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Jenna Compono And Zach Nichols Predict The Sex Of Their Location Runt one

Jenna Compono And Zach Nichols Predict The Sex Of Their Location Runt one

#BarbieBeast Jenna Compono is pregnant, and she or he and Zach Nichols are going to be dad and mother in August 2021. The closing thrilling project!

Sooner than the lovebirds — who met on Warfare of the Exes 2 advantage in 2014 — welcome their “toddler” this summer season, MTV News caught up with the mama-to-be to win honest world particulars regarding the bundle of delight.

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Capture a leer on the Q&A below — and payment obvious to cease with MTV News for added updates on Runt one Nichols!

What stop you’re thinking that you are having? What does Zach think you are having?

I in actuality like a gradual feeling we are having a boy. Every assorted evening, I in actuality like a dream about it, and it is usually a boy in my dream. I also like had zero morning illness at some level of my entire pregnancy, which other folks also divulge hints that it goes to be a boy. Zach thinks or no longer it is a girl 100% — there’ll not be this kind of thing as a convincing him otherwise. Quite quite a bit of our families did like a girl first (besides about a), so it is amazingly doable it is a girl.

How will you celebrate the gender mask?

We’re having a gender mask March 6 in Fresh York, precise with some family. We’re going to forestall the massive balloon pop. We’re counting down the times — we’re going to no longer wait to search out out. That is when the browsing and enjoyable begins!

What form of mother stop you’re thinking that you’ll be in a position to be? What form of dad stop you’re thinking that Zach would possibly be?

I mean, everyone always says probabilities are you’ll thought the fashion you’re going to be, and till you like your have, you are totally assorted from what you opinion. We’re going to elevate our family gorgeous worthy fancy how we had been raised. We’re each and every going to be very titillating with the kid’s life. I stop think I could be the extra strict guardian for certain, in particular if we now like a girl [because] I do know Zach would possibly like a cosy spot for her.

Will you like the toddler in Michigan or Fresh York?

We’re having the toddler in Michigan, but our thought is to love a dwelling in each and every states. That manner, we can take a look at up on our family extra.

How stop you’re thinking that your dogs will adapt to the toddler?

This would possibly additionally be easy for the dogs! Bocce already loves puppies, and he’s so soft with them, he’s precise going to think the toddler is a hairless pup. He’ll be huge with the toddler. Remi too — she’s so collected and motherly, she would possibly be huge. We don’t like any worries with the dogs adapting.

Which Location co-stars knew regarding the toddler earlier than the Instagram mask?

Supreme Nany and Kailah knew. They did a huge job maintaining the secret. They did register on me nearly daily too. They’re so huge and angry! They’ll be on the toddler bathe and there every step of the fashion, fancy I would possibly be for them.

Which Location solid member would you most belief to babysit? Have faith the least?

Nany and Kailah would possibly well be the 2 foremost other folks I would belief with our toddler, positively about a others for certain. But everyone else, no longer so worthy!

In case you had been having a Location-supreme toddler bathe, who would possibly well be invited?

The women invited to the Location supreme toddler bathe would possibly well be Nany, Kailah, Aneesa, Britni, Kaycee and a bunch of others too!

Jenna Compono And Zach Nichols Predict The Sex Of Their Location Runt one