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‘It has been an exciting day in my existence,’ former Mississauga, Ont. mayor Hazel McCallion celebrates 100th birthday

‘It has been an exciting day in my existence,’ former Mississauga, Ont. mayor Hazel McCallion celebrates 100th birthday

Former Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion is celebrating an wide milestone today, turning 100 years passe.

On Sunday morning, the centenarian was greeted by college students and fogeys from Philopateer Christian College who hosted a birthday drive-by at McCallion’s Mississauga space.

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The neighborhood dropped off playing cards, signs, a pink birthday cake and a titanic birthday banner in party of McCallion’s titanic day, while wearing masks and attempting to physical distance amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

McCallion stated the out of doors gathering was a distinct kind out on her Valentine’s Day birthday.

Hazel McCallion

“This means so important. In fact, I certainly did not inquire of anything like this. I opinion, 100th birthday, I was 99 final year. I opinion, oh another 100th [birthday celebration] so what? But it certainly’s been indubitably dazzling,” she informed CP24 Sunday afternoon exterior of her dwelling.

“It’s fair been such an exciting day in my existence. I certainly wouldn’t omit it.”

Group and college students from the college gain a fair exact time McCallion’s birthday yearly to honour and acknowledge the enduring politician.

“Hazel McCallion is one wide leader. A wide woman leader and the particular individual that knew find out how to stand up for all is simply and to handbook a wide city like Mississauga,” Phoebe Wasfi, principal of Philopateer Christian College, stated.

“Bringing the college students and getting them to see a Canadian hero who’s celebrating this kind of wide milestone, her 100th birthday, is incredibly important for us,” she added.

Yesterday, Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie, alongside with first responders, participated in a drive-by exterior of McCallion’s dwelling and dropped off a giant 100th birthday ice sculpture which currently sits on her entrance garden.

Celebratory pink flamingos and birthday signs can moreover be seen scattered exterior of her property.

Hazel McCallion

As turning 100 years passe is a significant milestone, McCallion stated she feels no thoroughly different than she did yesterday.

“I indubitably feel wide. I compose no longer indubitably feel that I am 100, it’s no thoroughly different than yesterday, indubitably. But it certainly’s been a actually exciting day alongside with your full many individuals and the college students that came to want me a ecstatic 100th birthday. It was fair amazing, the response that I’ve received,” she stated.

Hazel McCallion

Ontario Premier Doug Ford moreover stopped by to want McCallion a ecstatic birthday.

“I think [she’s the] icon of Canada, there’ll likely be no one like Hazel ever again. She’s going to final another 100 years,” Ford stated.

“I love her, she’s a mentor and she’s taught me so important and she’s continuously there for all americans,” he added.

McCallion, who has been nicknamed “Hurricane Hazel” for her outspoken political vogue, ended her 36-year reign as Mississauga’s mayor in 2014.

Despite the incontrovertible fact that it has been six years since she left politics, McCallion stated she is keeping busy by participating on loads of boards, including Revera, which owns and operates long-term care and retirement products and services across the country.

“Since I retired in 2014, I am on a assortment of boards and all our meetings are by Zoom. And I contribute to the organizations that want me to toughen them in town,” she stated.

“I’ve done slightly about a videos in my backyard this year for great causes in Mississauga. And so I am very ecstatic to be involved, and that they want me involved,” she added.

Hazel McCallion

Despite the arena enduring a pandemic for nearly a year, McCallion remains optimistic and certain about the long term.

“You merely gain to rob every day each and every day by day. I rep up in the morning and I rep up with a certain perspective, which I think is loads. We gain received to be certain today and resulting from the pandemic because it’s a long way so damaging. The entire news is damaging saying how many individuals gain been suffering from this plain virus,” she stated.

McCallion moreover urged individuals to obey public health suggestions because “ideal the individuals” can overcome and solve the virus.

“The resolution to the pandemic just isn’t any longer the politicians that are doing their very handiest, and no longer even the scientific examiners, which moreover are doing their very handiest. It’s as much as the individuals to management the virus to assemble certain that that they follow the tips,” she stated.

As McCallion reflected on her legacy, she stated she hopes she will likely be remembered for providing valuable belongings for the individuals of Mississauga.

“Effectively, [ I want to be] remembered for building a city. No longer by myself, [I had] wide workers, wide counselors, and I hope they contain in mind me for the many products and services that we gain equipped in town for folks. Because my motto after I ran as mayor of Streetsville and mayor of Mississauga, I continuously stated planning and pattern for [the] individuals.”

Mayor Bonnie Crombie hosted an online party for McCallion Sunday evening that included performances and birthday greetings from dignitaries, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Below are some birthday tweets to McCallion:

Wishing a actually Joyful 100th Birthday to my buddy Hazel McCallion.

Today, officially is named Hazel McCallion Day in Ontario, we gain a fair exact time her honourable 36 year long occupation as the Mayor of Mississauga. pic.twitter.com/kYTKe0fEyz

— John Tory (@JohnTory) February 14, 2021

Wishing my very fair buddy Hazel McCallion a actually ecstatic 100th birthday today! Hazel you potentially can moreover be a fair leader & a genuine force to reckon with. Thank you for your full toughen & guidance you’ve given me. All of Ontario is wishing you a Joyful 100th Birthday! pic.twitter.com/ZG7booocoz

— Doug Ford (@fordnation) February 14, 2021

Tonight, we’re lighting our Clock Tower crimson and pink in party of #HazelMcCallionDay, as we brand her 100th milestone birthday! Hazel is an inspiration to so many & has left her fingerprints in all locations #Mississauga. We want her many extra years of health and happiness. #Hazel100 pic.twitter.com/7i5wTPquNB

— Bonnie Crombie (@BonnieCrombie) February 14, 2021

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to “Hurricane Hazel” McCallion – 100 years young! Identified for being a no longer easy employee and an unstoppable force, she continues to be an inspiration to so many. Joyful we might perhaps perhaps well moreover chat today, Hazel. Here’s to many extra years of fair heath and happiness. pic.twitter.com/ojF2lbd1Yw

— Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) February 14, 2021

‘It has been an exciting day in my existence,’ former Mississauga, Ont. mayor Hazel McCallion celebrates 100th birthday