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Kempsey saleyards get a multi-million-dollar boost

Kempsey saleyards get a multi-million-dollar boost

The Kempsey Regional Saleyards has obtained a $6.3 million boost to upgrade the facility, with hopes it ought to change into a key player in regional Unusual South Wales’ cattle trade. 

Key parts:

  • $6.3 million in state and federal funding allocated to upgrading the Kempsey Regional Saleyards
  • The upgrade will embrace a new roof, an additional cattle yard, a kiosk and fixing effluent issues on the predicament
  • The undertaking is predicted to draw in new venders and present a boost for the local financial system 

Uncertainty surrounding the way forward for the facility had been lingering within the local community for a while sooner than Kempsey Council confirmed in May it would lease the saleyards for the next decade.

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Stock and Station agent at Kempsey Stock and Land Ben Tyson said the prolonged hasten regarded shimmering for the facility with both the new funding and secured lease. 

“And now that the lease is determined we have now obtained dead-area route where we can creep and the totally way is up from right here.”

Kempsey Stock and Land manage the saleyards and Mr Tyson said he has noticed a  series of areas that require upgrading. 

“We would prefer to position a roof over the tip and fix up the effluent issues,” he said.

“We have now upgraded the software, now we want the product to creep along with that.”

Mr Tyson said the saleyards had been a market leader for years, with a variety of distributors from the Manning Valley, nonetheless an upgrade would likely draw in more distributors from various areas across the state. 

Farmers sitting in a grandstand around a small saleyard.

Fixing effluent issues and a new roof covering will probably be included within the refurbishment. (

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Growth for the local financial system 

Cowper MP Pat Conaghan said creating a key regional saleyard would have a particular creep along with the circulate-on beget for the local financial system. 

“Right here’s one in all the financial pipelines for Kempsey,” he said.

The undertaking was also anticipated to create 55 new jobs within the shire.

“Fifteen jobs within the local building building sector [will be created], with an additional 16 jobs in various related intermediate industries and a additional 5 jobs via consumption impacts,” Mr Conaghan said.

“A additional 16 jobs are likely to be created as part of the creep along with the circulate-on beget of this upgrade, bringing the total to 55 additional jobs.” 

Two women and three men stand apart in front of large shed.

Oxley MP Melinda Pavey and Cowper MP Pat Conaghan joined Kempsey Mayor Liz Campbell to make the funding announcement.(

ABC Rural: Keely Johnson


Bouncing back from bushfires 

Kempsey Mayor Liz Campbell said the million-dollar funding was part of stage two of the Bushfire Local Financial Recovery Fund, co-funded by the Australian and Unusual South Wales Governments.

“By way of the bushfires and the floods we realised really how important it was to get that cash,” Cr Campbell said.

“And the state and federal government, with our application, realised that too and now we can progress with that.”

Ms Campbell said the saleyards have been a “vital refuge” for cattle at some stage in natural disasters

“De-stocking and re-stocking a farm while you have a natural disaster is a really hard factor to attain,” she said.

The upgrade will embrace a yard roof, a kiosk, amenities, an workplace, paving, an additional cattle yard, seating and landscaping and is predicted to take 18 months. 

Kempsey saleyards get a multi-million-dollar boost