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Kenney Jones launches Good Info with Puny Faces exclusive

Kenney Jones launches Good Info with Puny Faces exclusive

Kenney Jones is launching his own self reliant legend worth, Good Info.

The 72-one year-broken-down drummer – who’s handiest known for his work with Puny Faces, The Faces and The Who – plans to make employ of the worth to explain beforehand unreleased recordings spanning his entire career in song.

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The pricetag will originate in September with ‘Puny Faces – Are living 1966’, a beforehand unreleased are living recording from Kenney’s non-public archive.

Kenney mentioned: “It’s colossal to originate Good Info and with a aim to employ aid preserve watch over of the Puny Faces merchandise and recordings. I in fact bag assembled a firstclass crew who word the importance of the Puny Faces legacy.

“I am so tickled there could be a legend of us performing as we insist. We were a colossal are living act then and even if we began to bag hits, our are living act used to be by no method the identical again. This gig is in fact what the Puny Faces were all about.”

The legend capabilities the very earliest known are living stay performance recording of Puny Faces, taking part in two are living sets at the Twenty Membership in Mouscron, Belgium on January 9, 1966.

Puny Faces archivist and reissue producer Purchase Caiger added: “Kenney has role up Good Info to verify that the artists – and their dependents – get paid for his or her recordings versus the a wide various of companies that bag sprung up fair no longer too lengthy within the past to employ the ‘employ it or lose it’ EU ruling for beforehand unreleased area materials over 50 years that’s now deemed to be within the general public domain.

“He’s following Frank Zappa’s top initiative, taken on by bands such because the Stones, to beat the bootleggers and gives preserve watch over aid to the musicians. In this case, we specialize in Kenney is the principle artist to employ the present EU ruling for the good thing relating to the artists.

“We want to entire this successfully. There is quiet beforehand unreleased area materials locked away in archives attributable to legend companies can’t – or won’t – release it, in addition to to area materials that labels misplaced or by no method obtained from the artist within the principle role. In Kenney’s case, he has been diligently having a tackle session and are living tapes he has performed on from the Puny Faces onwards. As some will know, in addition to to his work with the Puny Faces, Faces and The Who, Kenney performed on limitless sessions by other artists (in particular loyal through his time recording at Olympic Studios in London). Kenney typically obtained a copy of the tape and in many cases, he used to be the source for the handiest surviving copy of the masters, as he used to be after we set collectively the Puny Faces remaster sequence.

“After I began breaking initiate his broken-down Faces flight-cases in 2007, I discovered all these amazing treasures – a goldmine of unreleased and are living area materials unfold during dozens of sessions, multitrack and grasp reels by artists with whom he performed – and no longer accurate confined to the Instant Info real. There is a colossal tradition of drummers being the member of the band that accurate archives the entire lot – and Kenney has achieved that tradition proud!”

Puny Faces fashioned in East London in 1965. They were awarded the Ivor Novello Prominent Contribution To British Tune prize in 1996, and inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Reputation in 2012.

The ‘Puny Faces – Are living 1966’legend will be released on September 3, 2021 and pre-orders are now initiate throughout the Puny Faces Store www.thesmallfaces.com

Kenney Jones launches Good Info with Puny Faces exclusive