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John Krasinski Kisses Pete Davidson As ‘Pam’ After ‘The Office’ Fans Takeover ‘SNL’ Studio — Survey

John Krasinski Kisses Pete Davidson As ‘Pam’ After ‘The Office’ Fans Takeover ‘SNL’ Studio — Survey


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Kenan Thompson performed a die exhausting fan of ‘The Office’ as he demanded that John’s fictional character Jim ‘kiss Pam’ from the target market!

This one is for The Office followers. After a nine month delay, John Krasinski, 41, lastly made his debut web hosting Saturday Night Live. During his opening monologue, the actor tried to preserve on topic about why web hosting supposed so grand to him, however he became rapidly interrupted by several Office followers — performed by Alex Moffat and Kenan Thompson — who had other tips in mind! Pete Davidson also jumped out on stage, confusing Alex and Kenan into pondering he became Jenna Fischer‘s fictional Office character Pam Beesly.

John takes questions from the target market about The Office and…in actuality precise The Office. pic.twitter.com/hhUs0Mcrqz

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) January 31, 2021

“Hey Jim! Question! So my inquire is — you’re Jim? From The Office? Second inquire, attain The Office! Where’s Pam?” Alex interrupted John. “I’m no longer even sure what that would stare love…I’m in actuality no longer however whats up,” the actor answered, attempting to preserve not off target. Kenan then interjected from the target market with a original compare: “Hey, I received a inquire. Kiss Pam. I need you to kiss Pam!” he begged. Throughout the valid tell, John’s Jim and Jenna’s Pam had been engaged in an on-going romance storyline — eventually ensuing in a marriage in season 6.

John Krasinski & Pete Davidson lock lips at some level of John’s hilarious opening monologue on Jan. 30. (NBC)

Pete tried to motive with the ordinary compare, reminding John that for many at dwelling, The Office felt love an loyal tell. “I procure what’s occurred is folk were stuck within all 365 days binge staring at The Office so that is love, precise for them,” the 27-365 days-frail, clad in a blue tie dye sweatshirt, defined. “Is that Pam?” Kenan keenly requested once more, referencing Pete — who looks to be to be like nothing love Jenna’s character Pam!

“No, clearly this isn’t Pam — that is Pete Davidson…Pam’s a fictional character,” John — who rocked a forest green suit and navy t-shirt — replied. Whereas he perceived to be more and more frustrated, Pete realized the followers in actuality precise “crucial” someone to be Pam. “I procure we gotta give them what they wish. Jim, you gotta kiss Pam,” Pete instructed, as Kenan hilariously yelled, “Kiss Pam! Kiss Pam!” John then locked lips with Pete for a hysterical, yet surprising second as the crowd erupted into cheers!

Earlier within the monologue, the Jack Ryan actor shared how enraged he became to host SNL. “I am so honored to be web hosting the most important tell of 2021. I genuinely can not repeat you what a mountainous deal it is to be here precise now,” he said on stage. “I in actuality were staring at this tell since I became 8 years frail…To be able to be here on this stage is nothing instant of mind blowing to me,” the actor, who’s married to Emily Blunt, added.

John Krasinski Kisses Pete Davidson As ‘Pam’ After ‘The Office’ Fans Takeover ‘SNL’ Studio — Survey