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Inclined top UK civil servant criticises ‘immoral policy’ of Afghan exit

Inclined top UK civil servant criticises ‘immoral policy’ of Afghan exit

Britain and its allies don’t possess any coherent belief to contend with the expansive refugee crisis expected to prepare the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, a each day cabinet secretary has warned.

Ticket Sedwill, a each day ambassador to Afghanistan and senior adviser to two British high ministers, said the emergency airlift out of Kabul had most interesting helped “slightly puny numbers” and bigger pressures possess been seemingly to emerge as folk fled overland.

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Speaking at a Protection Commerce thinktank occasion, Sedwill said that whereas the US decision to exit Afghanistan after 20 years may per chance presumably per chance no longer be modified, it had a assortment of necessary consequences that required circulate from Britain and the west.

“First, there’ll want to be a important humanitarian effort in and spherical Afghanistan. We can be very lucky certainly if there’s no longer a terribly important refugee crisis,” the in vogue-or-garden mandarin said, adding that the Taliban would want to flee an “inclusive and wholly assorted executive” from once they previously ruled, sooner than the 2001 invasion.

He said of the departure of foreign forces from Afghanistan: “This is, in my observe, a immoral policy, badly utilized. It’s miles an act of strategic self-damage.

“The Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan will positively gasoline extremism and terrorism worldwide, whether or no longer it is directed from there.”

Mark Sedwill
Ticket Sedwill described the west’s withdrawal of its militia from Afghanistan as an ‘act of strategic self-damage’. Photo: Roger Askew/The Oxford Union/Rex/Shutterstock

The fulfillment of the emergency airlift, wherein 114,000 folk possess been evacuated from Kabul in precisely over two weeks “can’t and shouldn’t cloak that overall, we develop no longer yet possess a coherent policy and belief in procedure to contend with refugee flows out of Afghanistan”, Sedwill added.

The UN refugee agency UNHCR has warned there may per chance presumably per chance also now be a further 500,000 Afghans crossing the border into neighbouring countries, on top of the 2.2 million who fled to countries equivalent to Pakistan sooner than the pause of final 365 days.

Thousands of folk recognised as having a agency or seemingly deliver for resettlement in the UK possess been left in the support of in Afghanistan when the airlift ended – leaving Britain to name straight on the Taliban to enable others safe passage out of the country. Many a bunch of western countries are in a the same procedure.

The foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, said on Thursday that evacuations shall be ready to renew from Kabul airport “in the attain future”, as he started a tour of the procedure largely to solicit support in the evacuation of extra folk from the country.

Gradual on Thursday night, the Foreign Office said it would accomplish £10m of support straight away readily available to the UNHCR to support present shelters, sanitation facilities and emergency provides to frame refugee camps – and a further £20m to frame countries that trip a important elevate in refugees, which may per chance per chance presumably per chance also encompass Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

On a take a look at with to paratroopers in Colchester on Thursday, Boris Johnson praised the British troopers for their role in the UK airlift of greater than 15,000 folk from Afghanistan. The high minister said: “Whenever you observe on the numbers that we’ve helped to attain support out … we’ve procedure exceeded the numbers we belief possess been eligible.”

Nevertheless Johnson acknowledged he failed to possess a clearer idea of the number of folk yet to be evacuated. He said: “The answer is there are some – and we esteem them very noteworthy, we’re obsessed on them, we’re doing all the pieces we can to support.”

Closing week the defence secretary, Ben Wallace, instructed that Afghans hoping to be evacuated to the UK shall be greater off heading to 1 of the country’s land borders, where Britain would procure claims fabricated from neighbouring countries.

Nevertheless there’s additionally rising topic that Afghans who inappropriate the border to a third country who belief they would presumably per chance also attain to the UK may per chance presumably per chance no longer be ready to – and in a subsequent briefing for MPs on Monday, Wallace said those fascinated about fleeing must “suppose their judgment” as as to whether to inappropriate the border.

The resettlement entitlement for Afghan translators and others who worked straight for the British executive is mounted – but the wider asylum principles for folk that scramble away Afghanistan for a neighbouring country are yet to be obvious.

Sarah Olney, a Lib Dem MP, said: “I no longer know whether I has to be advising folk to scramble across the Afghan border. What if folk inappropriate the border thinking they possess been entitled to attain support to the UK and possess been refused.”

Sedwill additionally warned that the goodwill of neighbouring countries may per chance presumably per chance also no longer necessarily be relied on, given the extensive numbers of Afghans who had already fled. “The neighbours with out a doubt can’t absorb extra,” he warned.

Speaking in Qatar on Thursday, Raab said he had “precise conversations” with the Qatari emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, relating to the “workability” of evacuations resuming from Kabul airport for UK nationals and Afghans who worked with Britain.

“I don’t mediate we’re yet ready to voice the leisure formal but that’s trying to find it irresistible may per chance presumably per chance also happen at some level in the attain future,” Raab instructed broadcasters.

Qatar, with the possible support of Turkey, is hoping to support reopen the airport rapidly, beginning with inner flights. “There will not be the kind of thing as a obvious indication when it’ll be entirely operational yet but we’re working very laborious and additionally enticing with the Taliban,” the emir added.

Sedwill become once the UK’s cabinet secretary and national security adviser from April 2018 to September 2020 and become once Nato’s most senior official in Afghanistan a decade in the past. Nevertheless he become once compelled out of his final job by Johnson, with a promise that the UK would attach him forward for the job of head of Nato in future.

There possess been already an estimated 2.2 million Afghan refugees in neighbouring countries, in step with UN figures, sooner than essentially the most modern crisis, which has resulted in tens of thousands to scramble to the borders because the Taliban seized administration. The UNHCR estimates that in a worst-case topic, as many as 500,000 extra refugees may per chance presumably per chance also soar the country to Pakistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in the coming months.

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