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Johnny Depp’s bid to overturn ‘wife beater’ ruling reaches Court docket of Enchantment

Johnny Depp’s bid to overturn ‘wife beater’ ruling reaches Court docket of Enchantment

Johnny Depp’s bid to overturn a damning ruling that he assaulted his ex-wife Amber Heard and build her in misfortune for her existence shall be thought to be by the Court docket of Enchantment on Thursday.

The Hollywood big title needs the court docket to grunt a retrial of his libel claim against The Solar over an editorial calling him a “wife beater”, which a Excessive Court docket steal discovered used to be “considerably factual”.

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Following a 3-week trial in July closing one year, Mr Justice Nicol ruled that Mr Depp, 57, assaulted Ms Heard, 34, on a dozen events and build her in “misfortune for her existence” three events.

The actor is now inspiring that ruling and his software for permission to appeal against it goes to be heard on the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Thursday morning.

Johnny Depp court case

Johnny Depp originate air the Royal Courts of Justice in London in July (Yui Mok/PA)

It’s now not identified if Mr Depp or Ms Heard shall be in attendance.

Mr Depp sued The Solar’s publisher News Community Newspapers (NGN) over a 2018 column by the newspaper’s government editor Dan Wootton, which referred to “overwhelming proof” he attacked Ms Heard.

Following the excessive-profile trial, Mr Justice Nicol ruled against Mr Depp, however the actor claims he “failed to discover a stunning trial”.

In documents filed with the Court docket of Enchantment, Mr Depp’s barrister David Sherborne has asked the court docket to “build apart the judgment and grunt a brand new trial”, claiming Mr Justice Nicol’s judgment is “it seems that inferior”.

Adam Wolanski QC, representing NGN, argues Mr Justice Nicol performed “a painstaking prognosis of the proof”, together with: “There may perhaps be never a foundation to end that the steal failed to glimpse the proof or present reasons for his findings.”

In a court docket grunt issued in February, Lord Justice Underhill said an software by Mr Depp’s legal professionals to rely on new proof, which used to be now not heard on the trial, would additionally be dealt with at Thursday’s hearing.

In his judgment, Mr Justice Nicol concluded that 12 of the 14 alleged incidents of domestic violence relied on by NGN in its defence of the actor’s claim did happen.

Johnny Depp court case

Actress Amber Heard made an announcement on the steps of the Royal Courts of Justice in London on the final day of the trial (Victoria Jones/PA)

The steal additionally discovered Mr Depp build Ms Heard in “misfortune for her existence” on three events, together with one the actress described as a “three-day hostage space” in Australia in March 2015.

But Mr Depp’s correct crew claim Mr Justice Nicol “failed to glimpse the competing accounts of each incident, or to model whether or now not he discovered them proved and, if that is the case, on what foundation”.

They additionally argue “the steal will need to have analysed the extent to which Ms Heard’s proof undermined her credibility in relation to her allegations of physical assault/damage”.

Mr Sherborne said Mr Justice Nicol “took tiny or no anecdote of the striking examples of Ms Heard’s willingness to lie or commit wrongdoing”.

In his response, on the opposite hand, Mr Wolanski said the trial steal’s ruling used to be “long and thorough, with each conclusion of truth supported by an broad prognosis of the related oral and documentary proof”.

He additionally argued that Mr Justice Nicol “defined his overview of the witnesses’ – especially Ms Heard’s – credibility in indubitably broad detail”.

Excellent days after the ruling in July, Mr Depp announced he had been asked by Warner Brothers to resign from his role within the Harry Potter trek-off franchise Astonishing Beasts – the very role which precipitated Mr Wootton to build a interrogate to how JK Rowling shall be “indubitably pleased” Mr Depp used to be cast within the film.

Mr Depp is currently embroiled in a separate libel battle within the US, having sued Ms Heard in my idea over a 2018 Washington Publish notion allotment by which she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse but failed to mention the actor by title.

The actor’s 50 million greenback (£35 million) US case against Amber Heard used to be these days delayed till April 2022.

The Court docket of Enchantment hearing begins at 10.30am on Thursday and shall be livestreamed on the court docket’s YouTube channel

It’s but now not identified if Lord Justice Underhill and Lord Justice Dingemans will give a ruling on Thursday, or reserve their determination to a later date.

Johnny Depp’s bid to overturn ‘wife beater’ ruling reaches Court docket of Enchantment