Home Breaking News Jewish-Muslim teamwork uncovers owl nests in mosque

Jewish-Muslim teamwork uncovers owl nests in mosque

Jewish-Muslim teamwork uncovers owl nests in mosque

An Arab-Israel notified a Jewish veterinarian about an injured owl, which resulted in a ideal bigger discovery.


JULY 21, 2021 19: 18

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The mosque in which the injured owl was found. (photo credit: Courtesy)

The mosque in which the injured owl used to be found.

(photo credit ranking: Courtesy)

Practice the owl and also you’re going to attain coexistence.

Owls, which are in overall nefarious omens in Muslim culture, brought Jews and Muslims collectively on Saturday. Ahmad Zu’aba, who lives shut to a mosque in the Arab village of Taiba in central Israel, reported a fledgling owl with damaged wings to Israeli animal ambulance Chaibulance.

Tzukit Raviv, who spoke back to the scheme back, notified Rami Haviv and Kobi Merom of the scheme back. They are involved with the nationwide initiative to make use of owls and falcons instead of pesticides in farmland.

Zu’aba took the 2 researchers to the mosque shut to the build he found the injured owl, they most incessantly found two nests of owls inside the mosque.

These owls are a truly valuable share of Israeli agriculture. There are at the moment 5,000 owl nests on farmland in Emek HaMa’ayanot and the Jezreel Valley. They act as pure pest killers, as a household of owls hunts between 2,000 and 6,000 rodents per annum, according to the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

Haviv and Merom are at the moment searching the mosque for more nests.

“This nesting used to be unrecognized, and thanks to Ahmad Zu’aba’s exemplary citizenship, we discovered about any other pair [of owl nests in addition to the] 5,000 bird packing containers in agricultural fields,” said Prof. Yossi Leshem, an SPNI member, ornithologist and professor at the Tel Aviv University College of Zoology.

With the breeding season on the horizon, the owls need an acceptable space to breed. Nonetheless, there is not such a thing as a intention to bring them to the farmland. The researchers hooked up transmitters to the owls they found, healed the injured owl and returned it to the nest.

Despite living in a dwelling of geopolitical complexity, there are now not any borders for these owls. They hunt and are living freely on Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian farmland.

“In my opinion, the peace dove has failed in its role in the Heart East – and the owl has replaced it with colossal success in connecting Muslims with Jews and connecting neighbors,” Leshem said.

There’s a saying in Muslim culture that one who follows the owl will doubtless be resulted in doom. Nonetheless in this case, it resulted in a truly valuable discovery a couple of bird that helps preserve Israeli and Palestinian originate wholesome to eat.

Jewish-Muslim teamwork uncovers owl nests in mosque