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Israel Elections: Politicians, public figures, cast their ballots

Israel Elections: Politicians, public figures, cast their ballots

Politicians, alongside side high ministerial candidates, MKs, and event leaders place a public instance as they went out to cast their ballots, starting in the early hours of Tuesday morning, the day of Israel’s fourth elections in two years.

Shas leader and Interior Minister Arye Deri became as soon as first seen to head out and vote almost at the moment after he prayed on the tomb of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Zachel, founding father of the Shas shuffle.

Early Newspaper

(Yaakov Cohen)(Yaakov Cohen)

Quickly after Deri, various appearances of politicians and folks of picture began to design one day of the morning. 

New Hope event leader Gideon Sa’ar became as soon as seen voting alongside with his spouse and young folks.


In an identical method, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein became as soon as seen smiling alongside with his spouse Irina.


Merav Michalei, became as soon as seen at Tel Aviv’s Rabin’s Sq., spoke to Israeli media retail outlets making an early morning assertion urging voters to head cast their vote.

“These are fundamental elections because we have giant vitality in our hands, all individuals has ample vitality in their hands,” Michael said. 

Explaining why she selected Rabin’s Sq. she said that, “In 1995, Rabin became as soon as assassinated and the Narrate of Israel has since moved away from the Zionist imaginative and prescient. I’m certain to return The Narrate of Israel and the Labor Celebration to Rabin’s Vision.” 


Yamina MK Ayelet Shaked moreover told voters to case their ballots, and after her appearance on the polling spot tweeted, “Scurry vote [Yamina], the fully vaccine in opposition to fifth elections.”


Head of Yisrael Beytenu Celebration, Avigdor Liberman, collectively alongside with his spouse, Ella Liberman, voted in a polling spot near their home in Nokdim.


Education Minister Yoav Brave became as soon as seen happily voting. 


Otzma Yehudit Celebration leader moreover regarded cheery.


Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen and his spouse Anat persisted the family voting trend and are seen collectively. (Courtesy). (Courtesy).

Yamina chairman and high ministerial candidate, Naftali Bennett, votes in Ra’anana accompanied by his spouse Gilat.

(Ariel Zanberg)(Ariel Zanberg)

Meretz head Nitzan Horowitz voted, and said, “Bibi is praying that Meretz received’t journey.”

(Raanan Cohen)(Raanan Cohen)

Yesh Atid head Yair Lapid went to vote and told his supporters, “We need your vote to develop Yesh Atid a huge highly effective pressure for change. For a huge change you wish a huge event!”

He added that the Yesh Atid event has the “likelihood to revive sanity to Israel” and make  “a govt that will fight corruption and reject spiritual coercion.”


President Reuven Rivlin cast his remaining vote as president this day. Afterwards, Rivlin expressed his dismay and the necessity that folk journey out and vote in this election, “I beg of you- journey out and vote! I’m voting for the remaining time as president, but above as a panicked citizen. A truly panicked citizen.”

He sentimentally reflected on his final vote as president, “So my dears, for the remaining time, from my coronary heart to yours, please journey and vote. For the sake of our young folks, our grandchildren, and us.”


Israel Elections: Politicians, public figures, cast their ballots