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Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Antagonistic Woodsmith Boss Handbook

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Antagonistic Woodsmith Boss Handbook

Two-thirds of the system by Kena: Bridge of Spirits, your combat abilities will be build to the test in a tense boss battle in opposition to the corrupted spirit of Adira.

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The same to Antagonistic Taro, Antagonistic Woodsmith is a test of the talents and suggestions you agree with developed up to this level in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. In Taro’s case, that mostly has to provide with the Spirit Bow, as lots of the ways to weaken him and impress the battle more uncomplicated are related to sniping parts of his body. Equally, Woodsmith is all about your just as of late bought Spirit Bombs–this battle requires you to continuously employ Kena’s bomb abilities, so having a correct make a choice of how they work is terribly basic for overcoming this battle.

Within the next handbook, we lag over easy the vogue to very best address the Woodsmith and her fiery assaults. Extra so than the Taro boss battle, this battle will test you for your ability to preserve music of your atmosphere. Continuously preserve in thoughts where the Woodsmith is, to boot to where the two healing plant life are in terms of you. Turning your aid on the Woodsmith to bustle away and heal can also merely discontinuance up in some easily avoidable deaths–this boss behaves in yet every other plan looking on how a ways away you are from her and turning your aid to bustle away system that it is most likely you’ll agree with a tense time responding to her long-range assaults. Take care of your eyes on Woodsmith so that it is most likely you’ll also preserve music of her tells.

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Abilities You Ought to peaceable Liberate Beforehand: Plug Attack Heavy, Ideally suited Worth, Level of curiosity, Bind Multishot, Quickdraw Bomb, Rot Hammer, Enter the Fray, Rot Infused Bomb

Piece 1

As rapidly as the battle begins, salvage succesful of leap. Woodsmith begins the battle lunging at you with a single slice–it hits tense on the different hand it is easy to double jump over. That you must maybe perhaps doubtlessly compare that Woodsmith is magnificent with a blue vitality, with the vitality being siphoned from the Village Coronary heart within the guts of the enviornment. While she’s siphoning this vitality, Woodsmith can’t be difficulty.

After leaping over her first strike, employ Spirit Bomb on the Village Coronary heart. This could occasionally map the rock that is keeping the vitality’s core to burst delivery, sending out a wave of hearth that you just could maybe perhaps ought to soar over. Double jump over it and pull out your Spirit Bow, slowing down time. Hasty hearth three shots into the yellow vitality at the Coronary heart’s heart and this could likely perhaps also merely explode, elegant Woodsmith.

Plug at Woodsmith and employ Plug Attack Heavy and practice up with a Ideally suited Worth heavy assault sooner than ending off your onslaught with Rot Hammer (assuming you agree with Enter the Fray unlocked and open every battle with one Rot Action ready). As Woodsmith begins to face aid up, aid away to dodge her diminutive space-of-form burst. She’ll then jump towards the Village Coronary heart to reforge it. As she begins to work, bursts of hearth will seem round the enviornment, causing diminutive circular waves of hearth to duvet the distance–you could maybe perhaps ought to jump over them. In case you feel brazen, make a choice the different to shoot Woodsmith with just a few arrows.

Within the onslaught, Woodsmith could maybe also create traditional enemies to come aid her. Ignore them. They could no longer be round for for powerful longer. Take care of your distance from Woodsmith, baiting her into one other lunge assault which that you just could also double jump over. As rapidly as you land, Spirit Bomb the coronary heart all every other time, double jump over the wave of hearth, and pull out your Spirit Bow to unhurried time and salvage your three shots on the vitality within. The explosion will all over all every other time stun Woodsmith, but this could likely perhaps also straight raze the standard enemies she summoned. A couple of of the destroyed enemies can also merely plunge Courage vitality–employ Spirit Pulse to send your Rot out to procure it.

Be pleased sooner than, bustle in for a Plug Attack Heavy. This time, practice up with gentle assaults, making an strive to salvage ample hits in to develop ample Courage to make employ of Rot Hammer. Be pleased sooner than, guarantee to retreat sooner than Woodsmith stands up and releases her space-of-form burst and salvage ready for her to reforge the Village Coronary heart and duvet the enviornment in hearth.

True repeat what you correct did–this time, then all every other time, after shooting the Village Coronary heart three instances, the explosion will entirely raze the vitality provide. With out the ability to all over all every other time repair her protect, a instant cutscene will play and Woodsmith will enter her 2d section.

Piece 2

It’s very easy to buckle down and do the entirety of Woodsmith’s first section with out getting hit. The identical can’t be talked about for Piece 2–Woodsmith will entirely abandon defense within the latter half of her boss battle and lag after you with a deadly frenzy. Are trying to salvage a correct make a choice of her tells so you could maybe perhaps know whether it is a ought to to dodge, parry, or jump to preserve a ways off from her blows. Dodging will repeatedly work so in divulge so that you just can be safe, depend on that. That talked about, a effectively-timed parry or double jump can are on the market in take hang of to salvage in some counter assaults.

The one assault you wish to see out for more than your entire others is her throwing assault. The speak is fortuitously easy to see–Woodsmith falls aid and brings her hammer aid as if to throw it cherish a boomerang, taking the time to gentle it on hearth. Now the map that Woodsmith is acting as if she’s going to boomerang her hammer is because that is precisely what she’s going to provide. So dodge the preliminary throw in a model where that it is most likely you’ll no longer discontinuance up within the path of the returning projectile.

Make no longer dodge too early as Woodsmith can adjust her throw–it is a ought to to aid till the hammer has indisputably left her hand sooner than dodging. She will adjust her throw to toss the hammer upwards too, so don’t focal level on that it is most likely you’ll also cheekily double jump as rapidly as you compare her put together her throw and easily dodge the strike that system.

The remainder of Woodsmith’s assaults are finish-range. She has a single slice assault that deals a spacious amount of difficulty and a combo strike assault where each and every switch deals practical difficulty. Keeping a minute little bit of distance is required to averting these assaults as their tells are real same. Bag too a ways away, then all every other time and she’ll employ the lunging assault from the main section.

Baiting that lunge assault can also be in point of fact useful as the battle goes on, as Woodsmith will now and again make a choice the different to enter a frenzy and forge recent minions to battle alongside her. These artistic bouts of hers will open the rings of hearth that you just had to leap over in Piece 1. Facing the smaller enemies and Woodsmith at the identical time can also be tense as specializing in them can make a choice your eyes off her. In divulge Woodsmith is forging recent enemies, strive to entice them a ways off from her. When she’s carried out, she’ll likely be baited into lunging at you, which that it is most likely you’ll also then double jump over.

From there, that it is most likely you’ll also either employ Rot Infused Bomb to unhurried each person down and salvage some correct hits in to skinny out the herd, or employ Bind Multishot to namely unhurried down the Woodsmith and difficulty each person else. In case you occur to agree with ample Courage to make employ of every and every, lag for it. It’s a reasonably imperfect combo.

But your critical diagram at some level of this section is to correct preserve averting Woodsmith’s assaults till you agree with a gap to toss a Spirit Bomb on her. She will bat the bombs away but she could maybe likely no longer have the chance to counter all of them. When one sticks, employ Spirit Pulse to location it off. This could occasionally temporarily change into self sustaining from the Woodsmith’s rocky armor, revealing her magnificent yellow ragged speak. Pull out your Spirit Bow and employ Level of curiosity to line up your shot and deal some main difficulty. Of repeat, that it is most likely you’ll also conclude the Woodsmith within the heart of forging recent minions by bombing her whereas she’s within the heart of setting up–it is an easy system of ensuring the battle remains one-on-one between you and her.

Repeat the diagram of bombing Woodsmith to speak and assault her ragged speak and sooner or later she’ll fall.

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Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Antagonistic Woodsmith Boss Handbook – How To Beat Adira