Home Breaking News In antisemitic rant, podcaster calls guest Jewish American Princess

In antisemitic rant, podcaster calls guest Jewish American Princess

In antisemitic rant, podcaster calls guest Jewish American Princess

 For years, my wife knowledgeable me her outlook on type was impressed by Man Repeller, the edgy e-newsletter founded by Leandra Medine Cohen, a Jewish prep college graduate who impressed her followers to costume for themselves, now not for the boys around them.

Final one year, we each watched as Medine Cohen stepped down from Man Repeller, then closed it, after facing backlash for firing one of her few Unlit employees a couple of months sooner than final summer’s racial justice protests. 

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So on Thursday evening, after I discovered that she had recorded an interview that was widely panned as a self-inspiring catastrophe, I was strange ample to listen to. But after I tuned into the episode of the podcast, called “The Reducing Room Floor,” and hosted by designer Recho Omondi, I was shocked by what I heard — now not thanks to what Medine Cohen said, however because her interview was bookended by antisemitism.

“This country was founded by racist white men — and for the unbiased of this episode it’s significant to demonstrate that a form of these white men, slaveowners, etc., indulge in been also Jewish and also saw Blacks as decrease than human,” she said. No doubt, Jews, to now not bellow Jewish slaveowners, didn’t create up any significant percentage of the United States’ founders — and Omondi’s pronounce echoed a stereotype promoted by some of basically the most notorious American antisemites.

Then the interview with Medine Cohen starts, and it doesn’t plod well. Medine Cohen grew up on the well off Higher East Aspect of Unusual york and attended the Ramaz Faculty, an elite Jewish prep college. Her parents also owned a 2nd home within the Hamptons. But she says at one level that till final one year she idea she grew up miserable and on the verge of homelessness. She also talks about how she closed Man Repeller, leaving the station’s employees without work staunch during the pandemic.

The headline in The Lower — “Higher East Sider Realizes She’s Privileged” — summed up many other folks’s reactions. 

But on the end of the episode, whereas Medine Cohen was talking about antisemitism, the interview cuts away, and Omondi starts talking about Medine Cohen when it appears fancy she’s no longer within the room.

“I couldn’t belly any other white assimilated Jewish American Princess who is wildly privileged however thinks she’s oppressed,” Omondi said. “On the end of the day you guys are going to get your nose jobs and your keratin therapies and substitute your final title from Ralph Lifshitz to Ralph Lauren and you is also honest.”

Omondi’s podcast has an predominant target audience — at one level it was the end arts podcast on Spotify, in accordance with Chartable, which tracks podcast rankings. And whereas most of the public feedback about the episode praised it, I wasn’t the handiest one to bristle at Omondi the exhaust of a a long time-same outdated anti-Jewish slur (the “JAP”) and invoking antisemitic stereotypes about Jews, materialism and assimilation. 

The comment stream on the article in The Lower included reactions fancy, “[W]as it mandatory to bellow such stereotypical and blatantly antisemitic issues to illustrate that? Enormous yikes right through.”

I first reached out to Omondi on Friday, soon after I performed the episode, and Medine Cohen on Monday. Neither has spoke back. But Omondi perceived to peek the backlash. A pair of day after the podcast was uploaded, she posted on Instagram, “I must peek that I realize Leandra does now not say ALL Jewish other folks or the big culture whatsoever.”

“If I gaze any mean challenging detest for the sake of detest in direction of Jewish other folks on this sage, you didn’t hear to the episode or are lacking the level fully,” she wrote. “And likewise it’s seemingly you’ll per chance per chance be BLOCKED. BLOCKED. BLOCKED.” 

Assorted Instagram posts from Omondi screenshot tweets from Jewish females praising the episode, including one which praised her “tenacious + glorious probe of the intersection of Jewish whiteness and Unlit belonging” and demanded “our accountability and engagement as Jewish females.”

But criticism persisted to brew. By Monday afternoon, the comment piece on Omondi’s Instagram put up about the episode had been closed. Then the Jewish creator Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt tweeted that the episode “shamelessly equates Jewishness with wealth, vitality & privilege.” 

By Monday evening, the fallacious and offensive references to Jews on the open and end of the podcast — each the feedback about “slaveowners” and about a “Jewish American Princess” had been edited out. 

Omondi does now not seem to indulge in acknowledged the bogus to the podcast on social media. Medine Cohen doesn’t seem to indulge in addressed it either. 

But already, Omondi might per chance per chance indulge in strayed from the unbiased she outlined on a put up final week about the episode.

“I must be obvious that it’s now not my map to chase up any detest or trolling from this episode,” she wrote. “I welcome significant & optimistic thoughts despite the proven truth that.”

In antisemitic rant, podcaster calls guest Jewish American Princess