other ways to communicate. A post on his Instagram account Wednesday, made on his behalf, said that being in jail was no longer so hard but felt rather like a space voyage “to a beautiful glossy world.”

“May perhaps I, a fan of books and movies about space, refuse such a flight, even though it lasts three years? Obviously no,” he wrote.

“There’s lawful one astronomical dissimilarity from space movies. I have no weapons at all. What if the ship is attacked by xenomorphs? I doubt I may combat them off with a kettle.”

Space travel is “dangerous,” Navalny added. The voyage may take years longer than expected, or it may take him nowhere.

In a Russian court docket, Alexei Navalny loses again but still has the last word