Home Canada Indigenous chiefs in N.B. say Fisheries Division officers ignoring fishing rights

Indigenous chiefs in N.B. say Fisheries Division officers ignoring fishing rights

Indigenous chiefs in N.B. say Fisheries Division officers ignoring fishing rights

Indigenous chiefs in Original Brunswick say the federal Fisheries Division is preventing individuals of the St. Mary’s First Nation from feeding their families, after officers last week seized a lobster fishing boat operating in the Bay of Fundy.

Canada is ignoring Indigenous rights to fish for meals, social and ceremonial applications and to a livelihood fishery, the six chiefs of the Wolastoqey Nation talked about Wednesday in a news liberate.

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“St. Mary’s First Nation individuals are being prevented from feeding their families by DFO (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) enforcement, and at the identical time DFO seems intent on escalating the plot,” the chiefs wrote. “Right here is creating unhealthy stipulations for every person on the water.”

The chiefs talked about federal officers seized a 20-foot-long lobster fishing boat in the Bay of Fundy operated by individuals of St. Mary’s First Nation in Fredericton.

“The chiefs of the Wolastoqey Nation in Original Brunswick are calling on representatives of DFO to desire instantaneous steps to make certain that that the fundamental wants of First Countries individuals will even be met in accordance with the Aboriginal rights of the Wolastoqiyik and the Peace and Friendship Treaties, which had been in region since sooner than the Confederation of Canada,” they wrote.

St. Mary’s Chief Allan Polchies says his individuals had been fishing for lobster in the Bay of Fundy since leisurely July and had been confused by fisheries officers.

“They have not launched the boat but,” Polchies talked about in an interview Wednesday. “Thanks to the (federal) election sincere now they are trying to utilize every tactic they’ll to retract time to maintain the Indigenous Wolastoqey folks from fishing.”

In an emailed lisp, Fisheries and Oceans Canada confirmed the seizure of the boat and talked about two folks were arrested for alleged violations under the Fisheries Act. The division talked about that share of the bay, identified as dwelling 36, is inaugurate for fishing from the second Tuesday in November to Jan. 14 and from March 31 to July 9.

“Any fishing taking region with out a licence or in contravention of a licence issued by the division is considered as unauthorized, and is topic to enforcement motion. As this matter is share of an ongoing investigation, no further comment shall be equipped,” spokesperson Heidi MacDonald talked about.

St. Mary’s First Nation, she added, turned into issued a 2021 Aboriginal Communal Fishing Licence by the division, which she talked about authorizes communal harvesting for meals, social and ceremonial applications, including for lobster in dwelling 36.

Nevertheless Polchies talked about or not it is not sufficient to feed his community.

“We are asking DFO to provide us more fishery tags to enable us to finish that and lift us some time till we place our management belief together,” he talked about. “Glowing now, for a population of two,000 individuals, I dangle 20 tags. I would possibly perhaps not feed my complete community on what DFO is giving us.”

Polchies wouldn’t say what his community’s next steps would possibly well well be, however he talked about he expected the plot to escalate.

This file by The Canadian Press turned into first published Sept. 2, 2021.

Indigenous chiefs in N.B. say Fisheries Division officers ignoring fishing rights