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‘It was either me or him,’ says Niagara police sergeant who shot fellow officer, as trial begins

‘It was either me or him,’ says Niagara police sergeant who shot fellow officer, as trial begins

Det.-Sgt. Shane Donovan testified Tuesday it was “either me or him” when he fired at least 10 shots at his fellow Niagara Regional Police officer, Const. Nathan Parker, in November 2018.

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Det.-Sgt. Shane Donovan took the stand Tuesday in the trial of Const. Nathan Parker, a fellow Niagara Regional Police officer he shot more than one times in November 2018. (Lauren Foster-MacLeod)

Det.-Sgt. Shane Donovan testified Tuesday it was “either me or him” when he fired at least 10 shots at his fellow Niagara Regional Police officer, Const. Nathan Parker, in November 2018.

Parker had attacked him with “haymaker” punches and pulled out his baton, then his firearm, Donovan informed the court docket, causing him to worry for his existence and pull the discipline off unless Parker went down.

“I knew if he got the firearm up on me, then he would assassinate me — and it was either me or him,” Donovan stated. “So I fired my gun unless he dropped his gun.”

The sergeant’s testimony took up reasonably a pair of the first day of the assume-most efficient trial at the Ontario Court docket of Justice in Hamilton.

But while Donovan is the actual person who fired the shots, Parker is the one on trial.

The 55-yr-aged is charged with assault with intent to face up to arrest, assaulting a police officer and assault with a weapon, which court docket heard covers a provider-discipline baton and sidearm. 

Parker attended the court in particular person Tuesday, wearing a blue swimsuit jacket and khaki pants, sitting with his eyes closed right thru considerable of the testimony. The easiest time he addressed the court docket was to plead no longer responsible to each payment.

The payments date support to an weird altercation on Nov. 29, 2018.

Donovan was accountable of the collision reconstruction unit and was phase of a crew examining the positioning of the crash at the rural intersection of Roland Avenue and Effingham Road in Pelham, Ont., about 20 kilometres west of Niagara Falls,.

A police officer was shot by one other officer. But he’s the one accused of assault

In a peculiar and extraordinary gunfight support in 2018, a police officer from Niagara Regional Police in Ontario shot a fellow officer 10 times. Ticket Kelley of The Fifth Estate has the story of the shooting and how officers with serious disciplinary records can cease on the job. 1: 38

The sergeant informed court docket he had by no means met Parker before that day, however had considered him in passing at the police assign.

What introduced them together that day was a seek information from from Donovan for uniformed police officers to assist barricade the winding road terminate to the crash scene, to carry up the investigators that had been examining it stable.

A miscommunication started between the two over who was preserving the barricade. Donovan stated Parker left his put up while Donovan was away refuelling and deciding on up meals. When Donovan returned round noon, he noticed a resident using thru on the road that was purported to be closed.

Court docket heard recordings of calls between Donovan and police dispatch over Parker’s whereabouts, as nicely as calls from Parker to dispatch, soliciting for someone rob his pickle.

Donovan testified that he had no longer communicated with Parker straight. 

Sergeant testifies Parker was ‘aggressive’

Parker arrived support at his put up round 12: 13 p.m., according to Donovan; he stated he approached Parker’s automobile on the passenger aspect and asked him no longer to leave the scene once more.

“In a in actuality loud, aggressive stammer, he informed me that he had to chase for a piss,” Donovan informed the court docket. “I right asked him in a polite draw if he might maybe cease or let me know if he has to leave once more.”

The sergeant stated Parker replied by swearing and telling him that if he had grew to become on his radio, he would personal known.

“I stated, ‘You create know you are talking to a sergeant,'” stated Donovan, in conjunction with he was hoping to smooth issues down.

Crown prosecutor Jeremy Tatum had earlier asked the sergeant about his measurement, with Donovan responding that he stands right under 5-7 and weighs roughly 188 pounds. Tatum then asked about Parker in comparability.

“You are going to be in a discipline to hunt he’s a in actuality mountainous man, mountainous chest,” stated Donovan. “He’s considerable bigger than I am.”

Const. Nathan Parker is going thru assault-related payments over the 2018 altercation. (Fb)

The sergeant informed the court docket that following their exchange, Parker got out of his cruiser and the two walked toward each completely different, meeting terminate to the entrance of the automobile. Donovan stated he expected he’d earn yelled at.

As a replacement, he testified, Parker gave him a two-handed push to the chest.

“It was extremely exhausting to me; pushed me support a selection of steps — and I was timid.”

Donovan stated he replied by telling Parker he was under arrest for assault.

“It right came out. It caught me off-guard; I didn’t set a question to it, in particular from one other police officer.”

The sergeant stated that Parker didn’t terminate; as a substitute he came toward him, throwing a “haymaker” punch.

Medical records element more than one bullet wounds

Donovan informed the court docket he backed away, set his palms up and tried to stroll away to rupture the disagreement, heading toward his personal cruiser. But as he reached for the door contend with, he stated he noticed Parker swinging once more.

Donovan stated he managed to partially block two punches and threw one in every of his personal. Then, he testified, Parker pulled out his baton.

“My working against kicked in,” stated Donovan.

The sergeant stated he believed he might maybe be killed if the baton hit him in the head, so he pulled his gun.

“My belief was that my existence was in threat. He’s already attacked me, hit me three or four times.”

Donovan informed the court docket that once he pulled his gun, Parker stated, “Oh you need to create this” and went for his personal sidearm.

The altercation and shooting took pickle in Pelham, Ont., on Nov. 29, 2018. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)

What adopted happened in a topic of seconds, the sergeant stated. Once Parker cleared the holster, Donovan stated he started firing at Parker, who was standing about 10 feet away; he stated he was no longer keen to wait on unless his fellow officer raised his firearm.

When Tatum asked how many times Donovan believes he fired, Donovan replied he believed he hit Parker nine times.

Medical records referenced in the agreed statement of information say Parker had a gunshot trouble thru his cheek and nose, his left shoulder and into his upper thigh; four gunshot wounds on his left calf; one on his left hip; a gunshot entry trouble on his decrease abdomen and one trouble terminate to the support of his correct foot.

Ten shell casings had been discovered at the scene, all from Donovan’s firearm. 

Donovan informed the court docket Tuesday that he had by no means dilapidated his firearm on a member of the public or one other police officer before that day.

Ontario’s Particular Investigations Unit in the initiating laid assault-related payments against Donovan, in conjunction with attempted crash, however the Crown later dropped them.

Donovan’s testimony is scheduled to proceed Wednesday, with the defence expected to commence unfavorable-examination.

‘It was either me or him,’ says Niagara police sergeant who shot fellow officer, as trial begins