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IS claims killing of 3 female media workers in Afghanistan

IS claims killing of 3 female media workers in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Islamic Lisp neighborhood has claimed responsibility for the killing of three ladies working for a neighborhood radio and TV attach in eastern Afghanistan, the latest in a spike in targeted killings during the battle-tor nation. Dozens of of us gathered Wednesday for the funerals of the three media workers.

The ladies were gunned down on Tuesday in separate attacks, according to the information editor of the privately owned attach and officials in Nangarhar province.

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Afghan officials acknowledged police arrested the alleged killer of the three, identifying him as Qari Baser and insisting he used to be a Taliban — a claim promptly denied by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid.

Nangarhar police chief, Gen. Juma Gul Hemat, acknowledged Baser had faded a pistol with a silencer in the attacks. He used to be arrested at the moment after the attacks by police in Jalalabad, the provincial capital.

The IS claim, posted slack Tuesday, contradicted the Afghan executive’s accusations against the Taliban. The militants acknowledged the three female journalists were targeted because of this of they labored for one of the “media stations right to the apostate Afghan executive” in Jalalabad.

It used to be not the first attack against ladies working at the Enikass Radio and TV. In December, IS claimed the killing of one other female employee there, Malala Maiwand.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani condemned Tuesday’s attack, saying that assaults on “innocent compatriots, especially ladies, are opposite to the teachings of Islam, Afghan custom and the spirit of peace.”

On the funeral Wednesday of 23-year-extinct Mursal Wahidi, one of the three victims, her father acknowledged he had implored her to quit her job after Maiwand’s killing in December. But his daughter refused, fiercely loving her work.

“Journalism used to be her existence’s dream, she studied and used to be living her dream,” Wahidullah Khogyani told The Associated Press. He acknowledged he didn’t think that she had obtained any threats because of this of of her job — however if she did, “she used to be hiding it.”

Afghanistan is assumed to be one of essentially the most unpleasant countries in the enviornment for media workers. Tuesday’s killings dropped at 15 the quantity of media workers killed in Afghanistan in the closing six months.

The slaying’s of the ladies are fragment of a increased spike in targeted killings in Afghanistan in the previous year, coinciding with the signing of a peace deal between the US and the Taliban in February 2020. The Taliban gain denied involvement in most of the targeted killings. Both the Taliban and the manager blame the diversified for staging the attacks to discredit the peace deal or leverage increased concessions.

The Biden administration is reviewing the deal which requires the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops by Might well 1. Officials impart no decision has been made .

Shokrullah Pasoon of Enikass Radio and TV in Jalalabad — the attach the ladies labored for — acknowledged Mursal Wahidi used to be walking dwelling when armed men gunned her down, according to eyewitnesses. The diversified two, whom he identified most productive as Shahnaz and Sadia, were shot and killed in a separate incident, also walking dwelling from work. Two diversified of us, it sounds as if passersby, were wounded in the shooting attack.

The three ladies dubbed original and often emotion-laden dramas from Turkey and India into Afghanistan’s local languages of Dari and Pashtu, added Pasoon, the attach’s information editor.

At Sadia’s funeral, her uncle used to be among hundreds who had gathered to pay their respects. Abdul Ayaz blamed the manager for his niece’s dying, saying authorities had failed to create traditional security for the nation.

“Earlier than, these killing were happening in the villages, and now they are happening in cities in addition,” he acknowledged. “I think now we must leave the metropolis and return to our villages.”

According to its internet role, Enikass Radio and TV is a privately owned outlet that proclaims “information, plenty of political, social, Islamic, academic, satirical, and engaging programs and original dubbing of serials and movies for the of us of Afghanistan.”


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IS claims killing of 3 female media workers in Afghanistan