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Indigenous Kinfolk minister forcing legislation down Métis Settlements’ throats, accuses leader

Indigenous Kinfolk minister forcing legislation down Métis Settlements’ throats, accuses leader

By By Shari Narine, Native Journalism Initiative Reporter, Windspeaker.comWindspeaker.com

Fri., March 19, 20215 min. read

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Herb Lehr isn’t giving up on Alberta making adjustments to Invoice 57, the Métis Settlements Amendment Act, sooner than third and final reading, but he’s also now not reckoning on it.

In actual fact, Lehr, president of the Métis Settlements Fashionable Council (MSGC), says that Invoice 57 changing into legislation will allow the fashioned council to take care of stronger correct action.

“Till it’s proclaimed you’ll want to per chance perchance’t construct something else legally about it. An injunction does nothing. All of us know all that. It’s now not our first rodeo either. We now contain got to attend except the legislation is either handed or that the UCP (executive) involves some construct of realization that maybe they overstepped their stuff and, with sufficient public outcry, they’ll teach, ‘You’re good’,” stated Lehr.

On the coronary heart of the matter is the claim that Invoice 57 modified into as soon as drafted with out consultation with the membership of the eight Métis Settlements that comprise the MSGC.

“In suppose to construct consultation you’ll want to per chance perchance want to contain an staunch document in suppose to consult,” stated Lehr, who contends they didn’t stumble on Invoice 57 except 45 minutes after Indigenous Kinfolk Minister Rick Wilson tabled it for first reading on March 11. It got second reading March 15.

Twenty-one pages of correspondence shared with Windspeaker.com reveals emailed letters that went between Wilson and the MSGC from June 10, 2020 to March 8, 2021. As early as June 30, 2020, the MSGC modified into as soon as inquiring for drafts of the amendments to the Métis Settlements Act (MSA) that Wilson modified into as soon as proposing. On Nov. 25 additional correspondence came from Wilson listing additional amendments; no drafts were incorporated.

In its Dec. 2 response, the MSGC accused the Alberta executive of “unilaterally and upfront terminating the consultation task …. We purchase to be sure that our leadership is unified within the precept that our membership needs to be consulted with appreciate to all substantive amendments proposed to the MSA.”

A consultation conception developed in February 2020 had to be abandoned when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Lehr says with net connectivity elements and most residents now not having land traces, alternate varieties of consulting were hard.

On the opposite hand, it’s now not completely the shortage of consultation that has raised concerns, says Harold Blyan, vice chair of the Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement (BLMS).

Blyan calls out Wilson for proposing amendments to fabricate larger monetary balance for the settlements with out including tiny print as to how this could be completed. He also says Wilson’s call for the settlements to implement an mandatory services and products bylaw will stumble on some “very sad members” taxed beyond what they’re in a position to paying.

“They need us to construct what any other municipalities, town, metropolis does. The distinction though is that within the larger municipalities and cities, that you can contain substantial tax bases. A few people, a full bunch commerce, a full bunch infrastructure that you’ll want to per chance perchance tax. We don’t contain that right here,” stated Blyan.

Wilson modified into as soon as asked to attend an emergency MSGC meeting on March 17 in Edmonton, but as a replace scheduled convention calls with every settlement council. Lehr refers to Wilson’s pass as “divide and conquer.”

BLMS modified into as soon as one settlement that chose now not to focus on with Wilson.

“The legislation is drafted. It’s got second reading. What’s the purpose of talking now? He needs to focus on over with us sooner than the legislation is drafted so we are in a position to contain input into the draft. The completely thing he could perchance perchance per chance be doing now could perchance perchance per chance be coming to us and teach, ‘Hiya, right here’s what I’m doing’,” stated Blyan.

On the MSGC emergency meeting, seven of the eight Métis Settlements supported a motion rejecting the revisions outlined in Invoice 57. One settlement, which Lehr wouldn’t title, officially abstained attributable to a lack of quorum. On the opposite hand, he well-known the settlement “has a substantial ask into the province and are afraid to jeopardize it from retaliation.”

That same evening, Wilson hosted a phone town hall with Métis Settlement members. Lehr didn’t take care of half but he stated he modified into as soon as told Wilson’s responses were insufficient. Lehr puzzled why Wilson couldn’t contain engaged in a series of phone town halls as a means to focus on over with membership whereas drafting Invoice 57.

Lehr accuses the province of searching to sabotage on-going trilateral negotiations.

“The provincial executive is forcing something down our throats for this reason of they know that we don’t are searching to gain staunch into a fight with them for this reason of I don’t are searching to contain irreparable hurt to a negotiation that’s currently happening between them, the federal executive and ourselves under Share 35 rights as Métis,” stated Lehr.



The Daniels Supreme Court of Canada resolution, which came down in 2016, found that the Métis are the fiduciary accountability of the federal executive. On the opposite hand, Métis Settlements in Alberta tumble under provincial legislation.

“The provincial executive is refusing to let budge and is rarely recognizing the appreciate of the Crown by manner of the federal executive. I in actual fact want to contain every t crossed and every i dotted in suppose to litigate,” stated Lehr.

The MSGC signed a framework settlement with the federal executive in 2018 which, in piece, acknowledges that Alberta will seemingly be an “observer or social gathering” in negotiations.

Lehr says that at reward trilateral tables, MSGC has a submission to the federal executive for $500 million to fund shovel-ready infrastructure tasks, a quarter of the amount Lehr believes the Settlements are entitled to. Lehr says the cash is piece of the commitment made by the federal Liberals of their Throne Speech to proceed to “shut the infrastructure gap in Indigenous communities.” For the Métis Settlements, he says, that can per chance perchance per chance point out $2 billion to quilt infrastructure.

“The stuff we’ve been getting from the province has been Band Aids all along,” stated Lehr.

Blyan says Wilson’s lack of consultation “flies within the face” of Sect. 35 rights and what the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) call for.

Lehr goes a step additional in his criticism.

“I be conscious I dwell in a province that, I’m sorry to teach, tranquil helps systemic racism; that had no desire to work with reconciliation of Indigenous members; that’s battling in opposition to UNDRIP; that’s battling in opposition to taking and owning any of the issues they’ve done sinful in opposition to Indigenous members,” he stated.

In an email exclaim offered to Windspeaker.com, Wilson stated, in piece, “I am deeply committed to correct consultation…. MSGC executive, settlement chairs and councils had been conscious of our intent to modernize the Metis Settlements Act (MSA), and they were asked for his or her concepts all around the previous year.”

Wilson stated he and Indigenous Kinfolk officers met with the MSGC 19 instances within the previous year. He also stated that he equipped to contain calls with every Métis Settlement “to account for any items of the legislation they could perchance perchance contain questions about.”

Wilson stated he could perchance perchance per chance be “delighted to host” one other phone town hall within the arriving weeks.


Indigenous Kinfolk minister forcing legislation down Métis Settlements’ throats, accuses leader