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IntriEnergy Launches Crowdfunding Campaign Through StartEngine

IntriEnergy Launches Crowdfunding Campaign Through StartEngine

Naples, FL, October 20, 2021 –(PR.com)– IntriEnergy, Inc., a solar energy company led by industry veterans, launched its push for capital funding through the crowd-funding platform, StartEngine, on Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021. The Naples-based solar technology firm is seeking individual investors interested in renewable, clean energy for the future as the company brings the first of its three technologies to market.

The fundraising campaign can be found at https://startengine.com/intrienergy

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IntriEnergy’s patented photovoltaic (PV) cell innovations increase the power output of current solar panels by up to 60% without increasing panel size. Through the advancements made by IntriEnergy’s Chief Technology Officer Franco Gaspari and his team, IntriEnergy’s innovative PV cells are able to capture and convert more of the sun’s spectrum of light into useable energy. These cells have been designed and engineered to be integrated into existing solar manufacturing processes, making it ideal for both commercial and consumer solar applications.

IntriEnergy CTO Dr. Franco Gaspari: “The industry has yet to figure out a way to harness more of the sun’s potential. That’s where we come in. Our innovations unlock 60% more of the sun’s energy. IntriEnergy’s real advantage lies in our energy density, the key to establishing the lowest cost of producing energy. This is especially valuable in urban areas and on rooftops, where land and space are at a premium.

“IntriEnergy’s solution has the potential to significantly lower the global carbon footprint and dependency on CO2 emitting energy sources.”

IntriEnergy’s mission is to bring this cost-competitive, high-efficiency technology platform to the global market through licensing technology agreements and joint ventures partnerships. Demand for the IntriEnergy cell technology will be driven by manufacturers seeking a competitive advantage in the $150 billion solar industry. Companies that incorporate IntriEnergy’s cell technology will realize an increase in the energy output of their current modules from 400 watts to 640+ watts, without increasing panel size.

The adoption of IntriEnergy’s PV cell will enable the solar industry to accelerate Net-Zero Initiative’s goal for carbon reduction well ahead of projected schedules, enabling carbon-free energy to reverse the negative impacts of climate change and create more sustainable energy for future generations. Several industry leaders from around the globe have already expressed an interest in adopting this groundbreaking technology.

IntriEnergy CEO Jackie Coffey: “IntriEnergy is a renewable energy company whose patented innovations provide sixty percent more energy than today’s current solar cell technologies. We have created a cost-competitive, high-power solar cell that captures more of the sun’s energy potential.

“IntriEnergy is changing the solar equation.”

Individuals are invited to become a part of the rapidly growing $150 billion global solar energy industry by investing in IntriEnergy, Inc. using the StartEngine platform, for as little as a $200 in initial investment.

With its network of 500,000+ investors, StartEngine has raised over $400 million in capital for over 500 investment offerings. StartEngine enables everyday people to become angel investors by giving them access to startup investment opportunities. By partnering with StartEngine, IntriEnergy is able to allow individual investors to take part in the exponential growth that the solar energy industry is currently offering.

IntriEnergy, VP of Business Development, Jeff Whitney: “An investment in IntriEnergy isn’t just a sound financial commitment, but an investment in the future of the planet as we move away from damaging or harmful CO2 energy sources.”

For more information or to begin your investment in IntriEnergy and its solar energy technology, go to: https://www.intrienergy.com/. To become an investor in IntriEnergy using the StartEngine platform, go to: https://startengine.com/intrienergy. The latest company updates can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

For business or media inquiries, call (239) 303-6400 or email: info@IntriEnergy.com

About IntriEnergy, Inc:

IntriEnergy, a renewable energy company based in Naples, Florida, is poised to become a leader in the global pursuit of climate change through clean and efficient solar power. IntriEnergy has developed and patented a trio of innovative photovoltaic (PV) solar cell technologies, each providing a significant breakthrough in the solar industry. Combined, the IntriEnergy Technology Platform yields 60% more energy output when applied to any solar cell. This will result in the lowest cost source of energy generation, while providing a significant reduction in CO2 emissions compared to today’s commercially available solar cells and panels.

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IntriEnergy Launches Crowdfunding Campaign Through StartEngine