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Is Sean Proposing To Jade On Teen Mom 2?

Is Sean Proposing To Jade On Teen Mom 2?

Sean proposed to Jade quickly after Kloie was as soon as born on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. Now, quite lots of years later, will the young dad put a quiz to for her hand in holy matrimony as soon as extra on Teen Mom 2?

“I invent no longer belief her mother or grandma to withhold a secret, but are you able to withhold a secret? I obtained her a gift,” Sean advised Jade’s buddy Kelsey off-camera (but the audio was as soon as captured) all over tonight’s episode.

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“Oh my god!” Kelsey exclaimed when she noticed the current.

“It be f*cking a quantity of diamonds. This is three and a half carats,” Sean explained about the jewelry. “She’s going to cherish it, appropriate?” he posed, and Kelsey answered with a “yes.”

Jade, who is “starting up over” in a designate-new home, did admit to Kelsey in a separate conversation that her conversation with Sean was as soon as bettering and what was as soon as “meant to be will happen.” Nonetheless Sean was as soon as infected by being husband and partner one day.

“I’ve obtained my eyes blueprint and I’m headed in the suitable route,” he admitted in a diary cam. “I bet the light at the pause of the tunnel is never any doubt going to be marriage eventually and extra children. I’m going to pause what I gotta pause to be clear that occurs. Place tuned.”

Will Sean put a quiz to Jade to be his partner — and the plot? Fetch particular to “cease tuned” (cherish Sean advised) every Tuesday at 8/7c.

Is Sean Proposing To Jade On Teen Mom 2?