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Jarrod’s parents fought for safer diving conditions for 9 years only for them to be quietly scrapped

Jarrod’s parents fought for safer diving conditions for 9 years only for them to be quietly scrapped

The parents of a diver killed while working for a Broome pearling firm deliver they’ve been left at tiresome evening about why lengthy-deliberate safety regulations for the industry own been quietly scrapped.

Key points:

  • Jarrod Hampton’s demise in 2012 precipitated Worksafe to save a draft safety code that would tighten regulations for staff and employers in the diving industry
  • However Worksafe told the ABC final month the draft had to be abandoned after failing to utilize industry toughen
  • Jarrod’s parents deliver they’ve been offered dinky or no information about why the code changed into so divisive

Tony and Robyn Hampton own campaigned for a legally enforceable pearling industry code of practice after their son Jarrod died while working for Paspaley Pearling Company in 2012.

Early Newspaper

Jarrod changed into only 22 and changed into on his 2d day at work as a drift diver when he became incapacitated by an air embolism and drowned.

The coroner’s describe made a raft of suggestions about diver’s safety in the wake of the incident, and Worksafe committed to growing a draft code of practice for the occupational diving industry.

The code had been in trend for nearly eight years when a draft changed into launched for exclaim in Would possibly presumably presumably final yr, with industry given over seven months to provide submissions.

A store front of Paspaley Pearls in Darwin

The coroner learned while Paspaley had largely complied with the code of behavior, it failed to properly put together and practice its staff.(

Cathy Harper: ABC


However final month, the Division of Mines, Enterprise Guidelines and Security printed the code had been binned.

“The consultation feedback indicated that the code changed into now not effectively acquired and there changed into usually an awesome lack of toughen for it.”

Overambitious code fails to strike upright show

Seventeen submissions own been acquired from a mammoth series of sectors together with those in the pearling, abalone, fishing, diving and safety industries, besides to offshore and onshore petroleum sectors.

The primary reason for the industry’s reluctance regarded to be a want for the Australian and Contemporary Zealand national customary, nonetheless the department acknowledged it changed into unable to converse which industries raised deliver considerations about how the code changed into taking a look.

A man and a woman sit shoulder to shoulder in a TV interview.

Robyn Hampton and Tony Hampton first spoke to Four Corners in 2015.(

Four Corners


It changed into a mammoth stroke technique to a quandary of safety regulations that the Hamptons knew all along can own to only own attempted to tackle the cowboys of the pearling industry.

“In the beginning I changed into below the determining that it changed into to examine the pearl divers, their regulations and the Pearl Producers Affiliation booklet of protocol, which for the duration of Jarrod’s time as a diver changed into now not adopted in any recognize,” Ms Hampton acknowledged.

Mr Hampton echoed his wife and acknowledged from the outset, it changed into clear there would be complications trying to bring together such vastly diversified industries below the equal protocol.

“From a shrimp family alternate thru to industrial divers, it changed into fair too mammoth a earn and I believe that is where it changed into perchance wrong in the key quandary,” he acknowledged.

A diver is at the end of a tether, at the bottom of the ocean. They're holding a rope above their heads

Tear together with the drift diving is belief to be a poor occupation, with the diver expected to dash rapid currents.(

Pearl Producers Affiliation: ABC Rural


However the Hamptons acknowledged they might perchance perchance also now not be obvious of where the complications with the draft stemmed from.

Mr Hampton acknowledged from the beginning of the course of, both he and his wife own been told they’d be kept in the loop about how the code stepped forward.

On the other hand, he acknowledged this didn’t happen.

“We can own to be able to learn about who made submissions, what they acknowledged and some type of summing up as to why all of the course of has been dropped.”

Unheard of territory

In accordance to the department, right here is the key time a code has been scrapped following the public exclaim duration.

Unions WA secretary Owen Whittle changed into fervent in regards to the course of and acknowledged it became clear for the duration of the course of the draft of the code didn’t replicate what changed into wished in the industry.

Secretary of Unions WA Owen Whittle stands wearing a suit and glasses against a wall.

Unions WA secretary Owen Whittle.(

ABC News: Rebecca Carmody


“We’re if truth be told fervent that a pair of of the catastrophic incidents we own viewed in the industry over the yr … or now not it is if truth be told been clear that trim portions of the industry own now not been complying with normal effectively being and safety necessities,” he acknowledged.

“However that would now not imply that there might perchance be one other avenue that we will learn about on the alternate union motion to be obvious the industry is made safe.”

The department acknowledged the working community had advance to believe the silent Work Health and Security Guidelines due to be imposed in WA subsequent yr would benefit veil off a number of the gaps the code couldn’t tackle.

“The regulations due to advance in subsequent yr will impose powerful increased stage responsibilities than changed into offered for in the silent draft of the diving code,” the spokeswoman acknowledged.

“WorkSafe will additionally behavior a appreciable compliance program to give a boost to safety and effectively being conditions in diving.”

A diver is towed along by a boat while under the water

Paspaley Pearls is a primary producer in Broome and has operated in the location since the 1930s.

Mr Whittle acknowledged from the union’s point of view, the regulations would beget the job.

“We’re if truth be told hopeful that when those penalties, similar to industrial manslaughter advance into quandary, that there will be the flexibility for the regulator to utilize a firmer hand with the industry.”

Time wasting puts others at risk

Regardless, the Hamptons are frustrated it has taken the department nearly 9 years to concede the divers’ code wouldn’t work in practice.

It changed into precious time they believe might perchance perchance also own been better outdated to protect those in the industry currently.

“I’m able to now not believe in in the in the meantime and age that we don’t care enough for every human lifestyles that we own now not acted extra without be conscious and with better decision to accomplish a alternate to produce of us safe … in a extremely, very poor type of occupation,” Ms Hampton acknowledged.

“I believe what I detest most is being conditioned into persistence … persistence wasn’t one in all my most valued qualities.

The Pearl Producers Affiliation and Paspaley Pearls didn’t reply to a number of requests for exclaim.

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Jarrod’s parents fought for safer diving conditions for 9 years only for them to be quietly scrapped