Home Breaking News Jordan FM lashes out as Israel moves to repair relationship

Jordan FM lashes out as Israel moves to repair relationship

Jordan FM lashes out as Israel moves to repair relationship

Jordanian International Minister Ayman Safadi blamed Israel for the unusual diplomatic tensions between the neighboring states, as Israel moved to douse the flames and High Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday evening sought to decrease the impact of an incident that brought about the spat.

“There was a mishap with the Jordanians, due to a visit – the scarcity of a visit of the crown prince to the Temple Mount, but it was labored out,” Netanyahu stated in an interview with Channel 13.

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The remarks came two days after Jordan refused permission to Netanyahu’s planned flight to the United Arab Emirates to getting into its airspace.

Within several hours, the High Minister’s Location of industrial stated Jordan was willing to enable the flight to flit via its airspace, but Netanyahu and UAE leader, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, had already agreed to lengthen the visit.

Netanyahu stated on Saturday that one other UAE visit will occur “soon, it obtained’t clutch months.”

Jordanian Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah had planned to visit al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount on Wednesday, on the occasion of Isra’ and Mi’raj, the Islamic holy day marking the Prophet Muhammad’s slither from Mecca to Jerusalem, after which his ascent to heaven.

The visit had been coordinated with Israel, however the prince arrived on the border with more armed guards than had been agreed upon, according to the Israeli facet. The Jordanians argued that Israel modified its prerequisites for the visit and the additional guards weren’t approved to accompany Hussein in Israel, and he canceled his visit.

On Friday, the High Minister’s Location of industrial launched that Israel would enable the return of 700 Jordanian workers to hotels in Eilat, after COVID-19 restrictions forced them to stay outside the country. The Jordanian workers can dangle to undergo coronavirus checks upon entry, and quarantine according to the Health Ministry’s instructions.

Israel will additionally commence up to enable diplomats to enter from Jordan via the Allenby Crossing, and from Egypt, via Taba.

“Israel is in a definite and productive relationship with Jordan,” a senior official stated about the High Minister’s Location of industrial announcement of the goodwill steps.

Safadi, alternatively, positioned the onus for the diplomatic dispute on Israel in an interview with CNN.

“What took spot merely is that his royal highness wanted to assert his prayers at al-Aqsa mosque on the holy occasion for Muslims… It was a non secular visit to al-Aqsa and a number of the churches in Jerusalem as properly,” he stated. “We had made arrangements with Israel in regard to getting to al-Aqsa, last minute Israel reneged on those agreements… and they additionally violated the freedom of devour.”

 Safadi stated Jordan was “unhappy and offended” about the incident, and that the prince’s “non secular visit for devour… was disrupted by Israeli measures that we enact now no longer stamp and enact now no longer rep.”

Asked why Jordan blocked Netanyahu from flying to the UAE, Safadi replied: “Within the occasion you renege on an settlement with Jordan, you disrupt a non secular visit… then you inquire of of to come to Jordan and flit out of Jordan? Let’s be severe right here… This [question] may quiet in fact be addressed to Israel as to why.”

Netanyahu had now no longer planned to flit out of Jordan; quite, his flight would dangle crossed over Jordanian airspace.

Jordan FM lashes out as Israel moves to repair relationship