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Kevin Durant’s Instagram Dwell session after Personnel USA’s gold-medal win was the absolute best

Kevin Durant’s Instagram Dwell session after Personnel USA’s gold-medal win was the absolute best

Kevin Durant is one of the best basketball gamers in the world, monstrous and easy. There’s no debating that.

But there is a debate about whether that’s his best capability or no longer. Because as colossal as he’s at basketball — and, don’t fetch it twisted, he’s an all-time colossal — he would be even higher at social media.

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He proved that to us all yet again after Personnel USA’s gold-medal victory over France the attach Durant dropped 29 gains and solidified himself as one of the best Olympian hoopers ever.

After the win and in the direction of the medal ceremony, Durant jumped on Instagram Dwell and gave us so grand staunch dispute material. SO MUCH.

Listed below are some of the best moments we seen.


After Personnel USA’s gold-medal win over France, Durant had something he needed to fetch off of his chest.

There’s dinky doubt that Personnel USA didn’t explore as solid because it had in the past — particularly after their initial loss to France in the community stage. But…they were indifferent Personnel USA. The leisure of the world didn’t win up.

Durant wanted to fetch that optimistic.

“this capability is unmatched.” pic.twitter.com/cq4vSZyKFJ

— Rob Perez (@WorldWideWob) August 7, 2021

“They had some vitality rankings out. They had us fourth. At the support of Slovenia. Talking about they catching up to us, love, are you severe? This capability is unmatched. You dig?” 

WHEW. All the spice. With Draymond Green glorious there chipping in? You absolutely love to explore it.

Right here is when things received fun. He pulled up on Javale McGee, who won his first gold-medal which is relaxed superior.

KD let him gas himself up a dinky bit earlier than hilariously slicing him off.

KD AND JAVALE 🤣@KDTrey5 @JaValeMcGee pic.twitter.com/smuVz6YTPn

— Further time (@overtime) August 7, 2021

McGee: We already received two chips together now we received, what? A gold together?

Durant: And your momma received one, too.

McGee: My momma received one, too. Don’t you ever put out of your mind it. The legacy is crazy.

Durant: A quantity of shas took reputation for you over the old few years. What you received, three chips?

McGee: Three chips, a gold medal, a grammy nomination…it’s different stuff. Lock in. Imagine in yourself, man…

Durant: Hiya, hello, stop all of that inspirational b”

LOL This was absolutely unbelievable.

Durant pulled up on Jrue Vacation and Khris Middleton to congratulate them on no longer most effective winning gold, however being champions.

That’s received to be an superior feeling.

Yessir @Jrue_Holiday11 and @Khris22m 🥇🏅 pic.twitter.com/hwbQPCG1KJ

— Gimme a Buck Podcast (@Gimme_a_Buck) August 7, 2021

“Hiya, can I focus on over with the two champs and gold medalists? Occurred in a matter of months? Attain on, man, a month? That’s crazy.”

Durant stumbled on his new teammate, Patty Mills, who staunch dropped 42 gains to book Australia to a bronze medal — and their first medal ever in Olympic basketball.

He gave him a warmth welcome to Brooklyn earlier than calling out the Boston Celtics with Jayson Tatum and his new head coach, Ime Udoka, glorious there.

NEW TEAMMATES KEVIN DURANT AND PATTY MILLS 🤩 @KDTrey5 pic.twitter.com/nqhqmvjA72

— Further time (@overtime) August 7, 2021

“Mills: Receive out of here, man. That’s my teammate.

Durant: Patty coming support to the BK. In the sad and white. Hiya. You was balling. You had 40 tonight. It’s going to be issues for them Boston Celtics. I’m telling you.

Tatum: Fout of here.

Udoka: All people knows easy the technique to lock Patty up. This man’s an argument.”

That’s so grand fun.

Durant now has his third gold-medal and is the very best scoring Olympian in American history. That’s some relaxed superior stuff.

He reflected on that a dinky bit in the reside and thanked all people for their toughen.

“Rattling this my third one” 🥇🥇🥇

KD’s message to all people after medal ceremony staunch too proper 💯 @KDTrey5 pic.twitter.com/mLI3v0e4zK

— Further time (@overtime) August 7, 2021

“We out of here. First bus. We out. Considerable love to all people that confirmed toughen and love to us. Considerable love to all people who textual dispute material, known as, I doubtlessly ain’t hit you support however, you realize, it is what it is. I love y’all. Rattling, this my third one. This feels unbelievable. This was a laborious, laborious fought win, you dig? 

Great 2nd from an all-time colossal. It was very chilly to fetch a window into all of that from Durant.

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Kevin Durant’s Instagram Dwell session after Personnel USA’s gold-medal win was the absolute best