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‘It feels like house’: Canadian expats in Texas get a taste of winter weather

‘It feels like house’: Canadian expats in Texas get a taste of winter weather

As Texas remains in a frigid chill after an unparalleled snowfall, Canadian expats are among these that are embracing the winter weather.

The cool disaster has been a crisis for tens of millions of Americans and even deadly for some, while many individuals in the southern U.S. state don’t have the basic tools to clear the snow from their properties.

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Nonetheless even as tens of millions bear with out electrical energy and sizzling water, some Canadians are making essentially the most of the sub-zero weather.

“It feels like house, and somewhat actually I like it,” Lise Curry, a retired Canadian living in Dallas, told CTVNews.ca on Wednesday via cellular phone.

Curry moved to Dallas two years ago from Montreal together with her family. She says she has by no means seen anything remotely like this in Dallas, but she is doing what she can to embrace the weather.

After the primary wave of snow fell, she says that there was ample on her aspect road to take a examine at outrageous-nation skiing.

“By no means did I think I would exhaust my skis down here, but I went about eight miles. Relatively a few cars stopped and gave me some silly seems,” said Curry.

She says her family is fortunate ample to accrued have energy, although now not each person was as fortunate. Rolling blackouts have develop into prolonged energy outages for some cities in north Texas.

Kyla Manton lives in Fortress Rate, a metropolis in north-central Texas. She and her family have skilled frozen pipes in their bathroom and have been periodically with out energy for days.

She says that although she had days to prepare for the winter blast, but she by no means plan the weather would have turned out the way it did. The Burlington, Ont. native told CTVNews.ca she has by no means seen anything like it in her four years of living in Fortress Rate.

“I did now not think we were going to get a storm the way we did. To get snow and sleet and ice, it was actual kind of surreal,” she said Wednesday in a cellular phone interview.

She says regardless of living in Ontario for 20 years, she has by no means skilled frozen pipes and periodic blackouts – no matter how titanic the storm was. Her husband who commutes to work says his routine felt “fully normal” when driving to work in the snow.

“I can rely on one hand how many days we’ve had beneath freezing. It’s greatest usually in February and then by March, it’s sizzling again,” said Manton.

For others, what was speculated to be 10 minutes in the dark has develop into an prolonged length with out electrical energy.

Rhonda Kadatz-Evans lives in Lantana, a suburb northwest of Dallas. She and her family have also been experiencing rolling blackouts since Sunday evening, and her neighbours are also beneath a water boil advisory.

“We’re now not geared up for this weather. We don’t have winter tires and our roads are a mess. We’re now not dressed for the weather because we don’t have gloves – it’s actual ridiculous,” she said Wednesday in a cellular phone interview with CTVNews.ca.

Despite the sad weather, Evans is accrued checking in on her neighbours who aren’t as fortunate to have a warm house. She has offered showers, extra blankets and a warm cooked meal – a trait that she considers uniquely Canadian.

‘It feels like house’: Canadian expats in Texas get a taste of winter weather